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Top 5 Useful FIFA 21 Skill Moves & Combos You Should Learn

1/14/2021 4:19:28 PM

There are various skill moves in FIFA 21, they are divided into five levels - one, two, three, four, and five stars - based on their difficulty to execute. Master these skill moves can help you get great advantages in FUT 21 competitions. Today, we shares you the FIFA 21 skill moves tutorial with 5 amazing pro skill moves & combinations to use in the game to surprise your opponent and simply outsmart his defense. 

Top 5 FIFA 21 Skill Moves You Should Learn 

1. Ball Roll + Sprint

It’s a very underrated move which is great to use here to just get away from the defender and get this small sprint boost. You can see that we're using this on the wing mainly just to cut in or to just simply get away from the defender, it is quite easy just a ball roll like we saw and then ball roll sprint, two steps once again we have ball roll sprint and we're going to use this mainly in the upside the direction to really get this sprint boost sensation. We can also use it towards the same way, it works fine as well. 

2. Canceled Shot

It is a very powerful move, but it's quite hard to do and this is really good to use in the box. To get this new chance for a shot maybe if there's some kind of obstacle in a way and just realize it in the last second you can just cancel the shot and get a completely new chance and a new angle, and also this will add a weird animation to the defender. Sometimes he will just thought to stumble and lose balance, it is really powerful to use in the box. You shoot and then cancel to cancel the buttons, this is l2 or 2 and then pick the direction with the left stick, so it looks like this shoot cancel and don't do this too early and don't do this too late because if you do this it's too late, he's just gonna take the shot instead, but always exit with the left stick otherwise it is not gonna work. If you just do like this he's just going to stop the ball, we have to also use the left stick .

3. Cancelled Mcgeady

It is a very powerful move as well and not so widely used but it's great to use. You're gonna cut inside but instead you just continue forward and animation is very powerful as well and the opponent will very easily hear and get fooled and this move is especially good with a faster skiller. If you do it with a forza scaler, the animation will be quite clumsy but if you do this with a five-star skiller he will get this drive back exit which is really powerful. So you are recommended this mainly with the 5 star skillers.  You must know how to do a better buzz pin or makita's pin just forward and right or left just to flick the right stick twice and then right after this motion you just cancel again with L2 or 2.

4. Canlcelled Croqueta 

It is one of the best moves in the game and this will involve the cancel feature, this is great to use to just get this extra angle and wide angle to croqueta because the normal one just goes straight forward. But with this one you can really get this wide exit which is really useful to use in many areas. First of all, on the wing it's just the cut in you can also go around the defender as well just make this 180 turn and also to get the angle for a shot in the box. It is really powerful and you must know how to do like a kiddo but you most likely know at this point it is a 4-star skill move just hold L1 and do this boba motion either left or right, and then after you make this you must cancel the move with the cancel feature L2 and R2. You gotta be quick and then also aim with the left stick towards the side exit angle all the time be quick. 

5. Drag To Drag + Croqueta

It is really good to use here on the wing to find this angle in the box and you can also right after making this motion, make a pass right away. It is very effective to find this a new passing lane into the striker and then just go for the finish and this is a 4-star move just out here to hold down L2 and make a fake shot and then also release the left stick. So L2 fake shot and release left stick to get this motion and then right after this into croqueta and the key to make this work is to learn how the tractor drag will exit, it will always make a 90 degree twist. So if you look towards the sideline with the shoulder towards the goal and make it, he will exit looking straight forward. But if he looks forward like this he will exit towards the side and with this knowledge it will be much easier to angle the following croqueta.

That’s the 5 best skill moves in FIFA 21 (collected from Youtube), hope these are useful to you! If you need cheap FUT Coins, aoeah offers a sufficient inventory of budget NBA 2K21 MT Coins with fast delivery and best service!

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