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FIFA 22 Trading Guide- Best Sniping and Bidding Filters on FIFA 22! To Make 100K Coins Quickly!

11/16/2021 2:42:06 PM

Showing you the best sniping and bidding filters on FIFA 22, to help you make a ton of coins now if you are enjoying the content.

FIFA 22 Trading Guide- Best Sniping and Bidding Filters on FIFA 22!  To Make 100K Coins Quickly!

# A few cards in the filter you can pick up 

Take a look at the filter, there are quite a few cards, Junior Kaicaro, Bruno Perez, Emerson, there's Danilo in here. As well so there are quite a few cards in this filter that you can pick up and if look at the price of these right now, these typically hang out around like 1500 coins, so right now selling right around that 1 500 coin market looks like. So 1600 these are selling for right now, selling at 1600, you're gonna lose 80 on tax.

Missed Danilo there for 1100, you lose 80 on tax selling at 1600, probably say to pick these up about 1400 or less here, so you're making at least 100 coins per card after-tax now, as you can see these are popping up relatively quickly sniping, but rarely do snipe, too difficult to pick up cards goodness one for 500 as well, so typically do is bidding now, if you can snipe these cards, definitely recommend trying to do that because as you can see these pop up crazy quickly, and you'll be able to make a ton of FIFA 22 coins off that but just never seem to hit anything.

# Always do bidding with these cards

Almost always do bidding with these cards, so set max price to like 1300, 1400 and kind of see what's here now, it says there's nothing for the next 30 minutes, but there that could just be, this market glitch that happens where stuff just doesn't pop up or it could just be this thing where people just go bit ridiculous prices on these cards. So it doesn't look like, there's anything to bid on at the moment, it looks like all the bids are over 1400.

Have to come in and kind of mass bid a lot of these cards in advance to be able to pick these up, but you can see that some of these have like 1600 coins 1900 coin bids, because a lot of these cards go for different prices. So that's something to keep in mind as well and Bruno Perez usually goes for more as well, so that's something to keep in mind with these filters.

# Snipe and bid with this filter sniping

So again you can snipe and bid with the filter sniping, these cards pop up left-right, and center, find it hard to pick them up. If you have that good internet if you have that good sniping technique, then you're gonna be making lots of coins off of this. Go ahead and move on to the next filter which is probably the go-to filter on this game the most reliable one is going to be premier league defender gold rare manchester united, and English.

So manchester united English gold rare defenders, so in this filter, looking at three cards here, looking at Aaron Juan Asaka Harry Maguire, and Luke Shaw. Look at the price of these right now, these are going right now about 2700, so these are going to sell 2700 a piece right. Now selling for 2700 gonna lose, what is that 135 coins after-tax, pick these up for 2400 or less, because always want to make stuff that's kind of low budget, like this at least 100 coins per card after attacks.

# Making coins

Miss a Luke Shaw there again, if the internet was better and could hit these snipes, making coins. Some of these filters are with how quickly, these cards pop up come on, just hit one side, one Vasaka for 2.1 there he goes for Aaron Vasaka goes for more than these other two, take a look not as much as, maybe like 3.1 3.2 here.

To put a defender on and get right back to it, but you can see how quickly these cards pop up, it's just crazy difficult to pick these up when the internet's as bad as it is, but that's why bidding as well, so go ahead and check the bidding market out here, and kind of see if any deals are sitting around for us and something you can do with bidding on these cards as well as keep an eye on cards have chem styles on them.

# Bidding based on the card 

So if to go and pop a shadow chem style here, and then see what the cheapest united defender with a shadow goes for that would be something to keep an eye on as well, the cheapest one they don't move a ton they go about 3k with a shadow now. What Juan vasa with the shadow go, he doesn't have a huge gap in his price either, he goes about 36 with a shadow, but it's something to keep an eye on when you're bidding as if a card has a shadow chem style, you can probably bid a bit more on it.

Because it has more value on that card, but you just want to keep an eye on these bids, and what recommend to people go through a bid on all these cards first, and then while you're waiting for those cards to expire that's when you're gonna come in and do your sniping on those kinds of things, so recommend doing that as well come on, but go ahead and move on to final filter here.

# A lot of cards can get the two main ones

What going to do is League Germany Club Bayern Munich position midfield, so at the price, going to do this filter at there's going to be two cards, looking for basic, but there's a lot of cards can get the two main ones, to be looking at are spitzer and sauna here, 284 rated cards that basically go for the price of most 84's sonic are here, they're going somewhere between 2.5 and 3k now, there's a lot of items that fit into this filter that could pop up as well Gorezka San or Nabri Muller Kimmich lots of cards that can fit into this filter, but the two one main ones you're going to be looking at again are going to be Sobitzer and Sanae here.

# Sniping while you're waiting and again

As they're just the cheaper ones now, this goes for 2600 here, so sell them for 2600 lose 130 on tax, to pick these up 2300 or less here is gonna be the play here again make at least a hundred FUT coins per card after tax. So again what you're going to want to do same as every other method that recommends to people go through do your bidding first, so come in here, check out the bidding markets like a bid on the cards, you want to put on, so just go through throwing your bids down, and then go in and do your sniping while you're waiting for those to kind of get down to the last minute 30 seconds or so. Then you come back in here and do your sniping while you're waiting and again.

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