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Wotlk Classic Best DPS In Ulduar 2023 - Wotlk Ulduar DPS Ranking & Tier List Phase 2

2/2/2023 7:03:51 PM

What DPS is good in Wrath of the Lich King Classic Ulduar phase 2? Today we're going to be answering the only question that people actually care about. We've made an updated WOTLK Ulduar DPS tier list 2023 based on Warcraft log data, also based on the top 5 players in the game across all of the bosses. We're also going to look at what DPS is pumping on a boss basis because there are interesting things to talk about in that regard.


Wotlk Classic Phase 2 DPS Tier List - Ranking Best Ulduar DPS In WoW WOTLK

With the introduction of the Ulduar raid in Wrath Phase 2, armor penetration becomes more common, ushering in an era of great power for physical DPS classes. This Wotlk Classic phase 2 DPS ranking is based on data from the first week of Ulduar and imagine in a month's time when people are more comfortable with mechanics and have the red on the farm, things will change again. We will make a new Wotlk DPS tier list Ulduar again when the day comes.


WotLK Classic Ulduar Best DPS 

Tier S 

-Affliction Warlock

-Fire Mage

-Demonology Warlock

-Frost Death Knight

-Unholy Death Knight

Tier A

-Assassin Rogue

-Survival Hunter

-Enhancement Shaman

-Shadow Priest

-Arcane Mage

Tier B

-Balance Druid

-Destruction Warlock

-Elemental Shaman

-Combat Rogue

Tier C

-Marksmanship Hunter

-Feral Druid

-Beast Mastery Hunter

-Fury Warrior

-Frost Mage


Tier D

-Retribution Paladin

-Arms Warrior

-Subtlety Rogue


Anyway, this is how DPS has been performing in Ulduar this first week. Things are very different from what people predicted. A lot of people were putting a rogue in s tier that may come at a later date and we probably put in Fire Mage and a tier, but Fire Mages performing extremely well already. 

-A lot of people also predicted the Arcane Mage to be better than the Fire Mage in certain fights they are, but overall the fire Mage is crawling ahead.

-When we put Frost in front of Holy on this WoW WOTLK phase 2 DPS tier list Ulduar, it really is just an absolute hairline, they really are just as good as each other.

-Survival and Shadow performed a bit better than people expected and also the Combat Rogue performed worse than what people expected, but the Combat Rogue is a very scaling class.

-Another weird thing is some people have been messing about with Frost Mage and even a Frost Mage is better than a Ret Paladin. The Frost DK and Unholy DK on the beta, there's such a little difference between them it really isn't worth talking about. 

This is obviously where we’re getting the data from.


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