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Top 10 Best Budget Dark Matter & End Game Cards - Which End Game Cards Are Worth Buying

8/12/2022 4:52:14 PM

Today we're going to be talking about the top 10 cheap end game cards in NBA 2K22. So these are the 10 dark matters & end game cards that we suggest you to pick up. Some of these are cheap, some of these are good, some of these are not so great, but as far as end games go, these are the cards that are relatively cheap that you should pick. These cards are all must buy cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

Top 10 Best Budget Dark Matter & End Game Cards To Buy In NBA 2K22

1. Lamelo Ball - 99 - PG/SG (Cost: 20000 MT)

You will snipe him for 20000. Lamelo Ball is one of the best point guards in this period, one of the best point guards in this game. He's got that set or a base three, he's got that trey escape, he's 6’8’’ with a nice player built. As well as that obviously again, we all notice that's a badges. By looking at them, they're 80 hops, but he does come with up base three, his player build is really nice and he's just an all-around, just very good card in MyTeam as far as point guards go. You should definitely pick him up because you could argue that like he might actually be like the number one point guard in the game. 

2. Kawhi Leonard - 99 - SG/SF (Cost: Less than 30K)

You can genuinely argue that this is the best shooting guard in all of MyTeam. So an absolute no-brainer on Kawhi Leonard, because the difference between this Kawhi Leonard and Kawhi Leonard is do you prefer base three or do you prefer ray allen base. Ray allen is glitchier base three is faster, he's one of the best defense players in the game, that is a reason why we would consider him a top 5 end game card in NBA 2K22 and probably the best non-center end game in MyTeam and you're paying less than 30K. Kawhi is a must buy cheap dark end game. If you're looking for the most must buy of all these, you could go with Kawhi.

3. Scottie Barnes - 99 - PF/SF (Cost: 15K)

Scottie Barnes is a good player, he's one of the few players in the game with cecha 25 and the curry slide and trey fade, he's unique in his animations. Magic is the same ones as them, Charlie Brown's good, play him a small 40 shot is good, his movement is good, there's a lot of really good things with Scottie Barnes as far as the price go point goes, you're looking at him and you're like maybe you don't want to pay for a card like this one again, because he's not as good as like quietly mystic. If you are on that much of a budget and you're only a spot for maybe you don't want to run a small forward or you have that extra NBA 2K22 MT, fine. But he is the cheapest, he and Jerry Smith are the cheapest end game cards and like you're looking at Scottie Barnes at like, push it, you can fly for 15K, you can very easily snipe Scottie Barnes.

4. J.R. Smith - 99 - SG/PG (Cost: 15K )

Another best end game card to buy in NBA 2K22 is J.R. Smith. He’s a really good point guard, so he moves better, he's like a kobe clone and you're looking at him for 15K, like there is nothing there is no difference. The only difference is that instead of getting the trey escape, he gets the curry slide and his actual defensive animations are better, kobe's defensive animations are absolutely horrendous. So J.R. Smith is like a guy that you can use in game you can move with him, he shoots well still has got base three, like you can again argue him in a top 5 or 6 point guard in the game. You really could make that argument and J.R. Smith is like freaking him as far as point guards, go on for his price, you're not going to get much better. 

5. Carmelo Anthony - 99 - SF/SG (Cost: Under 20K)

He’s really nice sasha 25 really good player build, he's not gonna like get bumpy on defense because animations don't allow for that, but because of how wide his player build is, he's hard to just go by. Obviously, these guys all the perfect tendo's, he's got the normal leaner which a lot of people like him and Lamelo Ball, Kobe Bryant and all have the normal leaner, they don't have the tray fade which a lot of people do massively prefer the normal leaner. So you've got all of that on a Carmelo Anthony which makes them a little bit unique because it's something makes them a little bit different, people might be looking to get a tray fade or some people don't like the tray fade and you've got the normal fade on Carmelo. He's braids mellow, he's really cheap, another one you can snipe for under 20K which is a really good card.

6. Anthony Davis - 99 - PF/C (Cost: 20K)

We don't think there's any point in using him, but he's a lot better and there are not that many really cheap cards to get in this game. So like catch and shoot obviously looks like every hall of fame. The thing with 80 is they actually changed his weight, so he moves way better. When he came out, he sucked, but he moves a lot better, now he's a solid power point. The 80's top 15 powerpoint game and he's another one that's at that 20K that you will be able to snipe in and for that price you're gonna power forward to 20K. If you want a full end game lineup, he's definitely the best option you can get for a really cheap power forward.

7. Kristaps Porzingis - 99 - C/PF (Cost: 30K)

Buying a Kristaps for that little bit of extra money is gonna be 1000% worth it for like Kristaps stops you can get for 35 to 30k depending on when you snipe them. What you're getting with Kristaps is probably the third best big man in the game after yao ming, you're getting a guy who can argue with better a powerful position in both of them. He's better than kareem, he's a really good player, his movement's nice and his shooting is really good, he's superb whether it's center or whether it's a power forward and he's genuinely just one of the best big man in the game. And if you really want the good power forward, he's a guy that you should pick up. 

8. Larry Bird - 99 - SF/PF (Cost: 20K)

Larry has the best motion like he moves the most fluid of any 6’9’’ player in the game. The way he moves compared to like lebron james is nuts, but what you're getting with Larry, you get a nice player build, you're getting a really nice jump shot, good movement, he gets good defensive animations. He's not gonna be an on ball defender we get some of the best lane playing animations in the game, you're getting one of the best end game small forwards in this game. You are getting one of the best end games small forwards in the game. This is an absolute demon somebody that is going to go super slept on because he's larry bird, but if you're looking to build the best possible squad in this game, there's an argument to be made that larry bird belongs in it.

9. Lebron James - 99 - SF/PF (Cost: 45K)

This player is not a bad option, he’s got great plymaking, great rebounding, 3pt scoring and brilliant inside scoring.  He’s a better defensive larry, worse offensive larry, a very similar larry, but he’s a lot more expensive. He's here just to make out the 10. he's relatively cheap.

10. Giannis Antetokounmpo - 99 - SF/C (Cost: 30K)

The last best endgame card to buy in NBA 2K22 is Giannis Antetokounmpo. If we quiet him if there's any most buys, it would be kawaii janus crystals, spend your 100K MT on Kawhi, Kristaps, that is your two guard small forward power forward sword and then spend 60000 MT on tackle fall glitch to center and 4K MT on mystic gluca point guard and you have built the best 100K starting five in the history of my team. For a 100K, you can go mystic luca who is the best point guard in the game in action you can go mystic luca, kawhi leonard end game, you can go christopher supports insane game and taco full glitch and if you want to make it even cheaper, just swap why for mystic. 

This Giannis is significantly better, unbelievable release, really big player build, the best lane player in the game, not the best on-board defender defender requires the best. If you want to make a perfect team, you can make it now for 100K and this guy is a must for that.

That's all about the top 10 budget dark matter & end game cards in NBA 2K22, if you are finding a reliable place to buy NBA 2K22 MT for obtaining one of these cards, choose, we are selling cheap 2K22 MT Coins with fast delivery and best service! 

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