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NBA 2K22 2-Way Slashing Playmaker Build | Best NBA 2K22 Demigod Build – Best Dribble Moves, Jumpshot,Animations, Badges

6/14/2022 2:55:30 PM

This 2-Way Slashing playmaker build is the best build in NBA 2K22! This build gets all the best dribble moves in NBA 2K22 MT, contact dunks, 99 speed and can green from halfcourt!



NBA 2K22 Best Two Way Slashing Playmaker Build (Stats, Badges, Jumpshot, Animations)

Here's how you'll put together an overpowered 2-way slashing playmaker build on NBA 2K22, with attributes, takeover, badges, animations and jumpshot:


Best Stats & Attributes To Set

Physical Profile:

  • Speed: 84

  • Strength: 51

  • Acceleration: 83

  • Vertical: 72




  • Close Shot: 88

  • Driving Layup: 91

  • Driving Dunk: 81

  • Standing Dunk: 73

  • Post Hook: 91



  • Mid-Range Shot: 81

  • Three-Point Shot: 79

  • Free Throw: 86

  • Post Fade: 87



  • Pass Accuracy: 78

  • Ball Handle: 80

  • Post Control: 66


Defense / Rebounding:

  • Interior Defense: 51

  • Perimeter Defense: 76

  • Lateral Quickness: 74

  • Steal: 79

  • Block: 51

  • Offensive Rebound: 56

  • Defensive Rebound: 64


Choose your takeover

Slasher – Slashers receive extra boosts to finishing at the rim in traffic and more effective gathers to get past the defense.


Lockdown Defender – Receive boosts to steals and shot contents, allowing them to clamp down even the best scorers in the game.


Best Badges For 2 - Way Slashing Playmaker

The badge is depending on what layout you went for your preference, these are the best finishing, shooting, playmaking, and defense badges for 2-way slashing playmaker build in NBA 2K22 now: 

Finishing Badges:

  • Posterizer (HOF)

  • Limitless Takeoff (Silver)

  • Shooting Badges:

  • Stop & Pop (Gold)

  • Sniper (Gold)

  • Mismatch Expert (Gold)

  • Dead Eye (Gold)


Playmaking Badges:

  • Quick First Step (Gold)

  • Handles for Days (Gold)

  • Bullet Passer (Gold)

  • Bail Out (Silver)

  • Quick Chain (Gold)


Defense/Rebounding Badges:

  • Clamps (Gold)

  • Intimidator (Silver)


Best Animations for 2-Way Slashing Playmaker

Playmaking Moves (Dribble Moves)

  • Dribble Style: Quick

  • Signature Size-Ups: D.Rose

  • Signature Combos: T. Young

  • Size-Up Escape Packages: T. Young

  • Moving Crossovers: S. Curry

  • Moving Behind The Backs: S.Pippen

  • Moving Spins: Basic

  • Moving Hesitations: K.Durant

  • Moving Stepbacks: Normal

  • Triple Threat Styles: Normal 6

  • Park Flashy Passes: None


Best Jumpshot for 2-Way Slashing Playmaker

  • Lower/Base: Jump Shot 3

  • Release speed: Max

  • Animation blending (release 1): 65%

  • Animation blending (release 2): 35%

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