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Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 New Runewords - D2R Pattern, Mist, Wisdom, Unbending Will & More Ladder Runewords

1/19/2022 10:17:26 AM

After many quiet years for Diablo 2, patch 2.4 finally adds numerous new runewords to Diablo 2 Resurrected. Here we break down all the new D2R 2.4 Runewords (Unbending Will, Mist, Wisdom, Pattern, Etc.), to help you get a better understanding of their stats and how to use them. 

D2R 2.4 Ladder Season New Runewords

Patten Runeword

The Pattern comes in pretty handy for low-level kicks such as assassin claw, you can also theoretically use two claws. Ideally, you want to be at least level 24 by the time you hit ancients, and as long as you find the Thul rune before that point, you should have this weapon in your hand and ready to use by the time you are starting to fight Baal, and moving your way onto Nightmare difficulty, which will be very effective.

Pattern Runeword Info

  • Runes: TalOrtThul

  • Level: 23

  • Socket: 3

  • Items: Claw

Pattern Runeword Stats (Attributes)

  • +30% Faster block rate

  • +68% Enhanced Damage

  • 10% Bonus to attack rating

  • Adds 12-32 fire damage

  • Adds 1-50 lighting damage

  • Adds 3-14 cold damage

  • +75 Poison damage over 5 seconds

  • +6 to strength

  • +6 to Dexterity

  • All resistances +15

  • Socketed (3)

Mist Runeword

The new rune word Mist has a fairly high requirement of level 67 and is therefore also intended for the early endgame. It is interesting for players with an amazon, as well as mercenaries from the first act.

Mist Runeword Info

  • Runes: ChamShaelGulThulIth

  • Level: 67

  • Socket: 5

  • Items: bow, crossbow

Mist Runeword Stats (Attributes)

  • Level 9 concentration Aura when equipped

  • +3 to all skills

  • +20% Increased Attack Speed (Shael)

  • +100% Piercing attack

  • +327% Enhanced damage

  • +9 to maximum damage (Ith)

  • 20% Bonus to Attack Rating (Gul)

  • Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (Thul)

  • Freeze target +3 (Cham)

  • +24 to Vitality

  • All resistances +40

  • Socketed (5)

Wisdom Runeword

Wisdom, with a level 64 requirement, is another early endgame runeword with very low level runes that can be found on Normal and Nightmare difficulties. By the way, the highest rune only requires level 45, so you can use this rune word on a normal helmet earlier. Bonuses like the stinging attack and the mana drain indicate that this rune word should be of particular interest for the Amazon.

Wisdom Runeword Info

  • Runes: PulIthEld

  • Level: 45

  • Socket: 3

  • Items: Helm, Druid Helm, Barbarian Helm, Circlet

Wisdom Runeword Stats (Attributes)

  • +33% Piercing attack

  • +20% Bonus to Attack Rating

  • 5% Mana Stolen per hit

  • +30% Enhanced Defense (Pul)

  • +10 Energy

  • 15% Slower stamina drain (Eld)

  • Cannot be frozen

  • +5 Mana after each kill

  • 15% Damage taken goes to Mana (Ith)

  • Socketed (3)

Unbending Will Runeword

The new Runeword Unbending Will is intended with level 63 as a requirement and quite cheap runes for barbarians in the early endgame. But this rune word for swords also sounds interesting for mercenaries from the 5th act.

Unending Will Runeword info

  • Runes: FalIoIthElDHel

  • Level: 63

  • Socket: 6

  • Items: Sword

Unbending Will Runeword Stats (Attributes)

  • 18% chance to cast level 18 Taunt on striking

  • +3 to combat skills (Barbarian Only)

  • +20% Increased attack speed

  • +330% Enhanced damage

  • +9 to Maximum damage (Ith)

  • +50 to Attack Rating (El)

  • +75% Damage to undead

  • +50 to Attack rating against undead

  • 8% Life stolen per hit

  • Prevent monster heal

  • +10 to Strength (Fal)

  • +10 to Vitality (Io)

  • Damage reduced by 8

  • +1 to Light Radius (El)

  • Requirements -20% (Hel)

  • Socketed (6)

With the D2R 2.4 Patch PTR going on and the official release of the Ladder season upcoming, more and more new D2R ladder runewords and items will be revealed, we will keep updating this post with the latest news!

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