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Madden 22 Best Abilities - Top 3 Offensive & Defensive Abilities in Madden 22

10/8/2021 4:16:33 PM

Applying the right abilities in Madden can effectively change the game. Here are the top 3 best Madden 22 offensive abilities and defensive abilities in Ultimate Team, choose the most dominant abilities to equip your players who can. 

Madden 22 Best Abilities for Offense - Top 3 Offensive Abilities in Madden 22

Players need to reach a specific overall to unlock the ability slot, the quarterback has two slots, here we focus on the three best abilities respectively in the offensive and defensive sides. Welcome to buy cheap MUT 22 coins at any time you want. 

1. Escape Artist

The first Madden 22 ability you can use is Escape Artist, it helps you get outside the pocket a little faster and allows us to take off and get some really good gains. If you don't have an Escape Artist, you cannot do this your quarterback will just stand there after you, don't hand the ball off and you won't have a whole lot of mobility. If you find the right RPOs, you can use Escape Artist and get so glitchy. Definitely considering using Escape Artist this way, you can still get the benefits of having it as a normal play. 

2. Route Technician

Route Technician gives you quicker cuts while running routes, it's going to work everywhere. Last year in Regs, Davante started the year with only like 89 speed, but because he had a route technician, he still won any man assignment even against the fastest quarterbacks in the game. That's how good Route Technician is, it's still an excellent ability in Madden 22. Route Technician is one of the best abilities you can have because if your opponent wants to play man coverage, they basically have to give special attention to any route technician player, a single defender will not cover them.

3. Gunslinger

The number one is what may be considered to be the best ability in all of Madden, that is the ability Gunslinger. Gunslinger gives you faster throwing animations and velocity on bullet passes, it just makes the velocity of the ball so much faster and gives it a lower trajectory, when it comes to passing, passing is just all about timing, it's all about hitting the open windows. it can really make a big difference in just hitting your windows, passing without Gunslinger is just so much tougher, it's not impossible there are players who make it happen without Gunslinger.

Madden 22 Best Abilities for Defense - Top 3 Defensive Abilities in Madden 22

1. Acrobat

Acrobat is a very good ability for defense, but it needs to be on the right defensive players, now defenders with this ability will dive for increased range on past breakups and interceptions, this does react very well, but it's typically on some type of mid or short throw that your opponent is making and then you'll react to it and pick it off. It's very effective, you need turnovers in this game. 

2. Deep Out Zone KO

Defenders with this ability force more catch knockouts and react quicker in deep zone coverage, 20+ yards from the LoS and outside the hash marks. Deep Out Zone KO really is a game-changing ability and the best part of this ability is if you have safeties which are zone coverage safeties, it's gonna save you AP points, it's gonna save you training, and is going to absolutely help you improve your defense.

3. Mid-Zone KO

Defenders with this ability force more catch knockouts and react quicker in any mid-field zone coverage, less than 20 yards from the LoS inside the numbers and 10-20 outside. Essentially what you're getting with Mid-Zone KO is you're getting Deep Out Zone KO, you're getting all that for 1 AP, so that is the best part about the Mid-Zone KO ability, and it reacts to every route that is thrown by your defender. Not every safety in the game can get it in MUT, but if you're playing MUT and you have a safety who's got the zone archetype that will absolutely be able to be added to your player for one AP and you can start reacting to every single deep zone.

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