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Elden Ring 1.06 Varre Questline - New NPC Location, Rewards & How To Complete White Mask Varre

8/11/2022 4:09:00 PM

The Elden Ring 1.06 update just dropped and it is a good one. Today we're going to look at the new White Faced Varre quest that was updated as of Elden Ring Patch 1.06 which allows you to complete his quest line offline. So you don't have to feel so maidenless when invading other players. Let's get ready to run this from scratch tell melena Varre to get to us first and get after it.


Elden Ring 1.06 Varre Questline - New NPC Location, Rewards & How To Complete White Mask Varre

Our story begins right in Limgrave as we make first contact with White Faced Varre who's one of the very first NPCs you'll encounter when you begin your journey across the lands between in Elden Ring. His questline is fairly in-depth, but it isn't as long as some quests in the game. While the new changes to this Elden Ring Varre quest 1.06 add a bit more to complete in PvE fashion, it isn't overly difficult. Thanks to MID 40's Gamer who created the best Elden Ring Varre 1.06 Quest Guide, now let's check it!


1. Kill Godrik the Crafted

From here, Varre will send you out on your first mission which is to kick in the doors of Stormveil Castle up on the hill and clear it of its would-be ruler Godrik the Crafted. After exhausting Varre's dialogue at this location which seems a little long-winded we'll head to Stormveil Castle to face off against Godrik. Godrik the Crafted is the first main story boss you'll face off with unless you count Margit, the Fell Omen as the main boss. But really he just seems like a warm-up since he folded faster than that overnight crew at the gap. As far as this quest line goes, Godrik is your biggest friction point and once he's out of the way it's pretty much smooth sailing.


2. Go to Roundtable Hold

With Godrik out of the way, you can return to the first step and speak with Varre once again who'll have a bit more dialogue for you. He'll congratulate you on a job well done and point you in the direction of the Roundtable Hold where your next step will be to have an audience with the two fingers that reside there. Once you zone into the Roundtable Hold after defeating Godrik and securing his greater rune. The inner chamber doors will be open to you and you can head in to have a conversation with the Finger Reader. She does have more dialogue than we actually included but we'll let you experience that for yourself before moving on to the next phase of the quest. As a side note, while you can turn in your remembrances to her immediately, you should hold on to them and duplicate the important ones within the walking mausoleums.


3. Head to Fallen Ruins of the Lake

Our next stop is the first step once again and instead of seeing Varre, he's left a note on the ground for you detailing where he'll be. Which is in the vicinity of the Rose Church within the neighboring zone of Lirunia of the Lakes. Once reading the message, you'll be gifted with the bravo emote. With that in hand, it's time to head off to the next location, the closest side of grace to Varre's location within a layer of the lakes will be the Fallen Ruins site of grace. After conducting a quick map check, we'll jump off the ruins, after a quick 200-meter ride, we'll make landfall on a small island that houses the church, and right outside of its main door we can see Varre who's waiting patiently to give us our next set of instructions. 

During the conversation with Varre at this location, he'll give you a handful of bloody fingers that you can either use to invade other players online or you can use them to initiate an NPC invasion offline at the next location we'll be headed to. Keep in mind that when doing this quest online, you'll have to invade 3 separate times, and win or lose, you'll advance. The same actually goes for the PvE version, you don't have to kill the NPC to advance the quest line. So basically everyone gets a trophy.


4. Elden Ring White Faced Varre Questline Location

The PvE invasion will be located on top of the Altus Plateau and we'll be starting out from the Road of Inquiry side path side of grace. From there, we'll follow the road to the south and then gradually east to a set of ruins in the distance. The ruins are easily spotted from the road and there is a Stake of Marika right out front. In the event, you get slaughtered by a pack of blood dogs that lurks in the area. As soon as you hit the outskirts of the ruins, the first building to the left is where you can find the summon sign. After clearing 2 or 3 dogs out of the way, you can fire up the summon sign which uses up 1 bloody finger per attempt, and get ready to face off against a rather tough foe.


5. Elden Ring Patch 1.06 Varre Questline NPC

Magus the beast claw is a brand new NPC within Elden Ring after Patch 1.06, who not only wields a spiked hammer but utilizes a holy symbol to cast a few bestial incantations. There are a couple of attacks that may send you to an early grave in one hit depending on your level. But his incantations can be interrupted. So if you're having difficulty with a speedy weapon with bleed-on, it seems to work fairly well. He does roll dodge quite a bit, so pick your attacks carefully or you'll end up hitting nothing but air. If you do manage to defeat him, he'll initially drop a Rune Arc in a Furlcalling Finger Remedy prior to you returning to your own world. When you get returned to your own world, he'll drop his weapon the Great Stars and a Somber Smithing Stone. 

With Magus out of the way, we can return to Varre at the Rose Church and prepare for our final task before gaining access to Mohgwyn Palace during this particular conversation. Varre will give you two options to be anointed or to refuse. If you choose to be anointed, he'll present you with the Lord of Blood's Favor which is a white swatch of cloth that looks like he ripped it from the only clean part of his robes. Your final trial for him will be to soak the cloth with maiden's blood, there are two maidens to choose from one within the Chapel of Anticipation where you first started the game and the one we'll be guiding you to which is within the Chapel of Anticipation.


6. Frenzied Flame Tower

After exhausting all of Varre's dialogue at this location, we'll be starting this attack run from the Bellum Church side of grace. From this side of grace, we'll be crossing over the road to avoid catapult fire and skirting the zone wall up until we can make a turn to the east where there is a rather annoying tower. We'll need to get past in order to cut through the Frenzied Flame Village and up to the church. Once inside the village, you'll be safe from the madness that the tower emits. But you may catch a little bit more of it on your way up to the second plateau where the church is located. Unfortunately, that's not the only surprise. After zoning into the Bellum Church, we'll summon Torrent and start heading out to the east with all haste. After following the zone wall up until the break in the path and kicking things off with a few frenzied flame rats, this is where things may get a bit dicey for some folks.


One of the ways to get past this rather annoying mechanic the Frenzied Flame tower emits madness in the form of a far-reaching status effect that'll kill you if the bar maxes out and it builds up rather quickly. There is a spot down next to the tower in the low-lying tree-covered area where you can break line of sight and wait for the madness to subside before venturing out once more. If you time it correctly and it may take one or two tries, you can speed over to the Frenzied Flame Village and get inside and out of the tower's line of sight before you completely die of madness. Once safely inside the walls of the village, we use that term loosely, you can speed your way along the left wall avoiding enemies, and venture up the ramp-like terrain on the northern side of the village. 

Once you're up on the first plateau area, it's just a hop skip, and a jump to the next surprise in this almost completed quest line. Despite the fact that Torrent dissipated out from under us because he wants no part in this invasion, it's really not all that bad while you do get invaded at this point. When you're so close to reaching your goal after that horrific ride through madness, you can just run past this invader into the church and light the sight of grace. Even if you die to the invader, you will respawn at the side of grace so you can loot the maiden's armor and soak the cloth that Varre gave you in her blood.


7. Elden Ring Varre Questline Rewards

With this last task out of the way and the last bead of sweat wiped from our brow, we can return to Varre for the conclusion of this rather interesting tale. After speaking with Varre, he'll congratulate you on finishing the final trial and he'll dish out a few rewards along with what seems to be a little bit of finger torture. The most important award for the PvE side of the house is of course the Pureblood Knight’s Medal which is the key to entering Mohgwyn Palace from anywhere within the lands between. Once all of Varre's dialogue is complete and you have the metal in your inventory, you can use it right away to teleport yourself to the best Elden Ring rune farming area.



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