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How To Get Full Pre-Raid Bis In WotLK Classic Phase 1 - Fastest Way To Gear Pre-Raid

8/11/2022 3:24:17 PM

With Wrath of the Lich King Classic around the corner, you're probably wondering what is the fastest way to get full pre-raid. And in this guide, we'll be showing you exactly what you need to do to get fully pre raid bis geared up in one week.

WotLK Classic Pre-Raid Bis Gearing Guide - Fastest Way To Pre Bis In One Week 

The fastest way to get gear and pre-raid, this is to start working on it before your even max level. On top of that, a lot of the pre-raid best and slot enchants that we're going to go through are best in slot throughout the entire expansion and best of all, they're unlocked through reputation. Another reason why humans are the best race in Wrath for that 10% increased reputation gain from diplomacy, the racial passive. 

Factions Needed For Pre-Raid Bis Gearing 

Now there are five main factions you'll need to focus on for pre-raid best and slot gearing, the Argent Crusade, the Kirin Tor, the Knights of the Eben Blade, the Sons of Hodir and the Wyrmrest Accord. Each of these factions have epic 200 item level gear that you can purchase once you are exalted. You'll want to grind reputation for all five of these factions, but the reputation that you should focus on first will depend on the role you play. Whether that's tank, dps or healer. If you're the physical damage dealing class, the knights of the ebb and blade should be your top priority faction since they sell the best in-slot helm enchant called arcanum of torment. If you are a spellcaster on the other hand, the kirin tor sell the best in slot helm enchant for spellcaster classes called arcanum of burning mysteries, so they should start there. For healers, the worm rest accord is top priority because they sell their best in slot feet slot item called sandals of crimson fury purchasable once exalted as well as gavel of the brewing storm, a good one-handed mace. And if you're a tank, the top priority is the argent crusade because they sell your best in slot helm enchant called arcanum of the stalwart protector once you're revered and also special issue leg plates which are also a good pre-raid best and slot option you can buy from them too.

If you're keeping track, there's still the fifth reputation which is the Sons of Hodir, best in slot shoulder enchant is actually unlocked from this faction, it's great for spell casters, physical damage dealing classes, as well as healers. Now there is a great tank in chant too that you can purchase from the Sons of Hodir quartermaster. But the enchant purchase from them is not as good as the one that you can purchase for honor which is considered a better enchant for tanks. 

How to unlock & access to the Sons of Hodir quartermaster? You're going to need to complete a quest chain which starts from Gretchen Fizzlespark, an npc in the town of k3 which is located in storm peaks. The first quest is called “They Took Our Men”, continue the quest chain until you can talk to the Sons of Hodir quartermaster. From here, you could do these dailies every day. But the fastest way to power level your Sons of Hodir reputation is to farm heroics which you'll be doing anyways for gear. Now each boss in a heroic drops an emblem and these emblems can be exchanged for a sons of hodier commendation badge, it's actually a one-to-one trade, so it's not too hard to buy a bunch of these. Each commendation badge grants 520 reputation with the Sons of Hodir. so this tip will save you a ton of time instead of doing your dailies each day for weeks. If you're going inscription, your profession only bonus is a shoulder enchant which is better than the Sons of Hodir enchant. So you might not have to do this grind.

How to max out reputation? As for the other reputations, the quickest way to max out reputation is by purchasing the tabard from the respective quartermaster. Equip the tabard and spam dungeons, heroics give more reputation than non-heroic, so try to focus on heroics especially since you want those emblems and other best in slot gear is coming from the heroic version over the normal version. The kirin tor tabard can be purchased from the quartermaster located in dalaran, the worm rest accord tabard can be purchased on top of worm rest temple, the argent crusade tabard can be purchased inside the argent vanguard. This is a small camp located just north of dalaran at the southernmost end of icecrown. To get the knights of the ebb and blade tabard though, you'll need to do a quest chain which then will phase in the knights of the ebon blade base located at the shadow vault in order to see that quartermaster. 

Now the quest chain starts with the quest, it's all fun and games which you can get from kultira death weaver if you're horde or thesarian if you're alliance. They're found above their respective horde or alliance airships flying around icecrown. In order to purchase any of these tabards, you'll need to be friendly with a faction first, so you might have to do a couple extra quests for them first if it's needed. 

Once you have the tabards you need, next step is to just spam heroic dungeons, make sure you have your best list open on another monitor, so you know what to look out for as your grinding reputation and remember how each boss in a heroic dungeon drops an emblem. You can actually use these emblems to purchase other best in slot gear. They can be redeemed in dalaran, either the silver enclave if you are alliance or if you're horde in the sunreaver sanctuary.

The gear you can purchase from emblems is actually really good, depending on the gaps in your gear, you may opt to buy your best in slot trinket first, but the tier chest and gloves are best in slot 2. So you'll definitely want to buy those eventually for the two-piece set bonus. If you chose the right profession, engineering, the goggles for your class is easily best in slot, so get to work on making those and also make sure to get the hyper speed accelerators tinker on your gloves. It is incredibly overpowered, granting 340 haste for 12 seconds with only a minute cooldown. 

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