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Madden NFL 21 Best Stick Skills - How To Do Ball Carrier Moves Effectively?

2/12/2021 11:49:32 AM

In today's guides, we are going to teach you how to have the best stick in Madden NFL 21, namely how to do a few ball carrier moves that will really make a big difference in your gameplay that not many people are really running online. So AOEAH.COM - your professional Madden 21 coins seller will show you these ball carrier moves as well as describing them.

How To Get Best Ball Carrier Stick Skills In Madden 21?

Overall we got about five tips for you from Mayzomatic' Youtube Video, four of them are actual ball carrier moves and one of them is just a general rule of thumb when running the ball to help improve your stick. But before we get into any of that, we just want to be very clear if you have never been in practice mode, you can go out in offense only and just basically practice your stick moves as much as you want;  and if you've never taken you to know 10-15 minutes of just doing that in practice mode to get comfortable with these ball carrier moves before you run them online. 

1. Don't Accelerate Behind The Line of Scrimmage

The first tip is going to simply do not accelerate behind the line of scrimmage. When you're holding down R2 or Right Trigger, for some reason the defense takes better pursuit angles they get faster block sheds, they key in on your ball carrier much faster. Additionally, you're going to outrun your blocks if you accelerate too fast, and you're not going to have much control over your ball carrier and not going to have much agility or elusiveness. So when you're behind the line of scrimmage, do not accelerate. 

As you run the ball more just really practices, it might be counterintuitive you always want to accelerate, you know to get the most yardage. But a lot of times when you're running the ball patience is key, so wait to accelerate until you're past the line of scrimmage and you're in the open field. 

2. Use The Journal Moves Effectively

The first move we going over here is probably the most simple yet also most dangerous and that's the journal, this newly added move is very easy to do: you simply flip your Left Stick the side you're running to the other side and hurdle at the same time. This move is very effective in terms of flipping the change of direction.

If you just turn without journaling, it's not as dangerous but the entire defense is going to turn with you, they're going to easily track you down and change their pursuit angles; but if you journal for some reason, they don't react it takes them like a second to react. So the only time you would use the journal is when you're running and you have space between you and the defense, especially on picks and you just want to flip the field.

An issue is that a lot of people end up relying on the journal as they're like one ball carrier move and they use it all the time, and then you're going to fumble like multiple times a game from trying to journal too much. So just be careful when you're journaling. Again you would only do it if you're in the open field and there's not a man right in front of you, and you really need to make the whole team throw off their pursuit angle. 

Again if you want to practice this move just go into practice mode offense only and you can kind of just have the open field to journal and get a feel for how it works. You would only use this as a way to quickly change direction and kind of throw the defense off as opposed to using it as a replacement for a juke, and that's what a lot of people do. That's where this is going to be a pitfall is you don't want to journal too much.

3. Spin Move or Evasive Move Glitch

For the next move, you actually need spin cycle or evasive to activate. It's kind of like a spin glitch. 

This is a move that is a little bit more difficult to execute but if done right it can be very effective. Now again this move is going to be used probably more on stretches than runs up the middle, but if you are running the outside and you want to quickly you see a lot of defenders closing in on you, it's very easy to flip the field and kind of switch sides you're going, and again because this is a ball carrier move it's going to completely like to dumb out your defender. So it's going to be an easy way to flip the field on them

How to do this? You're going to basically press the Spin button, as you do a half circle with your Left Stick, so if you're running left half circle to the right; and you want to roll that Left Stick as you hit the Spin button. And it's going to be a great way to flip the field and kind of flip the direction you're running, so again if you're running stretch to the right and you see the defense is overly pursuing you to the right, there's nowhere to really go. Try this move out and it's going to flip you back to the left and because it's a ball carrier move it kind of dumbs out the defense, you are going to have a quicker advantage. This move can be very effective if used right so and you're probably going to want to use this more on outside runs like a toss or a stretch.

4. How To Do Double Juke Moves

Double juke was added back this year and this move is overpowered as hell, it might not look like it but this move dumbs out defenders even if they're right on you. If this is not a user-controlled player, it is going to dumb them out 10 out of 10 times. The double juke is you simply juke to the side you don't want to go to and then juke to the side you do. So if you are running to the left. you need to juke right, you are going to go left-right. A lot of times you use this if you are running up the middle. Realistically the double juke is the most versatile move and you can use it on outside runs inside. 

5. Most Advanced Tip: Stop and Go

The final move we want to go over is the stop and go and this one is probably the hardest to master. What you're going to do is: you're going stop and go every 10 yards. 

How To do it? So to stop and go, you basically let off acceleration slightly move your stick back, and then continue. Remember doing every 10 yards that are going to enable you to really get control of this topic. One thing you want to be careful about when doing this stop and go is moving your left stick too far back. So if you're trying to stop and you move the left stick too far back, it's going to like cut and you're stopping is going to be completely ruined. 

5 Tips For Stickwork & Ball Carrier Moves In Madden 21

So overall those are the five tips to having the best stick in Madden 21. We will go over them again briefly to review them for you: 

1. The first one is to never accelerate behind the line of scrimmage, you're only going to want to accelerate in the open field or when you have a hole in front of you, this is going to let you have the blocks develop in front of you better and almost guarantee more positive yardage, and basically be a patient runner; 

2. The next tip is how to use the journal - the journal I would only use to change direction quickly, if you have open space in front of you, we would advise against ever using it to replace a juke or to make one man miss or anything like that because you got to worry about fumbling with the journal that is something you should only do if you have zero risks of being hit the

3. The next move is this spin glitch or evasive glitch, it's kind of like this glitchy spin move that you can only do with spin cycle and you would use that on outside runs if you feel like your opponent is closing in on you, and they have really good angles on you, it's a great way to just completely switch the side of the field you're running to. You don't really have to worry about fumbling very much with this move because you're kind of taking a step back here and it's just a great way to flip the field.

4. If you feel like your opponent is closing in on you the fourth, and probably the best one is the double juke. Again you can use a double duke in just about every situation and it's going to completely dumb out the defender, so again if you got two or three guys closing on you just juke outside. The double juke is overpowered

5. The final and probably most advanced tip is the stop and go, just a slight little back on your left stick as you let go of acceleration and you're going to get that stop and go down if you can get. If you can master the stop and go and really master all of these tips, you're going have all-star stick and be unstoppable.

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