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New World July Update 2022 - New Events, Expeditions, Loots & More In New World Summer PTR

6/25/2022 10:45:05 AM

New World July PTR has already been announced! Today what we are bringing to you is an in-depth on the brand new PTR for the New World summer update announcement that we received. This New World July PTR is specifically focusing on the summer Medleyfair event game update, but also it includes things like Barnacles and Black powder which is the brand new end game expedition, as well as a whole host of other things you can expect. So what we going to do is generally go through this New World July summer update and check the new events, rewards, items, expeditions, and more.


New World July Update 2022 - New Events, Expeditions, Loots & More In New World Summer PTR

There are big changes coming with this New World summer PTR. The PTR was officially released on June 23. There will only be one world available for this PTR as per usual U.S East PTR 1. If you do want to play it, you can go ahead and download the PTR on steam and you'll have access to this, you can go log in and play it on this server for all of the time that you want to. It is a pretty early PTR than what we're used to and this could be maybe hopefully an indication that we could be getting the update a little bit sooner than right at the end of July. However, there isn't yet an end date for this PTR so we can't guesstimate when this is going to be coming out. But we are in the PTR stages for now, so at least we can try out some of this content.


New World July Events 2022

The first major thing is the Summer Medleyfair event, this is kind of the biggest one during the July update in New World. What we know about the Summer Medleyfair event is that there are going to be summer villages in the same places that there were winter villages, so that's going to be Brightwood, Everfall, Weaver’s Fen, and Monarch’s Bluff. There's a brand new NPC called the Maestro, with him you've got to raise your reputation through quests, catching fish like the famed Aeternum Sturgeon with Maudlinbugs, and more to net special holiday rewards. Essentially it's going to be like a little fishing event, you can put them into frames and then put them up in your player housing which is pretty cool.


New World July Instruments 2022

Another big thing that they have added with this summer Medleyfair is instruments. They've actually added musical instruments to the game! Initially, there are some really good benefits to these as well. There are 5 instruments for players to pick up and learn which are the guitar, the mandolin, the upright bass, the drums, and the azoth flute. Plus an initial 31 songs to collect and master! You can play solo or as an in-group with up to 5 adventurers. Songs are unlocked by salvaging pages that are hidden throughout Aeternum. To complete the Summer Medleyfair quests earn a special set of pages and starter instruments. Better instruments can be crafted through the furnishing trade skill and furnishing can now also roll the new music trade skill-specific perks.


The hotkey to start these performances will be the f5 key and what essentially will happen is each one will reward players with trade skill XP and various buffs. Better performances receive stronger buffs and more trade skill XP. Spectators enjoying the show will also receive a buff and can toss a coin to the performers as a tip or toss according to your witcher.


New World July Expeditions 2022

The next big piece of content that we're seeing with this NW summer update here is the Barnacles of Black Powder expedition. Essentially this is going to be an end-game pirate-themed or lost-themed expedition which will be in Cutlass Keys, you will get quest givers there for obviously the repeatable quests like with some of the other end-game expeditions. You will receive loot and renown for defeating the despicable evil within the new expedition. It's going to be an end-game expedition, we don't know what level this is going to be, most likely it's going to be similar to the heart of the madness where it's going to be end-game but further up the end-game as a normal variant. It's also going to have its mutated variant and it's going to release with 3 brand new mutations to join that rotation of ones that we can have. One thing to note is that the Barnacles and Black Powder will be mutated two weeks after it releases into the live game, so you get a couple of weeks to try out normal, and then it gets added to the rotation of mutations.


New World July Loots 2022

They've also done a little bit of loot rebalancing with the changes to the way that the expeditions work and with them being much easier to access now they've moved roughly around 80% of the New World gold coins that were generated from expedition bosses and have instead spread it out to drop coins from elite chests and corruption breach closures. so twice a day players can loot elite chess in the open world or complete minor and major darkness breaches to earn a bag of coins. Each bag contains 500 coins twice a day you can do that. That's a thousand coins roughly from there. So you do need to remember if you do want to get those at maximum coins per day that you're going to want to do that extra kind of activity.


New World July Materials 2022

They've added a new material called materia. This is what you will get dropped from the expeditions and you can also break down any of these specifically named items that you get from a related expedition into material related to that specific expedition. What you can do with this material is craft it into some of the rare drops that you want, so if you're looking for like the fury hammer or you're looking for the lazarus bow, you are actually able to craft these after you've got a certain amount of that material. So it just reduces the randomness a little bit, however, they are quite expensive and it is going to take you a while to save up. But if you are someone that's running these a lot or quite a few a week you will soon get up there and you'll be able to grab those ones that you've been wanting to get for quite a while.

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