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New World Engineering Leveling (0-200) Guide 2022 - Fastest Way to Level Engineering From 0 to 200

8/12/2022 11:04:53 AM

With the changes in the July patch, the new additions and recipes and all the other various changes of the past few months, a ton has changed in New World especially in terms of crafting. So in today’s guide, we are going to be discussing engineering’s crafting skills, best way to level up engineering from 0-200 in New World 2022.

New World Engineering Leveling (0-200) Guide 2022 - How To Get Engineering To 200 In New World 

There are a total of 7 crafting-based trade skills to choose from in New World. Players can choose the profession in the game, which majorly focuses on crafting and also works as the main source of income through trading. Learn all about the engineering and how to level up engineering skill fast & efficiently from 0 to 200, updated for August 2022.


Engineering in New World is a crafting skill that is most commonly associated with ammo and range weapons, but there is so much more to the skill. Ammunition and ranged weapons are crafted by engineers at the workshop, but engineering also can be used at the forge because along with all the various ranged weapons, you as an engineer will be the guy crafting the spears and hatchets in new world as well. Weapons and ammunition are two of the things most people in New World initially see as they are the backbone of the game in combat. But later when you are geared and more comfortable as an engineer, you will also begin to focus on other things like high quality tools with perks we all desire, proficiency potions to increase our yields while gathering as well. So the potential this skill has to both improve your own progress and make you New World gold, why not leveling up your engineering and using that to craft advanced tools guarantees you to make money and earn perks, unlock a number of recipes or existing recipes with a number of additional advantages? Read on and let's look at how to max engineering from 0-200 in New World while trying to keep it as efficient and painless as possible!

How To Power Level Engineering & Rank Up Engineering Skill

The only way to level up your engineering crafting skills is by crafting lots and lots of items. Crafting of every item provides you experience that counts in leveling up. You can also craft Proficiency Boosters which only require you to have water, soul and air motes. However, before you can do that you need to be on engineering level 20 and you’ll also need to increase your harvesting skills. One of the ways we recommend you to level up your engineering crafting skills is to opt for the lower-tier items. Because they require fewer items and are easier to craft. Buying the materials needed from the marketplace is far cheaper. In addition, the ingredients for lower grade equipment can be easily gathered, which is a better alternative to buying them with money.

To help gamers get a better view of how many items they need to craft, here is the required exp per level bracket & New World engineering leveling calculator:

Level 0 to 50 - 11,125 XP

Level 50 to 100 – 86,250 XP

Level 100 to 150 – 404,550 XP

Level 150 to 200 – 1,379,500 XP

Below we have given instructions on tips to get your engineering skill level to 200 in New World in the fastest and most efficient way.

New World 0-50 Engineering Leveling 

- 625 charcoal 

- 250 x Flint

- 125 x Saltpeter

To level engineering from 0 to 50, making 125 gunpowder. For this, we will need 1250 wood, usually we recommend age wood here because green wood tends to be more valuable on the market but either will do the trick which you will use to make 625 charcoal, 250 flint and 125 saltpeter. Saltpeter can easily be farmed for many wolf caves or areas like that, nothing really revolutionary here, but it sure beats the way things used to be making hundreds of arrows. 

New World 50-100 Engineering Leveling 

- 1903 x Lumber

- 865 x iron ingot

- 346 x Coarse Leather

The easiest method to power-level from engineering level 50 to 100 is by making 173 lacquered wood spears. For this, we will need 1903 lumber, 865 iron ingots and 346 coarse leather. These mats are pretty straightforward and not difficult to farm, but keep one thing in mind, any whisper wood that you get while farming age wood to make lumber can be substituted for the lumber in the recipe and the same goes for the ironing gets, you can freely substitute fat iron for the iron ingots. Another thing to keep in mind is if you check your market, often you will find that these low level rares are much cheaper than the regular tier materials. So be sure to check because you might be able to sell your farmed iron ingots or lumber for more than the cost of the whisper wood or fair, cutting the amount you have to farm in half.

