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NBA 2K23 MyTeam Festival Event Guide - Start & End Date, Free Cards, Rewards, New Locker Codes, More

11/21/2022 7:31:28 PM

2K just brought back the event MyTeam Festival in NBA 2K23, and we are going to be getting tons of free stuff like new locker codes, event packs, reward players, free cards, Hall of Fame badges, trophy cases and everything like that. 2K also announced the players that we are going to be getting the glitch packs with Dwight Howard. Now check this guide and learn all about the NBA 2K23 MyTeam festival event.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Festival Start & End Date 

The new event MyTeam festival NBA 2K23 starts on Monday, November 21th, 2022, lasting all the way through the following Wednesday, November 30th. So be sure to get all the rewards before the event expires. 

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Festival Event Calendar - Free Rewards, Cards, Locker Codes, Packs & More

We are going to be having multiple days and we’re going to be getting something every single day. Here are the activities from day 1 to day 10, featuring new player cards, locker codes, packs, and events.  

Day 1 (11.21): Season 1 Takeover Players Everywhere

In day 1 of MyTeam festival, we are going to be getting takeover players, and those takeover players 2K is saying are going to be available everywhere, so maybe we could get a locker code for one of the player. 

Here are season 1 takeover players we can get for day 1:

- Shawn Kemp - 93 - PF/C

- Tony Parker - 93 - PG/SG 

- Donovan Mitchell - 93 - SG/PG

- Deron Williams - 93 - PG/SG

- Andrew Wiggins - 93 - SF/PF

- Alex English - 93 - SF/SG

- Elgin Baylor 

- Andre Iguodala 

- Jason Kidd

- Anthony Edwards

- Lamar Odom

- Bill Russel

Day 2 (11.22): Season 2 Takeover Players Everywhere

- Danny Manning - 94 - PF/SF

- Chuck Person - 93 - SF/PF

- Nate Archibald - 93 - PG/SG

- Kevin Johnson - 93 - PG/SG

- Elvin Hayes - 93 - PF/C

- Eddie Jones

- Kenyon Martin

- Kiki Vandeweghe 

- Dennis Rodman

Day 3 (11.23): Thanksgiving Event Begins

The Thanksgiving event is very similar to the Halloween event, you are able to get 6 cards to trade in like certain pieces and use those bigger pieces, you can get packs, badges, tokens, or certain players. There’ll be l a lot of option packs maybe through the exchange, just like how they did with Halloween. So definitely a lot of rewards coming in that too. 

Day 4 (11.24): Locker Code Coming for Happy Thanksgiving 

There is a locker code coming for Thanksgiving, maybe it’s the diamond locker code because last year’s was a diamond locker code. It’ll either be a lot of high tier diamonds or low tier pink diamonds, but it will be more for the Christmas code.

Day 5 (11.25): XP Rush Agenda Group

2K is going to be releasing a lot of XP, so if you are still trying to get to level 40, you are trying to get Devin Booker, and you are going to be able to get a lot of XP. They did that last season at the end of season 1, so maybe they will do that again. 

Day 6 (11.26): $250K Gameday 2 + Stream

Day 6 is going to be the 250K tournament 2 qualifier of the year. We can expect that we can get locker code during that time as well, because they did that last season. So just expect some limited locker codes. 

Day 7 (11.27): Event Final Day + Hof Badge 

- Brick Wall

- Corner Specialist

- Dropstepper

- Catch & Shoot

- Rise Up

- Pro Touch

- Blinders

- Clutch Shooter

- Needle Threader

- Quick First Step

- Clamps

- Hyperdrive

- Anchor

- Glove

- Limitless Range

Day 8 (11.28): New Trophy Case Event

Maybe it’ll be a centerpiece, maybe it’ll just be a lot of elite and legendary franchise. But what that confirms is that dark matters are not going to be available until after 250.

Day 9 (11.29): Limited Time Event

Maybe we’ll end up getting one of those events where you end up getting double the vaults, double the ball drops, maybe double everything or they end up doing it everywhere you get certain rewards. So that’s going to be a day to play, maybe unlimited triple it offline and triple that online, clutch time and so on. 

Day 10 (11.30): Season 3 Details + Moments Challenges

Season 3 is coming soon, so we are going to be getting details and also a moment challenges. 

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