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NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event Guide: Challenges, Rewards, Murals & Pink Diamonds

11/24/2022 11:56:54 AM

NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving limited-time event is coming to MyTEAM.  There is a free Pink Diamond available for MyTeam Festival, do you know to get it? In this NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving event guide, we show you the challenges, rewards, and how to get the free pink diamonds.


NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Event Guide: Challenges, Rewards, Murals & Pink Diamonds

In the NBA 2K23 MyTEAM Thanksgiving event, play in different modes and complete agendas to earn cards. Complete the Thanksgiving event card Mural for a Pink Diamond Player and Exchange event cards for prizes. Next, we are talking about the Thanksgiving Mural, the Pink Diamonds, and all the tips and tricks of everything going on around this NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving event MyTEAM. So you can do what's best for you and figure it out.


NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Challenges & Rewards

Happy Thanksgiving - Pink Diamond

1.  Play 5 CT Games

Play 5 Clutch Time Offline Games - Thanksgiving Rolls


2. Play 5 TT Games

Play 5 Triple Threat Offline Games - Thanksgiving Corn


3. Play 3 TTO Games

Play 3 Triple Threat Online Games - Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese


4. Play 3 Limited Games

Play 3 Limited Games - Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes


5. Play 3 Draft Games

Play 3 Draft Games - Thanksgiving Bread


6. Play 3 TTO Co-op Games

Play 3 TTO Co-OP Games - Thanksgiving Green BEAN Casserole


7. Play 3 CTO Games

Play 3 Unlimited Games - Thanksgiving Stuffing


8. Play 3 Unlimited Games

Play 3 Unlimited Games - Thanksgiving Turkey


9. Ferocious 3’s & 3P%

Make 7 3-Pointers with 60% 3P% or Better with a Ferocious player in a Game - Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes


10. Nightmare Dunks & REB

Make 5 Dunks and Get 2 Rebounds with a Nightmare Player in a Game - Thanksgiving Gravy


11. Pioneers PIP & BLK

Score 20 Points in the Paint and Get 1 Block with a Pioneers Play in a Game - Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce


12. Dreamers PTS & AST

Score 40 Points and Get 5 Assists with a Dreamers Player in a Game - Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie


13. Main Event AST & PTS

Get 20 Assists and Score 10 Points with the Main Event Player in a Game - Thanksgiving Ham


14. Transcendent PTS

Score 50 Points with a Transcendent in a Game - Thanksgiving Pecan Pie


15. Glitched 3’S

Make 10 3-Pointer with a Glitched Player in a Game - Thanksgiving Salad


16. 10 Assists

Get 10 Assists over Multiple Games - Basketball


How To Get NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Murals

The best way to get these pieces or the way that you can get them individually is in Happy Thanksgiving Challenges. You just play games, you don't have to win if you play 5Triple Threat offline. The game has to end or your opponent has to quit. But if you quit, the game does not count but that's how you get all 15 pieces the traditional way. If any of these modes, you completely despise or hate or don't want to do it, there's another way you can get one of these Murals during NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving update. Once you complete all of that you do get a Hall of Fame badge. 


How To Get NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Option Packs

You could get that and that's by doing the Skills Challenge by knocking out the Transcendent the new one. Once you beat the third challenge, these are all really easy, you get a Thanksgiving option pack. So you get to pick one of the 15, and you get to choose whichever one you want, the unlimited one or the draft one. A lot of people picking the draft obviously because the draft one is you have to spend either NBA 2K23 MT or VC unless you have a draft already open. Most of us don't have one open, make sure you check which one you're looking at first. So you know exactly what decision you're going to make when it's time you open that. One thing you could do is store that option pack and then decide later. You don't have to open it right away, but once you open it, you got to make a decision.


NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Pink Diamond Cards

We have no idea what Pink Diamonds you will get but it is a non-auctionable. This is a card that you won't be able to sell, it will drive some prices down because when people pull those cards. They can sell their old ones so it helps in that regard. What cards are there? We do want to inform you it's just season 1 cards. So there will be NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving cards as follow:

- Pink Diamond Stephen Curry 

- Pink Diamond Dominique Wilkins

- Pink Diamond Blake Griffin

- Pink Diamond Khris Middleton

- Pink Diamond Joe Johnson

- Pink Diamond Ja Morant

- Pink Diamond Chris Bosh

- Pink Diamond Zion Williamson

- Pink Diamond Vince Carter

- Pink Diamond Micheal Jordan

- Pink Diamond Jayson Tatum

- Pink Diamond Wilt Chamberlain

- Pink Diamond Damian Lillard

- Pink Diamond Kawhi Leonard

- Pink Diamond Kevin Garnett

- Pink Diamond Joel Embiid

- Pink Diamond Dwayne Wade


How To Get NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Pink Diamonds?

To get the guaranteed Pink Diamond, you need to collect the Mural as follows

-Thanksgiving Corn

-Thanksgiving Mac & Cheese

-Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes

-Thanksgiving Bread

-Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole

-Thanksgiving Stuffing

-Thanksgiving Turkey

-Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes

-Thanksgiving Gravy

-Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce

-Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie

-Thanksgiving Ham

-Thanksgiving Pecan Pie

-Thanksgiving Salad


NBA 2K23 Thanksgiving Exchange Rewards

-Transcendent Pack (1)

- 24 Tokens (1)

- Thanksgiving Shoe Pack (1)

- Super Trophy Case Pack (1)

 - Hall of Fame Badge (5)

 - Hall of Fame Badge (5)

 - Season 1 Takeover Option Pack (10)

 - Season 1 Takeover Option Pack (10)


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