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POE Best Delirium Event Builds 3.19 - Top 5 Delirium Everywhere Builds In Path Of Exile

11/22/2022 11:29:25 AM

Are you excited about the Endless Delirium but have no idea what is the best Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere build can actually survive the early Deliriums? Don't worry, we got you covered. Today we want to share with you the top 5 POE 3.19 best builds for the Endless Delirium events 2022 that should allow you to have a very smooth and fast leveling experience.


POE Best Delirium Everywhere Build 2022 - Top 5 3.19 Delirium Event Builds In Path Of Exile

Before we are taking a look at the POE best Delirium event builds 2022 very quickly, the important factors for the Endless Delirium event, are they should have very good survivability starting the campaign to stay alive in those early zones that are like 60 to 80 Delirium or maybe even 100 and we can't skip. They should have very high damage so you can get somewhere through the Zone in case you get cornered by enemies and you should have a decent clear as per usual. A decent clear is required for leveling so you can stay on XP and don't fall under the sweet spot for the experience points. Another thing that is very important is that we are only having a small Market, there are fewer people putting items on the market, so it should be irritated. You can still farm and craft all your gear and for the uniques, they should either be cheap should be fairly common to get dropped, or should also be self-farmable with the build of your choice.


No.1 Best 3.19 Delirium Build POE - Poison Seismic Trap

The first Path of Exile best Delirium build is the Poison Seismic Trap, it's been really really good for the pre past few leaks. Even with the nerf, Seismic Trap God Poison's ice mix trap is still very powerful for the current league.


Poison Seismic Trap Build Advantages

- Especially when it comes to Delirium mapping, you have a very high armor, a good evasion.

- You have access to easy 100% spell suppression and have a high life recovery.


- You get access to the +3 max resistances because we're traveling all the way forward on the tree.


- You have very good clearance with Exsanguinate, you have somewhat automatic damage, so you just place the seismic traps, and move through exam unit traps which should allow you to have enough time to dodge enemy attacks to stay alive.


- You have a shield charge on top in case you're surrounded by enemies, just shoot a charge through the enemies to get out of it.


- You also have a blade trap for a single target in case you have a very big boss for example a Delirium boss beside Delirium level or you are one to kill specific bosses.


- You can swap exsanguinate with spray trap and withering touch to keep getting all the brothers on the boss and then have the same utility as the actress exsanguinate multiplication generation and the enemy taking increased damage for each mine ultra for each trap around him.


- Also because this is a DOT build, we do have access to the onslaught, we can craft it on our boots. If an enemy dies to damage of a time effect, it is considered as killing him so we have a chance to get an onslaught.


Poison Seismic Trap Build Leveling

You can level this with elemental traps and element traps for the campaign are going to be good enough. Once you've reached the third Sensi, you can swap the seismic trap. a very good build guide is made by Zixaran. He usually makes pretty good Hardware build guides and hardcore build is the best way to go for Path of Exile Endless Delirium because we want all the survivability.

No. 2 POE Best Delirium Everywhere Build 3.19 - Boneshatter Slayer

Boneshatter Slayer has been a really good pick for the Endless Delve and is one of the best POE Endless Delirium builds too.  


Boneshatter Slayer Build Advantages

- Boneshatter has still very high armor and very good evasion.

- This build has absorbed an amount of over leech 45 and access to maximum resistances.

- Boneshatter has actually a very good clear and a decent single target by utilizing impale.


Boneshatter Slayer Build Leveling

Now also a good content creator for this is Carn_ and Tripolar Bear. Still using elite them to just jump around the view enter a pack, you attack the pack till it's at. Then you jump again and we are going to utilize helix or spectral helix rather than level to put the Sensi. Once we have the over leech, we're going to swap up. Once we have our impact, we're going to swap the Boneshatter and then we're going to destroy the campaign for the reason. Overall, this Boneshatter Slayer is going to be a very powerful POE build for Endless Delirium event.


