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Classic WotLK How To Get Level 80 ASAP - Top 10 Leveling Tips (70-80) In Wrath of the Lich King

8/12/2022 3:04:08 PM

The prepatch is right around the corner, Wrath of the Lich King Classic is about the release, and everyone’s goal for the next few weeks, months or even couple years will be to get their main or alt characters from level 70 to 80 as fast as possible. Northrend is quite different than Azeroth, or even Outland when it comes to leveling, so today we’re going to be focusing specifically on the 70 to 80 side of things in Northrend and the tips that apply there. Check this WotLK leveling guide and learn how to get level 80 fast in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. 

70-80 WotLK Leveling Guide - Classic WotLK How To Get To Level 80 Fast 

Obviously different people will level using different methods, you have the usual solo quest leveling that most people will be doing and you also have group dungeon farming, but no matter what leveling method you choose to go with, this guide got you covered. Here we’re going to be talking about 10 important WotLK Classic leveling tips 70-80 that will help you all throughout your journey in Northrend which will shave off hours of leveling time for you, with a slight focus on solo quest leveling. 

1. Water Walking

Before you even set foot into Northrend, there’s a lot of stuff you can do in advance to make your journey to level 80 a lot smoother, and that mainly has to do with consumables. Probably, the most important of which being Elixir of Water Walking. If you’ve leveled through Northrend on the beta, you may know that there’s a lot of water related quests, be it quests that take place inside water itself, or where you’ll have to traverse vast bodies or water to get to your objective. If your class has a way to allow you to walk on water and reach your destination fast, good for you. But for the majority of you, using an Elixir of Water Walking will shave off dozens of minutes of boring swimming off your leveling journey. Thankfully, those elixirs are very cheap not just to make but even to buy currently. So make sure to stock up on a stack or two and that should last you for your whole journey to 80. 

2. Flasks

Another type of consumable that will shave off dozens of minutes off your time to level 80 is none other than flasks, flasks are not only good because they increase your damage output by a considerable amount, but their particularity is that they last through death, so you can just keep chain popping them when they’re about to expire and never have to worry about anything else. Also, TBC has been running for over two years now, and this thankfully means that flasks have dropped in price considerably, especially when Black Temple released and the new vendor flasks were added in Shattrath. 

3. Potions

Finally, the last type of consumable you should get before stepping in Northrend is healing and mana potions. Those potions allow you to keep going basically infinitely, hose will be a bigger hit on your gold if you start to chain popping them.

4. Drink Water

We also have another nice solution that will cost nothing. And that’s the PvP water, Star’s Tear. This water is obtained from your faction city’s PvP hub, and you can get 5 of them for only 2 honor. The particularity of this is that you can do what’s called drink walking with them, the only other type of water that you can do that with is mage water, so if you’re a mage or have a mage buddy around you can get them for free, otherwise you can buy these for very little honor. Anyways, this allows you to do drink walking, which is basically spam using them while moving around. Not only does this mean you can drink while walking, but this will also regen more mana than if you simply sat down and drank water normally. 

5. Bag Space

Finally, this is not really a consumable, but as for every new expansion before leveling, make sure your bags are as empty and as tidy as possible, you’ll be getting a lot of useless junk while leveling and the last thing you want to worry about is having to stop in the middle of the road and drop stuff because your bags are full. You don’t need insanely expensive bags for this, Netherweave or Imbued Netherweave bags will do the trick. Also, here’s a free tip to get 4 bag slots for free, make sure to have an authenticator tied to your account because since AQ40, Blizzard allows you to get 4 bag slots for just doing that, that’s not a huge amount of bag space but it’s free.

If you’re an oil prince, remember that the Portable Hole, the whapping 24 slot bag is available for buying from Haris Pilton in Shattrath for 3k gold each, that’s gonna set you off 12 thousand gold for a set of 4, but also, if you’re a giga oil prince, nothing is keeping you from buying the vendor mount at full price the minute you can enter Dalaran at level 74.

6. Prepare Dailies

You finally got everything from Outland, you’re full on consumables, flasks, bag space and everything, and you’re finally ready to get to the boat and hop to Northrend. The first thing you should do is not go to Northrend, because dailies in the Isle of Quel’danas do give you experience, and it’s not a small amount at all, they give as much XP as any other quest in Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord. Dailies in Wow are designed to be done quick and easy everyday, as such, you should do one round of the Isle of Quel’danas once the max level gets increased to 80. And if you’re playing on release day, you can even prepare them in advance by completing them and just turn them in once you see your XP bar pop up, that’s gonna give you a few bars worth of XP.

7. Northrend Leveling

Northrend is very slow to level through compared to Outland, there’s a lot more quests than there is in Outland, and the fact that there’s two starting areas isn’t just there for you to choose one or the other, you will have to go through both of them eventually. Not in their entirety but there’s definitely not enough XP for you to skip Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord entirely. As such, let’s talk about leveling methods, because Blizzard announced that mage farming is a thing of the past now. At the start of TBC, it used to be a huge way to level your mage solo, but now, your options are either solo questing or dungeon farming, the question is which one of the two is more efficient. Some think questing is gonna be faster some think dungeon farming with an efficient group is gonna be faster. But it seems like both are equally good as long as you do them efficiently, that means if you’re gonna be questing solo, make sure to use a leveling addon that tells you where to go and what to pick. Things like Zygor or RestedXP, which are both paid addons will be quite good for efficient questing. But if you don’t want to spend money for an addon, the ingame quest helper is also good, you’ll simply have to make your own route.

Whether you pick questing or dungeon farming, just make sure to always do dungeon quests when you collected all the ones for a given dungeon. Dungeon quests will give you a huge amount of XP and whether you do said dungeon with your guild or with pugs, that will be way more efficient than skipping them. 

Here are some tips that will help you as you're going around Northrend:

Remember to use ghetto hearthing, whenever for example you go to your capital city to learn new spells and your hearthstone is on cooldown, ghetto hearthing basically means you enter a dungeon, like stockades or RFC, and you invite someone, give them lead, and leave. This will force the game to teleport you to your hearthstone location, free of charge and even if it’s on cooldown, what you may not know though is that there’s actually a macro to be able to ghetto hearth solo. You may have to press it a couple times for it to work but you’ll be able to ghetto hearth without the help of anyone thanks to it. 

8. Spells and Cast Macros

Unlike Classic in Wrath, you get new ranks of spells every single level, so make sure to hop by your capital city everytime you ding if you know an important spell got unlocked. Also, if you don’t want to bother putting on new ranks of spells on your bar, you can replace your spells with /cast macros and that will always use the highest rank of said spell.

9. Bank Alts

Bank alts basically allow you to have infinite bag space, you have something that you don’t know if it’s useful or not? Send it to your bank alt. Bags too full of junk? Send everything to your bank alt. Too many frostweave cloth that you don’t want to throw away, bank alt. Also remember that mail between alts is instant since TBC. So don’t worry about having to wait for your mail to arrive. 

10. Flying and Free flying mount

Once you get to level 77, remember to grab cold weather flying from Dalaran, Sholazar Basin, Storm Peaks and Ice Crown are not designed to be leveled through on foot. As such, remember to for the flying skill at 77 ASAP, but if you don’t have enough gold for that, you can also borrow a flying mount from this NPC in K3 for free, it only goes at 150% and will only last until you disconnect, but it works and it will get you around for free. 

Hope the 70-80 WotLK leveling guide is useful to you so you can get to lvl 80 fast in Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

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