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New World Best Tank Gear Farming Spots Guide - How to Farm BIS Gear in New World

11/22/2022 11:10:54 AM

Here are our farming spots that we used to farm all gear for the tank in New World! We will still include all the great loot that you will be able to obtain from the bosses as well, all items are going to be named, and they do start at a gear score of 590, so it's a great way for you to boost up your gear score overall, and these items can also be upgraded to even higher gear score once your expertise is up for each specific item type.


New World Best Tank Gear Farming Spots

We are going to go over a lot of great farming spots in the open world within New World gold or gear, and here we mainly going to focus on tankier.


Let's start with the first spot, we started to farm once we got to level 60, and here we have a great spot just to the west of Brimstone City, and here are four different buttons that you can start farming that are pretty much next to each other, and the first post is called Luxendra,  and it's found at the East platform in this area, the boss will drop a helm called Cleric's Cowl which is great if you are a Healer and also a ring called Heart of Luxendra with some night perks on it if you are playing like a hybrid build for instance.


The next one is called Rafik of Bishara, and can be found on the west platform, and here's a chance of dropping Guardian's Resolve which is a very solid sword to start tank with, the main perk we are looking for here is refreshing move for the CDR that we get per attack, and the boss can also draw Protector's Fury if you like to go for a more damage type build with swords.


The third boss is called Heka of the Crossroads, and this was have a nice ring called Heart of Heka, and this will give you both CDR from the refreshing perk and also leaching a very nice ring for anime melee build, and we will also have some Regular Pants with great perks for any cost of DPS and also for a pvp, quick note here is that the boss will only be here for the daytime in game and if this in the night time, he will spawn at another location, just to the north at Heka's Cauldron.


The last boss at this location is called Ophois, and this was have Frozen Hope, Ice countless with the perf's unending Thor mortal power, and also threatened Scripts, awesome light gloves, cool Joyful Gloves with the perks refreshing, freedom, and elemental aberration, also as a bonus here if you go underneath the platform here, you will have a secret, elite, chest here as well.

Titanic Saturninus

Next up, we have Titanic Saturninus, you could find Northwest of the shrine of war in rhinestone, and this must have a very good Shield called Titanwall that provides everything a tank needs, and most importantly the refreshing board perked, and also sturdy, you can also drop an earring called Titanic Strength with a quite unique perk called the spice which makes it so you generate more threat, we also have the product in Nimble for additional stamina region.

Stubbles the Goat-King

For our next boss we have Stubbles the Goat-King, you can find at the place of pillars just to the east of the rock of Apple face Shrine, and you will find him on the second platform, and if this is the first time here, you will have to make a jumping mini-game to be able to get to the second floor, and this boss have a very nice Helm called Castrum Crown of the Goat-King which have refreshing board for the CDR and also ancient Ward and physical aberration for Less damage taken, and we also have a Bouldering Gloves here with a refreshing part as well, and this class also have resilient if you're planning to PVP, and it's also have empowering breaker, we also have a third item called Headbutt which is an epic shield with not that great stats on it, but nonetheless, you can still obtain it from the King goats.

Colossus of Qebui

He can be found right outside the great Shrine of thought, and this must have a decent chest called Colossal Stormplate with different kinds of defensive perks on it, and he can also drop Weighted Greaves which have some really nice perks for tanks, and here we have refreshing board, also ancient Ward, and lastly invigorated.

Khelone Khelydorea

The next boss is called Khelone Khelydorea or something like that, anyway, you will find him just to the south of Brampton City at the acid pools, and this was have some really great boots for tanks, and they are called The Heavy Burden, and these boots are the only heavy footwears that can be obtained with the perk refreshing board in the open world, so this makes them very nice for us tanks, and we also have some resilient for PVP and also invigorated as well, and they also have a great sword called Jupiter's Judgment with the perks Kane mortal power and also Trend runs Rend.

Anhurawak the Proud

For our next spot it is in the location of Helios police, West of the brimstone City, and here we have a bunch of bosses to farm, and it's really nice being able to just stand in one spot pretty much all the time, and the first place here is called Anhurawak the Proud, and you will find him at the East side, and he can drop a bone named Slayer of Skies, we realize both of PVP, and you can also drop a very nice ring for any Dex based builds, Heart of Anhurawak got Keen awareness, blood lifting, and also trust damage.

Batheqet of the Cudgel

The next one is the Batheqet, and he is also on the east side of the platform, and he can drop a Warhammer called Batheqet's Cudgel with the perks, ancient Bane, sundering Shockwave, and also towarding strikes, and he also got the earring called Warrior's Energy that provide great perks if you are dealing too much damage for your tanks to keep the aggro up.

Harmonious Nebet-Duhetshara

Going over to the west side of the platform, we got Harmonious Nebet-Duhetshara, and here you can find a live stuff called Petra Ataraxia with the perks blessed plague strike and also Shane void, and you can also get the ring called Heart of Duhetshara with great perks on it like siphoning, fire damage, and also refreshing evasion.

Montukahl of the Shield

Just underneath, we have Montukahl of the Shield, and here you can get Shield of the Montukahl with the perks Immortal NJ Team, and also lightning Shield Ward and they also have heavy legs called Greaves of the Montukhal, providing corrupted Ward, freedom, and also Elemental aberration.

Neitquzah of the Shadow

On the top of the platform you will have two boss cats that we spawn, and one of them will have a musket called Weaver of Wars with the perks keen, refresh innovation, and plague crits, and they can also drop a Heart of Neitquzah with crippling, leaching, and also void damage.

Kindres Shu-Maahebgal

The other one have a spear called Threefold Stormgore with keenly empowered, and fabling skewered, and also Shane lightning, and you also have a ring called Heart of Maahebgal which got a lot of great perks for any strength damage dealer.

Mountain Colossus Sakhr'geb

He on the other hand is standing just underneath the platform that you usually stand on Farming, and he will have a shield called Girdle of Geb, and this can be quite helpful if it is your first shield, you also have Crag of Nirt which is a Warhammer that works great for a tank off hand, and here we got the leading path of destiny for the extra healing, keenly fortified, and also Treacher strikes.


For an Xbox, we got Tazorjaw, and this boss is located on the edges of every fall, yes to the west and the mountains, and he's at the kind of hidden spot here, and you will need to jump down at the hidden waterfall to find him, and this boss will drop a very nice AMOLED for tanks called Protector's Fortune Charm, and here we have refreshing, purify ,and lastly, the Divine perk, and this boss can also drop a great sword called Heelstrike with life stealing, keenly empowered and Relentless freedom, he also have a great ax called Antique Battleaxe with refreshing, luck, and crippling reap and also as a bonus you can also get the Tanner shirt from this post as well.

Leviathan of the Deep

For the last zone, and boss that we got for you is going to be from Leviathan of the Deep which you can find at the end of the scorching mines in Shadow Mountains, and the dispos have quite a bit of different kinds of great items that can drop, Volcano Smasher, Bloody Valentine’s Ring, Slayer, Le Foudroyeur, Lifeforce, Torrent, but the main item we would like to highlight here is going to be the Timekeeper's Hand, and this in our opinion is going to be the best in slot sword for any tank, it's got refreshing move for the CDR he got Keen for Chris chance, and lastly enchanted for even more damage, he also have Eyes in the Abyss which is very good for tanking with his unique perks Nature's protection, along with all the other great defensive perks on it.

So here were all our spots that we got for you, and there are plenty more that you can go and farm on, but these are the ones that really stood out.

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