No.3 Best POE Delirium Build 2022 - Righteous Fire Inquisitor

For the Path of Exile Delirium Everywhere event, Righteous Fire Inquisitor build is going to be really good. They're two uniques you want on this build and those two uniques you can easily farm yourself.


Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build Advantages

- First, it has very good armor and a decent block.


- It has an absorbed live recovery.


- It can abuse an aegis aurora if you get it dropped.


- It goes for maximum resistances because we also want 80 max res for our Righteous Fire so we don't die to it ourselves.


- It utilizes damage over time so it just pretty much just a walking simulator, you're going to walk the future through the map, and stuff is going to die around you.


- Once you get to end-game maps, you can force a maven and a maven is very likely to drop the boots legacy of fury which allows you to have explosions on this best Delirium build POE.


- If you get to killing the ceiling XR, it's about a one in three roughly to drop a Dawnbreaker which also allows you to be very good. Because it allows you to take us and its gorgeous enemies meaning you do more damage. Overall a really nice POE Delirium Everywhere 2022 build.


Righteous Fire Inquisitor Build Leveling

At 11 space rolling magma into armor brand into Righteous Fire well armor brand being level 28 and Righteous Fire being the third ascendancy.


No. 4 POE Best Delirium Event Build - Lightning Strike Champion

Lightning Strike Champion is also another gamble pick. This is one of the earliest builds or one of the builds that are very early capable of running high percentage Delirium orbs or the Delirium Orbs Maps to the end and getting all the reward from Delirium. This is a POE best build for Endless Delirium if you plan to get into higher map tiers and can survive through the early stages where it isn't that good.


Lightning Strike Champion Build Advantages

- The end versions have very high armor, very high evasion, and fortify special version elusively.


- It absorbs the amount of life on hit and on top of that life leeches.


- It has a very good clear and has access to crit multi with the Nightblade interaction. A Nightblade elusive interaction has elemental penetration.

- You can get Onslaught in this build on top of all that.


Lightning Strike Champion Build Leveling

Just overall really good Delirium Event build 2022 Path of Exile. If you get a press of reruns, it's going to be even more absurd. The issue with this build comes in the early stages of leveling. Before you get access to spectral helix and while you stood on the spectral helix with two-handed weapons, you are not going to have access to all that life on it and life leech that this build gets in the end version. But if you can get through the early stages and once you're on class and once you have life on hit, this build is going to be really good for Delirium.


No. 5 Best Endless Delirium Build - Poison Shield Crush Trickster

This Path of Exile Endless Delirium build is nuts.


Poison Shield Crush Trickster Build Advantages

- It has an absorbed amount of survivability high armor, high evasion, the highest spell suppression, the ability to cap your block, utilizing ghost dance, and a decent energy shield pool.


- Having access to a heartstopper for even more survivability.


- Being immune to slows is one of the most annoying things about Delirium just all those different sources of slowing and it slows enemies as well. Meaning you can't get surprised by hasted enemies that are just going to run at you. They are slow at the moment they get near to you and you can just discharge your brain and be safe, really just absorbs the amount of survivability.


- On top of that, it has very good clear by utilizing an obliteration one to get explosions and plague bearer by just then shield charging with plague bearer active through the map including the packs in low percentage. Once you get into high percentage maps or instances, you can just force the enemies down with your shield crush, applying a huge amount of poisons because shield charges can overlap, just really happy with how this build turned out.


Poison Shield Crush Trickster Build Leveling

It is a really powerful build, the only bad thing is that you can't level a shield crush because you want to have a very high evasion or high armor shield for leveling. Instead, we're going to use PConc which is going to allow us to get to the early stages. Once we're at a higher level, we should be able to grab ourselves a release and shield from the market, and then we can just crush the enemies with which our shield crash.


With those top 5 different best Path of Exile builds for Delirium Event, choose the build of your choice to have a lot of fun in the Endless Delirium events.



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