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Rocket League Leon Nights Event 2022 - New Challenges, Rewards, Items & More In RL

1/21/2022 11:42:27 AM

A brand new rocket league event is coming very soon along with a new crate. And this is going to be the Rocket League Neon Nights Event featuring Galactic Space Princess Grimes. It's all about music and fun. There are new challenges that will give you free items. There's a new crate called golden moons and there's a new limited-time mode. Next, we look at everything new in the Rocket League Neon Nights event guide 2022, breaking down the new challenges, rewards, items, game modes, and more to expect.


Rocket League Leon Nights Event 2022 - New Challenges, Rewards, Items & More In RL

Rocket League Leon Nights feat. Grimes begins on Wednesday, January 28, and end on February 8. Leon Nights Event is to celebrate the ever-evolving music of the Rocket League but also the Chinese New Year event is also being tied into this. The Rocket League team in order to wish everyone a happy, prosperous, and long life in honor of the Lunar New Year. The Year of the Tiger Bundle, which includes a Tiny Tiger Topper and a Tiger Decal, is also available for free in the Rocket League item store.


Rocket League Neon Nights Challenges & Rewards

On the 26th of January, there are going to be new challenges from a super-intelligent deep space ai which will transmit these challenges. It’s a collaboration with Grimes. Obviously, that's just a fun story to it, and it's basically just a classic Rocket League event. Moreover, there are a bunch of Grimes-themed items you can get from the challenges. All you need to do is play matches, complete challenges, and get rewards. Let’s take a look at all the challenges and rewards from Rocket League Neon Nights update.


Grimes Player Banner

Play 5 Matches When Driving Aftershock, Esper, Gizmo, Nexus, Scarab or Vulcan


Grimes Octane Decal

Get 3 First Touches In Online Matches


Gravitator Topper

Get 15 Shots On Goal In Online Matches


Space Queen Topper

Get 10 Goals, Assists, Or Saves In Online Matches


Braided Trail

Get 5 Assists in Online Matches


Grimes Wheel

Score 3 Goals In Online Matches


Fireworks (Multichrome) Decal

Win By 2 Or More Goals In Online Matches


Uncanny Boost

Get 5 Aerial Hits (Above The Top Of The Goal) Or 5 Goals In Online Matches


Rocket League Neon Nights Game Mode & Map

It turns out that aimbots have taken over the Rocket Labs Arenas. Jump into a wild match of Heatseeker Ricochet and go head-to-head in this chaotic LTM. Heatseeker on cool Rocket Labs maps which is obviously a lot of fun.


Rocket League Neon Nights Gold Moons

Throughout Rocket League Neon Nights promo, you'll also get a chance to earn Golden Moons which are the crates and these unlock a mix of classic items from Impact, Nitro, and Overdrive Series. Furthermore, Nitro had the Draco, so we could be getting some white Dracos out of this which should be good. As for the Golden Moons, they work just like golden gifts from the Frosty Fest event in Rocket League. Complete a challenge up to five times to earn golden moons then open them in your inventory to unlock items.


This RL Neon Nights event lasts from Jan 26 to Feb 8, so you got plenty of time. That means you've got a lot of Rocket League credit openings coming very soon. If you want to buy cheap RL credits and items, is always the best place for you!




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