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Madden 22 Team Captain Predictions & How to Get Team Captain | MUT 22 Team Captain

7/24/2021 12:06:18 PM

Team Captains are great players from the league and you can use them in your team. What team captains will be introduced in Madden 22? Fast get into the Madden 22 Team Captain predictions below to see the potential cards you can earn with no MUT coins and how to get Team Captain in Madden. 

Madden 22 Team Captain Predictions 

WR Steve Smith Sr

Steve Smith Sr is gonna be a good card, he’s on that level, he could potentially be the team captain wide receiver for Madden 22, he always fight really hard and can break lots of tackles, also has good run blocking after the catch, he’s never the fastest wide receiver, but is a potential Madden 22 team captain. 

HB Edgerrin James

As for the running back, what player do you think EA wants to add? Edgerrin James would be a good pick for the team captain this year, even if he would just be your backup, he is always a really good card, he's got to change the direction, he's got to catch and got the speed, he can break tackles.

TE Jermichael Finley 

Jermichael Finley is a Madden 21 legend, this card was so good at the beginning of the year, the team diamond card was incredible, Jermichael Finley is possible to be a team captain in Madden 22. He is not the craziest tight end, but if he has good speed and routine running and catching, he can be a good team captain at the beginning of Madden 22. 

CB Asante Samuel

Asante Samuel is a pretty hype player for a cornerback, to defense, he makes a lot of sense. Players like Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, and Rod Woodson are probably off limits, some people expect Rod, Asante Samuel is just kind of beneath tier.  

RE Dwight Freeney

As for a defensive lineman last year, we got a Dwight, who is decently comparable to Michael Strahan’s hype level. Strahan is one of the most hyped-up defensive ends and he is completely off limits for team captain. Dwight Freeney also has got pretty good speed. But we did already see them give a card to Michael Strahan in the past, Freeney is around that level of hype.

MLB Luke Kuechly

Luke Kuechly is one of the biggest names possible at middle linebacker, but they also did give one to Ray Lewis. Madden 21 middle linebackers are not that good, they probably won’t give up a very fast MLB in Madden 22. They are probably more lenient towards giving Luke Kuechly a team captain card, knowing that if they release him as a regular card throughout the year, he's probably not gonna sell much just because middle linebacker's just not going to matter that much in Madden 22.

How to Get Team Captain in Madden?

1. After logging in to the game, enter Ultimate Team from the main menu.

2. Complete the challenges in a tutorial mode, which is called Ultimate Team 101.

3. Return to the Ultimate Team home screen

4. Pick your team captain. 

5. Select “Team Captain” on the next screen and “Captain Tryouts” on the third screen.

6. Complete all the tryouts, you’ll get the Team Captain Fantasy Pack.

7. Then you can open the pack and pick between the four players. 

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