New World 100-150 Engineering Leveling 

- 1848 x Starmetal

- 2079 x Timber

- 462 x Coarse Leather

To level engineering from 100 to 150, we will be making 231 starmetal blender buffs. This will require 1848 starmetal ingots, 2079 timber and 462 coarse leather. Now that we are moving into more expensive materials, it will become important to start to be as efficient as possible. So specing into focus only 100 points though because you will want to hit the threshold to receive the 10% increase while salvaging. Also you only craft these in batches of 50. The reason for this is because you will be receiving backstar metal ingots while salvaging these and every ingot you received back from salvaging is one less you had to farm, making the whole thing take roughly 15% less ingots overall which with the price of these materials for a newer player is a huge deal. Also in this range, checking your market because like last time the star metal ingots can be substituted for blessed crucibles or azerite chunks and more often than not, these are much less expensive than the star metal ingots and every little bit helps. 

New World 150-200 Engineering Leveling 

- 3366 x Orichalcum Ingots 

- 3366 x Timber

- 748 x Coarse Leather

To level engineering from 150 to 200, we will be making 374 orichalcum blunderbuss. This will require 3366 orichalcum ingots, 3366 timber, 748 coarse leather. This is definitely the most expensive part of your journey. This section used to be a back breaking section costing you tens of thousands of iron wood which is just as expensive as orichalcum ingots. So although it seems daunting, it's nothing compared to what it once was. We strongly recommend crafting these in batches because not only will you be wanting to maximize the amount of ingots that you receive back from salvage, but now you will start to see perfect salvages a lot more commonly. 

When you salvage any tier item you have crafted, you have a chance to receive back a perfect salvage. 1%, 2%, 3% for white green blue and purple, this sounds low but when you're crafting and salvaging hundreds of items, getting them starts to happen quite frequently. And when you get one of these, you use it at your workshop to craft the engineering notes which awards you with 15120 engineering experience on craft at tier 5. So that's a nice bit out of your journey. These add up very quickly and make a massive difference, so doing them in batches will lead to overall required number of blunderbuss you truly have to craft being significantly less.

New World Engineering Armor Set

Once you're a 200 engineer, the first things you need to do is gather all the gear trophies and items to maximize your potential as an engineer. So let's have a look at the gear.

Tier 4 variant of this set is now only obtainable from the aptitude crate patterns. However, the tier 5 set can still be farmed.

- Hem: You will want to kill the caminus gate lord, founding caminus in the great cleave. 

- Chest: You will want to farm mirepaw, found in the congregation in reekwater.

- Gloves: You will want to farm the lost alchemist krockes, found in mosswaterburg in reekwater. 

- Pants: Overseer Levy, found in caminus in the shattered mountain. 

- Shoes: You will want to farm is vari found in isvari's isolation in Edengrove. 

You will also need an earring with a +5 minimum engineering crafting item quality on it. These have been changed slightly to drop far less in the world. However, the orichalcum engineering charm is very cheap on the market and can be used at your outfitting station to craft your own earring by adding it into the desired mod slot. This earring can be low level any quality none of this matters. You will only be wearing it to craft and all that's important from it is the +5 engineering.

Engineering Crafting Trophies:

You want to have your three major engineering trophies. These aren't quite as important as the armor set as they do not increase your max potential role on crafting, they simply increase your minimum roll. So you can craft 600 gear score items without them. However, they will decrease your roll range giving you along with everything else the desired 595 to 600 potential roll, decreasing your chances of rolling purples and increasing your chances at rolling legendaries.


As an engineer, when you craft, you are always going to want to have herb crusted vegetables on hand. As these provide you with the needed +15 minimum gear score when you craft engineered items. Of course you will want to have all of these thing, but do not think for a second your engineering skill was a waste of time or there's no point until you have them. Unlike other professions, engineers are in a unique position to make a ton of coin with the very base entry of only the skill.

- First, the proficiency potion, everyone wants these for obvious reasons and they sell for a decent amount of coin ranging from 150 to 300 per depending on the daily supply and demand. 

- But even better, you make tools and as many of you know the gear score on tools has little to no impact on how it performs other than the tier. But over 500 very little is affected, so you can easily craft tools like fishing rods mining picks and skinning knives that will have the potential to be worth thousands of coins depending on the perk rolls, with little to no investment while you're on your journey to mastering your engineering capability by collecting the things that you require.

That's all about New World 0-200 engineering leveling, hope this guide can help you fast level up your engineering trade skill without wasting resources or going out of your way!

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