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Which Transcendent Cards Are Worth Buying In NBA 2K23 - New Transcendent Set, Pink Diamond Kobe, Penny Hardway

11/24/2022 7:50:29 PM

Today we're going to be talking about the new cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. We have got pink diamond Kobe, we have got Penny Hardway, we have got Op Porzingis, these cards are so incredible. Without futther ado, let’s take a look at these best transcendent cards that are worth buying in NBA 2K23 MyTEAM.

Which Transcendent Cards Are Worth Buying In NBA 2K23 - New Best Transcendend Set

Amethyst Sim Bhullar - C - 91

This is a 7’5’’ player with 7’10’’ span. He has 92 shot close, 98 offensive, 95 standing dunk, 94 defensive rebound, the only downside of this card is the 30 speed, 30 lateral quickness, but he's probably better now. He has hof masher finishing badge, 11 gold badges and 2 silver badges. Boban Marjanovic for the lower base, he's just a giant and he's definitely one of the best transcendend cards worth buying in NBA 2K23.

Amethyst John Collins - PF/C - 91

This is a 6’9’’ power forward with 6’11 wingspan, John Collins release is good, it's not as good as it was when it's Kobe, but it is still pretty good. 81 speed though, 87 three ball, 87 drving layup is not bad, he’s going to be good going to the basket. Defensively, he's not that bad like all of these 70 high 70 stats, if these were all 80s everyone be hyping up this card. 74 ball handle is fine like he's more unusable at that power forward position. He's going to be dominant.

Amethyst Kobe Bryant - SG/SF - 91

This is a 6’6’’ player with 6’11’’ wingspan, he has 85 speed, 84 shot 3 pt, 90 stamina, 84 perimeter defense, 82 steal. For finishing badges, he’s got gold Acrobat and Slithery. For shooting badges, he’s got hof Clutch Shooter, gold Blinders, Claymore, Deadeye, Guard Up. In total, 1 hof badge, 3 bronze badges, 12 silver badges and 21 gold badges. The one problem with Kobe is he doesn't get the Kobe size up, like all three Kobe's of Devin Booker size up.

Diamond Darius Garland - PG/SG - 94

This is a 6’1’’ player with 6’1’’ wingspan, he’s a little short but he’s brilliant. Garland's going to be elite, he’s got 95 speed, 94 shot 3pt, 91 lateral quickess, 95 speed with ball, 94 potential, he can dunk, he's not a matter player. Garland is definitely not one for the matter, Trae Young dribble style though he does move quick at the normal 2 leaner, Garland's going to be fun, upgraded Jalen Bronson basically like he is just a better version of Bronson. He’s going to be 10K MT, because Kobe and Chris have your two diamonds, you better believe when you get a diamond, it's gonna be Darius Garland.

Diamond Kristaps Porzingis - C - 94

Then we've got 7’3’’ Kristaps Porzingis with 7’6’’ wingspan. He has 74 speed, 90 shot 3pt, 95 stamina, 85 interior defense, 89 hustle. As expected, they gave him bully, they gave him post-spin technician, dropstepper and 82 strength. This card is unbelievable, shoting badges Catch and Shoot, Corner Specialist, Deadeye, Limitless Range are so great. This is the best center in the game, Porzingis is really unbelievable, he's not gonna hit leaners, 82 strength is killer and he comes Backdown Punisher, he comes a Brick Wall, Rebound Chaser, Post Lockdown, he doesn't come with anchor. But he's still probably the best center in the game, he's still probably the best center for most people competitive wise the no anchor is killer.

Diamond Kobe Bryant - SG/SF - 94

Great 90 stamina, 85 hustle, 88 acceleration, 89 lateral quickness, 95 offensive and 89 vertical. Kobe Diamond has no flaws, just can't get range. Kobe on quick still got the dribbling like he is absolutely flawless. if Porzingis could play power forward, he'd be probably the best card in the game by the way, Kobe's absolutely flawless.

Pink Diamond Penny Hardway - PG/SG - 95

This is a 6’7’’ player with 6’10’’ wingspan, he’s got great 92 speed, 93 acceleration, 86 shot 3pt, 86 interior quickness, 88 perimeter defense, 89 lateral quickness, he's perfect, this would have been considered the best point guard in all of MyTeam in NBA 2K18 in March. He’s got space creator, ankle breaker, clamp breaker, dimer, catch and shoot, killer combos, quick first step, but there’s no flaws. 

Pink Diamond Kobe Bryant - SG/SF - 95

This card is amazing, 95 speed, 95 acceleration, 94 driving layup, 95 lateral quickness, 90 post fade, but he has low 40 shot IQ. He gets hof range on this one where he gets no range on his diamonds. He gets clutch shooter, deadeye, limiteless range, middy magician and posterizer. This card is definitely the best transcendent card worth buying in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. 

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