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LA Tier 3 Abyssal Dungeon Oreha Preveza Complete Guide: Strategy To Kill Moguro Captain & Albion Boss Fast

4/7/2022 7:05:04 PM

Oreha Preveza is one of the Abyssal Dungeon in LA located in Punika and an integral part of Tier 3. In particular, it makes you fight against the powerful drake Albion. Here we give you tips to complete the dungeon and get rewards easily and fast.

LA Tier 3 Abyssal Dungeon Oreha Preveza Boss Fighting Strategy

Oreha Preveza is one of the Abyssal Dungeon in Tier 3 of LA. It requires at least 1,325 item levels to be started as well as a group of 4 players (possibly found via the random player search tool). Follow the below strategy you will kill the Moguro Captain and Albion boss easier and faster!

Oreha Preveza First Boss Moguro Captain Fight & Kill Strategy

This first boss is not necessarily very complicated, his attack speed is also rather slow making dodging quite easy. One of the basic mechanics is that when Moguro Captain succeeds in three attacks on a player, the player is stunned. The idea is therefore to

From the beginning of the fight, Moguro Captain appears with a 20% damage bonus. To remove it, you must exploit the Imbalance mechanic using skills or items with this ability (Stagger). Once unbalanced, it will lose its bonus automatically.

1. Moguro Captain Totems

The main technique of Moguro Captain nevertheless remains that of the "Totems". Concretely, he periodically summons a totem in the arena granting him a special bonus: sometimes an increase in the damage he inflicts, sometimes a reduction in the damage he suffers. The idea is quite simple: destroying each totem as soon as it appears is your top priority and the main condition for your success during this meeting. Once the totem is destroyed, the player who delivered the fatal blow is affected by a curse that stuns him. To free yourself from it, your allies must inflict damage on you, make sure you don't attack these totems alone!

2. Skills and Items To Use For Survive

From time to time, the boss starts swirling on himself. Although it is possible to survive the damage inflicted by this skills, you must imperatively dodge it since later in the fight Captain moguro launches a technique that instantly kills all players if he has inflicted too much damage with his whirlwind. It is impossible to survive this mechanic, except with the following skills and items:

  • Time Stop Potion

  • Symphonia (Bard Awakening Skill)

  • Alithanes's Judgment (Paladin Awakening Skill)

It is therefore imperative to dodge the whirlwind, whatever happens and regardless of the composition of the group: these are easily avoidable damages.

Sometimes Moguro Captain will clap his hands against his torso and become luminescent: he then prepares to counterattack. Stop attacking him immediately, otherwise he will launch a wide area technique in your direction inflicting very heavy damage on all affected players.

Eventually, periodically Moguro Captain will plant his axe in the ground and become a furious Moguro Captain. This is the beginning of Phase 2. What is similar to a bubble of water then appears around him, and he will begin to ignite the entire arena. To be able to survive, since the fire is burning, you simply have to be in the water dome near the boss.

But beware: the furious Moguro Captain continues to launch his skills (except his totems) during this second phase. You must therefore dodge these while remaining in the dome, under penalty of dying! The space is quite limited, greatly complicating the dodging of certain techniques, including the tourbillon. Your top priority remains dodging the latter, so get out of the dome for a few seconds if necessary and then return quickly once the swirling technique is over.

Albion Fight and Kill Strategy

Albion is a dragon, and like any good dragon, you should never find yourself in front of him since he regularly throws a ray in front of him inflicting heavy damage. So heavy that it can even "one-shot" you, so beware. Periodically, it also flies away and lands on a random player: be attentive and dodge the landing which can also cause you serious problems.

This boss has three distinct phases: earth, lightning, and rabid. It automatically and randomly begins the encounter in the earth or lightning phase. In addition, sometimes Albion is motionless on the ground and begins to channel: if he succeeds in his incantation, he enters the rabid phase. To be able to counter this channel, you must inflict very heavy Imbalance damage. The prerequisite is however very high, so it is likely that you will fail but remember to bring whirlpool Potions all the same!

When Albion reaches his 12th hit point bar, he flies to the center of the arena and brings up 12 circles around him. In each of them is (or not) a star with a very specific appearance (4, 6 or 8 points). On the back of Albion is also a golden star with a very specific appearance. The objective is relatively easy: each player must go to a circle in which there is exactly the same star as the one on the boss's back. If a player fails, he dies instantly.

The mechanics of the stars can occur a total of three successive times and is automatically followed by the Rabid Phase, with the only difference that it does not benefit from the damage bonus normally applied during this formidable phase (see the section dedicated to the Rabid Phase below).

1. Lightning phase

The first and probably the most important mechanic of this encounter is its Storm, it takes place three times in a row each time it is triggered. Periodically, Albion disappears and begins to target a random player with an area technique that deals damage in multiple directions from his location. These zones follow one another more and more quickly.

During this same phase, a red orb appears and begins to pursue the players. The objective is naturally to dodge it: if it hits you, it inflicts heavy damage on nearby players and stuns them (making dodging the aforementioned areas impossible, and therefore killing you).

After only a few seconds, the appearance of reddish areas on the ground accelerates greatly, and a luminescent circle appears in the center of the arena. All players must go there to survive the huge attack that Albion launches a few seconds later. If one of the players dies because of this technique, the entire group is defeated and the match ends.

2. Earth phase

During this phase, Albion sometimes disappears and limits your field of action to a small circle in the center of the arena. It then triggers a series of red areas on the ground that you must absolutely memorize extremely quickly. After a few seconds, he successively unleashes an attack in each red zone in the order previously revealed.

3. Rabid phase

During this final phase, Albion is able to use the techniques of the Lightning phase and earth at the same time. Be very careful, this is clearly the most dangerous phase. He also periodically earns a bonus that can be accumulated for the damage inflicted, making him ever more powerful as the fight becomes more intense.

To end this phase, you need to drop the purple bar below the boss's health points to 0. Again, you need Imbalance damage to achieve this, Whirlpool Potions are your friends.

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