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Madden 22 Team Diamonds Promo - Team Diamond Predictions & Tips in Ultimate Team

9/7/2021 2:52:05 PM

What’s the next Madden 22 promo? Team Diamonds are expected to be released in September. Based on the promo content last year and leaks some days ago, we brought the Madden 22 Team Diamonds promo predictions and tips for preparing it.   

When Do Madden 22 Team Diamonds Promo Start and How to Prepare It? 

Team Diamonds have been in the game for the last couple of years, it is something that really builds hype. The pack animation has been leaked, Team Diamonds promo would come in the remaining days in September, even though we are still not sure what is the exact time. More content like Team Diamonds sets and players will be updated here once they are confirmed.

What is Madden 22 Team Diamonds? Team Diamonds are a promo or event in which you can exchange the core players from your team of choice to earn a Team Diamond, improve your Team Affinity to earn some of the required players. Last year, we has Series 1 and Series 5 for Team Diamond. With the series five later, these players got much higher overalls, 98 overall team diamonds but in series one we had a team diamond master 93 overall Barry Sanders, and then a team diamond for every single team, so these guys are basically legends for every single team, such as Jim Covert, Takeo Spikes, Kyle Williams, Elvis Dumervil, Frank Minnifield, and Adrian Wilson, this was an incredible user card at beginning of the year, then Eric Weddle, Dante Hall, Bob Sanders, Travis Frederick, Mark Clayton, Troy Vincent, Roddy White, Justin Smith, David Diehl, Keenan McCardell, these overalls are different. 

Take Mark Clayton as an example, he was 86 overall but he could pound to an 87 overall, when you get the set done you do get Mark Clayton and you also got his power-up, you would actually be able to take them all the way up to a 90. It didn't matter what overall they were, you could power them up and take them all the way up to a higher overall. The reason why they have different overalls is that each team has different players in there, like Bengals, what you needed was a bunch of cards, gold cards, elites, with the Bengals they didn't have very expensive leaks, 82 overalls are the highest overall, so that's why Takeo Spikes were only 86 whereas, the more expensive the set, the higher overall a player can get.  

How to prepare for the MUT 22 Team Diamond? We do not know what the Team Diamonds sets look like just yet, you need 80 to 82 overalls or something like that, it could be non-specific, it could be wild card sets, for example, to get the Team Diamond C Travis Frederick, you might just need a certain amount of Cowboys elites, the thing is though with these team diamond sets, when it came to these elites, the elites never really changed too much in value except for some of the better sets and some of the more wanted players, their elites got a bit more expensive, but it was really the gold cards, the gold cards at the beginning of the year really became more expensive, do not sell your gold cards and buy a couple of the core elites. in addition, try to farm or make more Madden 22 coins to prepare for the promotion. 

Madden 22 Team Diamond Predictions 

Check out the MUT 22 Team Diamond predictions for all 32 teams.

Percy Harvin

Jay Cutler

Shaun Rogers

John Kuhn

LaRon Landry

Miles Austin

Shaun O’Hara

Trent Cole

Dashon Goldson

Dan Dierdorf

Marshawn Lynch

Greg Olsen

Doug Martin

Marques Colston

Keith Brooking

Lardarius Webb

Brett Keisel

Josh Gordon

Carson Palmer

Fred Jackson

Wes Welker

Alan Faneca

Jake Long

Tamba Hali

Gary Johnson

Willie Brown

Al Wilson

Jimmy Smith

Mike Adams

DeMeco Ryans

Delanie Walker

Terrell Owens

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