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Diablo 2 Resurrected Best Runewords for Mercenary - Top 5 Powerful Merc Aura Runewords

11/15/2021 3:22:50 PM

In this Diablo 2 Resurrected guide, we are taking a look at the Top 5 D2R runewords for your mercenary - all of these runewords will include a powerful aura that will help to make you stronger as well as your mercenary. 

Top 1 - Pride (ChamSurIoLo) Runeword for Concentration Aura

Pride is ChamSurIoLo - a fairly expensive rune word that includes an up to level 20 concentration aura. With the pride runeword, you get a level 15 to 20 concentration aura that increases damage from 270 up to 34%  and it also reduces the chances of being interrupted while you're attacking. Additionally, you will get a 25% chance to cast a level 17 firewall whenever you're struck so Emilio's going to be popping off firewalls quite frequently, and also get a 300 bonus percent chance to

attack raiding which is kind of middle of the road. A bonus 1% per character level damage to demons, an additional 50  to 280 lightning damage, and a 20% chance to deadly strike which doubles damage if it hits. So you can take out your ACT 2 mercenary with a mite aura that also increases damage (that's supposed to say it is a bug) and also stack up the concentration aura, and maybe even toss in a fanaticism aura for some additional attack damage and attack speed. Basically, we're just stacking all sorts of auras here to achieve some very healthy and generous damage bonuses to you your mercenary.

Top 2 - Insight (RalTirTalSol) Runeword for Meditation Aura

We have insight for that up to level 17 meditation aura level 12 to level 17 meditation aura which helps to regenerate mana more quickly. From level 12 to level 17, a meditation aura increases your mana recovery percentage by between 575% and all the way up to 700% increased mana speed recovery. We find that the insight aura really kicks in in natural effectiveness once you get up to around 600~700 mana, even around 500, is pretty good. The more mana you have, then faster you more naturally recover mana, so when you have a natural mana recovery that is up to a certain level, that inside aura basically makes it, so that you don't lose mana at all anymore. So inside aura is really really great for some contrast comparison. In addition to that meditation aura, the Insight runeword is incredibly cheap RalTirTalSol, with it, you also get a very solid weapon with 260%  enhanced damage, bonus to attack rating, extra fire damage, a little bit of poison damage. For the budget of it, the bang for your buck of, this is absolutely phenomenal and probably one of the best-valued items in the game.

Top 3 - Doom (HelOhmUmLoCham) Runeword for Holy Freeze Aura

Doom - the super-duper cheap HelOhmUmLoCham runword is equipped for a level 12 holy freeze aura. Basically what that Holy Freeze Aura does is it freezes anything that's nearby it, so this is effectively making enemies attack slower reducing damage. Additionally, it even works on cold immune monsters, this is a very good survival tool. At level 12, it slows down monsters up to 11.3 yards away, 50% slower, adds 17 to 18 damage every time it hits that slowing effect, and it also adds cold damage to attack between 85 and 90 just flat cold damage to your attack. What's more, you'll also get a plus two to your skills that is your mercenary will get a plus two to his skills that means something like his might aura or or whatever aura he naturally has, 45% increased attack speed means he's going to be whacking really fast, 370% enhanced damage makes this a very heavy hitter, 20% chance of deadly strike to double damage and 25% chance ofopened wounds to bleed a target based on the attacker level. If your goal is to make your mercenary survivable and an offensive powerhouse, Doom runeword is a very powerful mercenary weapon for taking out monsters.

Top 4 - Infinity (BerMalBerIst) Runeword for Conviction Aura

Infinity is also a very powerful BerMalBerIst runeword, which provides a level 12 conviction aura. Now that level 12 conviction aura is actually able to punch through the immunities of some hell immune monsters. In particular, this works really well with lightning immune monsters and this runeword is actually very desired by lightning this is and lightning sorceress and lightning javazons. Because lightning is the easiest immunity to break - you can break most lightning immune monsters, this makes for some extremely powerful end game builds such as the lightning sorceress, and the ability to clear out somewhere like Chaos Sanctuary or basically anywhere in the game where lightning immunities previously gave you trouble. In addition to reducing enemy resistance, it also reduces enemy defense - a level 12 conviction aura reduces enemy defense by 83% and it reduces resist by 85% and depending on just how immune how high your monster's immunity is that can entirely break immune monsters, cold immunities are the hardest to break, lightning is the easiest generally speaking, and fire is somewhere in the middle. But in addition to that level 12 conviction aura, the infinity runeworld also has a very high 340 enhanced damage, very interesting minus 55 to enemy lightning resistance, also a 40 chance of crushing blow which is really quite good on your mercenary and for those of you who are wondering does just the mercenary get the -55 enemy lightning resistance, that only applies to the character using the weapon.

Top 5 - Hand of Justice (SurChamAmnLo) Runeword for Holy Fire Aura

These are probably not the most viable but they are still some Mec Aura runewords you could take. The Hand of Justice is a runeword with 300% enhanced damage, 

33% increased in tax speed ignore, target defense life steal, deadly strike, etc. It's got a lot of stuff on it to make your mercenary a very good hit hitter and wacky whacker, it also gives you a level 16 holy fire aura which unfortunately is not really comparable to some of the other auras that we looked at, however, there are some niche builds which can take advantage of that but their usage is kind of complicated. In a nutshell, the holy fire aura does damage sort of like the holy freeze aura within a radius, however, it doesn't do a whole lot of damage but also add a little bit of extra fire damage to attack to melee hits. But again it doesn't add a whole lot of extra fire damage, so compared to some of the other auras we've looked at, this one is kind of near the bottom.

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