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LSOT AK Legion Raid Guide - VYKAS GATE 1 Guide

6/22/2022 11:05:31 AM

The guide will cover both difficulties, it will appear only on hard normal and will require item level to be 1430 and 1460 for the hard world. This is a useful Vykas gate 1 guide for you, check it out if you need it.


It's good to remember the important lines Morphe's important HP lines.

Morphe (Gate 1)

  • 55 First Split

  • 45 Orbs

  • 36 Stagger + Simon Says

  • 30 Second Split

  • 13 Stagger + Simon Says

  • 5 Semi Berserk


Before Fight

Before the fight, make sure to position yourself on the corners 11, 1, 5, and 7 o'clock as everyone noticed these positions are fairly common in raids, you can also notice them as x and plus positions, think of the positions as your area of coverage.


Note: X position, times 3 plus 1, or whatever else, doesn't matter just make sure you preset the positions beforehand. (very essential for Vykas Gate 1)


Color Orbs

  • Pleasure (Blue)

  • Always 2 Mechanics

  • Color Matching Orbs + Stagger & Simon Says or 12, 3, 6, 9 Safe Zone + Stagger & Simon Says

Around 45 there will be the first color orb gimmick where you will need to stand in the X position, you can predetermine this position at the beginning or use times 3 plus 1, and your party numbers morphe will teleport to the middle and create a white magic circle, you will need to stand inside the circle or you will die from the initial blast after the explosion orbs, and color gates will spawn on each exposition if you happen to stand on top of the spawn, you may actually take the orb immediately, so you have to watch out, so make sure to stay a little bit away from the ore spawn point, the orb will rotate colors red, blue, green, white, black, to red again, and repeat if you cannot memorize this color, you can actually rename your pet to remind yourself.


Normal Pattern – Roundhouse Kick

We actually don't have source for this, but if you're aggro'd for the roundhouse kick, try not to face against your raid. (as blue side)


Final Tips for Esther Skill (Sidereal)

1.   Stronger damage = Harder to do DPS

2.   Lust starts with 60 bars vs Pleasure starts with the damage you dealt.

3.   More annoying.


  • You can do this mech with even 2 people with proper setup.

  • Not recommended past Semi Berserk Phase. (Still possible but window is smaller)

  • Not viable if past Semi Berserk+RL is aggro'd at the same time.

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