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Lsot Ak August New Update Guide for KR Version | News of Disease Crops Commander Ilyakan and August's Update

8/11/2022 2:13:38 PM

KR just go a massive new update coming up in late August! Let's have a sneak peek at what's coming for the KR version in Lsot Ak!


Commander Raid Special Difficulty

  • In 'Ilyakan', you can experience 'Epidemic' in advance, which corresponds to the practice difficulty, like Cookseiton and Abrelshud Commander Raid.

  • And after reaching item level 1500 and clearing each gate of Epidemic, you can get 'Mask of Disease'that can be exchanged for various growth materials.

  • Of course, we would like to inform you that you can obtain the Mask of Disease even on [Normal] and [Hard] difficulty levels that share the numbers of entries.

  • In addition, 'Epidemic', the practice difficulty of the corrupt monarch's Pandemonium, is combined with the existing 'Midnight Circus Rehearsal' and 'Dream Astellgia Déjà vu.

Expand the upper section of equipment Lsot Ak items

Ester Weapon: Grant Ella

The 'Ella Buyeo' discovered by Bahuntur is a very innovative and difficult technique that has been passed down from the predecessor Galatur. Therefore, you can only 'Give Ella' to Esther weapons that are level 6 or higher. And in order to give Ella to Esther’s weapon, you need a 'mysterious stone'. We will also inform you that it can be made with 'Esther's Energy', 'Romantic Material Kit', and 'Eyes of Decay' obtained from Ilyakan! Also, the materials required to evolve Esther's weapon stage are used the same as before, regardless of whether Ella is granted or not.

In addition, 'Esther's Energy', a key evolutionary material for Esther's weapon, has undergone some changes. Esther's weapon is also weapon with the symbolism of Akrasia. As the Ilyakan Crops commander raid is updated, the number of sources of 'Esther's Energy' increases. However, even if the supply of 'Esther's Energy' is added as the content expands, 'Esther's Energy' will be updated by adjusting the overall supply to maintain a certain level of value. And ‘Esther’s Energy (attribution)', which can be exchanged for 'Thoughts of Dreams', can also be exchanged for Ilyakan Commander Raid Rewards. In line with the majesty of Esther's weapon, we would like to inform you in advance that up to 30 items per character, including the amount already exchanged, will be available for exchange!

Expansion of growth content

At the same time as changes to equipment items came, some growth contents were also expanded from 1580 level. Let's see what kind of content will be added?

Guardian of Chaos, Sonabell

Levanos will be a friendly guardian with adventurers from the old days. However, according to the Guardian investigators, the appearance and movement of Levanos have changed recently, as for Lebanos, some very nimble investigators rushed to tell the story of being attacked by Lebanos, what happened to Levanos? Why was Lebanos called 'Sonabell'?

Starting with 'Sonabell', who became a guardian of chaos, new changes have come to the Guardian Subjugation bulletin board. If you are an adventurer who has met Evergrace after completing the Elgassia World Quest, existing guardians who followed Evergrace can be found in the 'Test of Evergrace' on the guardian subjugation bulletin board, and the guardians standing in the power of chaos will be able to meet in 'Guardian Purification of Chaos'.

Chaos Dungeon: Elgasia

In addition to guardian subjugation, the next stage, 'Elgasia', the first and second stage of the perforation are added to chaos dungeon, you may be wondering when each of the newly added chaos dungeons will be accessible, you can enter the first level of the sky fron item level 1580, and the second level from item level 1600. Like Sonabell, guardian of chaos, from Elgasia chaos dungeon, new breakthrough stones and refining materials used for refining high-level ancient-grade equipment, and the next boss rush and Eternal Corridr (normal) admission ticket will appear in addition. In addition, from item level 1580 onwards, high-level refining materials will appear in the epona quest rewards, and the quantity of epona tokens will also increase.

Boss Rush: Corridor of Aeons (Normal)

Now is the time to start the next training in boss rush, the difficulty level of 'Corridor of Eternity (Normal)', which can be entered from item level 1580, has been added. Normal difficulty of 'Corridor of Eternity' added to the boss rush can be entered from item level 1580, you must complete the Elgasia Continent World Quest 'The Broken Cage'. We will also inform you that a separate admission ticket for the difficulty level is used, in the Corridor of Aeons, we hope you will face the powerful remnants of your memory once again.

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