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TERA brings new BAMs for PS4, Xbox One - But They Are Too Weak

4/19/2018 3:31:20 PM

EnMasse has released a new update for TERA on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. The Lachelitas Ruin is available to players at the current maximum level and promises new loot. There are some bug fixes.

On the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, players of TERA can now plunge into a new dungeon designed for the current maximum level. Not only did the latest update bring the new dungeon for Level 65 and Item-Level 417, but also some bug fixes.



These are the Lachelitas-Ruins

- Place-Cliffs of Madness in Poporia. The dungeon can also be reached via the instance group search or the teleport scroll

- Difficulty- [4 STARS]

- Required Level-65

- Recommended number of players-5 players

- Minimum level for items-417

- Daily Access Limit-2 (4 for elite status players)

- Leader-Revived Atrocitas, revived Malgarios, Lachelitas

- Prey-Lilitas 'Armor Chest, Deadly and Powerful Lachelitas Earrings of Nightmare, Purity Brooches, Gorgeous Niveot Structures, Lachelitas' Treasure Chest

The earrings to be obtained in the Lachelitas ruins complete the mighty rings already available in the Dungeon Lilitas fortress. With the special ability of the Purity Brooch, any debuffs can be removed.

The magnificent niveot structures make it possible to unite noble crystals with potentially stronger nuclei, which can not be destroyed in the event of death. In addition, Lachelitas' Treasure Chest may contain materials that can be used to make raid gear.


Are the bosses too light?

Shortly after the update, the first players who have successfully mastered the new dungeon have already registered.

In the Subreddit to TERA is criticized in the contribution to the server First, that the new Dungeon was boring.

Bosses that had to be dealt with on the PC with a larger group of players, you will apparently done on the console in passing.


TERA is not quite round yet

In addition to the new dungeon, a number of improvements came into play, as EnMasse announced in the official forum.

- Fixed an issue where multiple achievements and trophies were not unlocked.

- Freezing and crashes in the camouflaging instance has been fixed.

- Several issues have been worked on, which have contributed to server-wide crashes.

Nevertheless, TERA is far from being free of problems that some players struggle with.

In the official TERA forum, players now plead for patience with EnMasse. Finally, the developers would work to improve the game steadily.

Others argue that betas are usually there for overcoming the prevailing shortcomings, such as lag in the cities, the disappearance of the map marker, or the delayed loading of textures.

While some players are happy to be able to play TERA at all, they face those who can not even launch the MMORPG. Now cheap TERA Gold for all servers are hot sale on AOEAH.COM, welcome to check out our offers.

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