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NBA 2K21 Top Snipes Of The Week - Best Dark Matter Snipes & Opals 500 MT In NBA 2K21 MyTeam

3/16/2021 10:25:52 AM

In this guide, we are going over NBA 2K21 top snipes of the week and dark matters snipes & opals for 500 NBA 2K MT. 

NBA 2K21 Best Dark Matter Snipes & Opals For 500 MT

This week’s episode is hands down the craziest, it’s absolutely jam-packed with a ton of snips. We got dark matter snipes, crazy opal snipes and multiple snipes refresh. We probably got some of the craziest things you are going to see in sniping this week. Let's check out the top snipes of the week in NBA 2K21 and best dark matter snipes & opals for 500 MT. 

Tj - PG - 94

Now ended up going crazy, he was on the opal filter and he ended up getting himself a nice Giannis for 10000 MT which is not bad at all, that is a very solid Indiana’s card, he was going for around 250-30K earlier this week, it just depends when Tj got him. Giannis is still over 200K, he’s a nice little prophet of around 150K MT, so huge to Tj on that nice Yanni snipe.

Yi - PF/C - 94

He ended up going absolutely crazy, now this is one of he crazy snipes you don’t see very often or you don’t see at all. He ended up getting 3 opal snipes on the same refresh and he got them all for 500. This card wasn’t just any regular opals, it was some of the more expensive opals in the game. He got the curry hero shack and t-mac all for 500, The curry is 300K, the shack is 200K and the tmac is 300-400K. So he made an easy 670kmt profit off of one refresh and he got all three. 

Leo - SG/SF - 98

Leo ended up getting the first dark matter snipe of this week’s episoda and he ended up getting himself none other than dark matter hero Zion Williamson for 88000 NBA 2K MT

Cole - PG/SG - 82

He ended up getting himself 2 snipes on the same refresh, 2 opals on the same refresh and he ended up getting none other than Jokic and Luca (one of the more expensive opals in the game coming in 350K MT. He’s also one of the better point guards in the game) on the same refresh. So  Cole ended up making a nice 300K profit.

Derrick Rose - PG/SG - 99

He was for 100K NBA 2K21 MT Coins throwback Thursday card, which is huge although is the cheapest dark matter. He ended up getting himself the same opal, he got it for 500 MT. 

Jose - PG/SG - 88

He ended up getting himself a nice little Anthony Davis snipe for 500 MT and on the same refresh. There was actually two opals for 500K MT, Hakeem and Michael Jordan that is crazy, and Anthony Davis for 260K. Three of them popped up at the same time and at least Jose got the most expensive one. 

Levi - SG/SF

Levi ended up sitting on the galaxy opal filter as well. He actually had to scroll three cards over and he still somehow executed and got the snipte. He ended up getting himself a nice little Steph Curry galaxy opal for 100K which is huge. Just try him out!

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