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Rocket League Frosty Fest Schedule, Items, Rewards, Golden Gift 2020, Limited Time Modes

12/15/2020 10:46:02 AM

This Monday evening, December 14th, the Christmas event in Rocket League has started! Psyonix brings the Frosty Fest to the players again at Christmas time, which of course provides you with various cosmetic items, golden gifts, and limited-time modes. 

For all newcomers who have started playing Rocket League since the big free-2 play switch in September, it's the first time it's been in competitive auto football. But regardless of your playing time, there are, of course, the same rewards for all players to get. Some of them, however, could already know veterans.

Frosty Fest Complete Schedule:

December 14, 9 a.m. PST (5 p.m. UTC): Frosty Fest begins with Winter Breakaway

December 21: Spike Rush returns

December 28: Heatseeker returns

January 4: Frosty Fest Ends

New Frosty Fest Items and Rewards

As in the last, the rewards are awarded via special event challenges, which you can find in the corresponding menu in the sidebar. This year's rewards include the Holiday Bow topper, the "Holiday Hearth" wheels and the brand new "Xmas Lights" decal, which even comes along animatedly.

In addition, the Golden Gifts return, where you can get items from the Accelerator, Elevation, and Triumph item series. In the Item Shop you will still find a free item called Mr. Floeberg. Throughout the Frosty Fest you will also receive the free Snowman Antenna.

Full list of Frosty Fest Items & the challenges required to complete:

Mr. Floeberg Antenna

Golden Gift (Play 20 Online Matches - Repeatable 5 Times)

Holiday Bow Topper (Gain 1 XP Level)

Sleigh Queen Player Title (Win One Game In A Snow Day Extra Modes Match)

Cold Sweater Player Banner (Play 3 Online Matches)

Cold Sweater Decal (Get 20 Clears in Online Matches)

Peppermint Wheel (Get 15 Goals, Assists, Or Saves in Online Matches)

Snowstorm Decal (Get 20 Shots on Goal in Online Matches)

Snowman Avatar Border (Get a Save and a Win in a Single Online Match)

Holiday Hearth Wheels (Get 20 Centers in Snow Day Extra Modes Matches)

Fireworks Boost (Get 20 Assists in Online Matches)

Xmas Lights Decal (Get 15 Saves or Epic Saves in Online Matches)

Full list of the possible items you can unlock from Golden Gift 2020:

Popcorn (Black Market Goal explosion)

Party Time (Black Market Goal explosion)

Hellfire (Black Market Goal explosion)

Fireworks (Black Market Goal explosion)

Solar Flare (Black Market Goal explosion)

Singularity (Black Market Goal explosion)

Atomizer (Black Market Goal explosion)

Toon (Black Market Goal explosion)

Storm Watch (Black Market Decal)

Wet Paint (Black Market Decal)

Mainframe (Black Market Decal)

Dissolver (Black Market Decal)

Clockwork (Exotic Wheels)

Hypnotik (Exotic Wheels) 

Chrono (Exotic Wheels)

Raijin (Exotic Wheels)

Gernot (Exotic Wheels)

REEVRB (Exotic Wheels)

Saptarishi (Import Wheels)

Finny (Import Wheels)

Kyrios (Import Wheels)

Power-Shot (Import Rocket boost)

Synthwave (Import Rocket boost)

Comet (Import Rocket boost)

Jäger 619 RS (Import Body)

Nimbus (Import Body)

Samurai (Import Body)

Ripped Comic (Very Rare Decal) 

Snakeskin (Very Rare Decal)

Dot Rush (Very Rare Decal)

Hot Rocks (Very Rare Trail)

EKG-OMG (Very Rare Trail)

Discotheque (Very Rare Trail) 

Gaiden (Very Rare Wheels)

Lightning (Very Rare Trail)

Bob's Ramen (Very Rare Player Banner)

Lift-Off (Very Rare Player Banner)

Yamane (Very Rare Wheels)

Sticker Bomb (Rare Decal)

Muddy (Rare Decal) 

Gigapede (Rare Decal)

Chainsaw (Rare Decal) 

Splatter (Rare Decal)

Critters (Rare Decal)

Retro Sun (Rare Decal)

Royal Tyrant (Rare Decal)

XVI (Rare Decal)

Rose King (Rare Decal)

Machina (Rare Decal)

NNTR (Rare Decal)

Lucky Stars (Rare Player Banner) 

Pearlescent (Rare Paint finish)

Dino (Rare Paint finish) 

If you don’t have much time to complete challenges for collecting these Frosty Fest rewards, no worries, AOEAH.COM have all these brand new Rocket League items for sale, as well as the Season 2 Rocket Pass Pro Items. 

Winter Breakaway and Limited Time Modes

Right at the start of Frosty Fest and until December 21, you can play the ice hockey mode Snow-free from the extra playlists at Throwback Stadium – the card with the real gates that SUPERSONIC ACROBATIC ROCKET POWERED BATTLE CARS (short: SSARPBC) already had to offer.

The Winter Breakaway mode will be replaced by Spike Rush on December 21, before Heatseeker takes over on December 28 – also on a snowy map, of course. After all, it's winter. On January 4, 2021, the Frosty Fest ends.

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