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Elden Ring DLC Best New Weapon & Build Ranking | Elden Ring DLC Tier List

6/7/2024 11:50:50 AM

Now it's time to review all the new weapon types introduced in the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. After extensively reviewing the DLC, we've decided to help you set your early game goals by focusing on which new weapons to prioritize in Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree. We explore different weapon types and provide example builds to enhance your gameplay in the early stages of the DLC.

Elden Ring DLC New Weapon & Build Tier List

There will be over 100 new weapons included in the Elden Ring DLC, with eight new distinct weapon types revealed - great katanas, jeweled shields, throne weapons, reverse grip swords, martial arts wraps, light greatswords, perfume bottles, and beast claws. The light greatswords in particular stood out visually as they are large swords that maintain agility. Other details about the new weapons include that the perfume bottles and throwing weapons do not require large amounts of FP to use like one might expect. In addition, some of the new weapons have unique attack animations triggered by ashes of war, like the leaping attack possible with the light greatswords. Players will also able to dual wield many of the new weapons to experiment with varied movesets and build options introduced in the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. Here we take an in-depth look at these new weapon types to help determine the best options to focus on for your early-game goals.


1. Great Katana

The Great Katana, despite its name, is quite distinct from the smaller, more agile katanas. However, its heavier weight aligns it more closely with the Curved Greatsword, such as the Bloodhound's Fang. The Great Katana features large, stylish movesets but is distinctly slower. If you favor heavier, more impactful weapons, this new category will likely appeal to you.

Recommended Build:

  • Level:150 (with potential to reach 200 using Godrick's Great Rune)

  • Key Stats: Vigor (50-60), Dexterity (80), Mind (20), Endurance (20), Faith (25)

  • Spells & Talismans: Ritual Sword Talisman, Lord of Blood's Exaltation, Shard of Alexander, Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

  • Spells: Bloodflame Blade, Golden Vow, Flame, Grant Me Strength

This build leverages the Great Katana's potential for causing bleed, enhancing it with buffs that increase both damage output and survivability.

2. Backhand Blade

The Backhand Blade stands out with its flashy, fast moveset. When dual-wielded, these blades offer incredible speed, making them ideal for status effect-heavy builds. The unique weapon art "Blind Spot" allows for agile defensive and offensive maneuvers, spinning 180° to strike an enemy from behind.

Recommended Build:

  • Primary Stats: Strength (focus on 50-60 at lower levels, up to 80 at higher levels), Arcane (for enhanced bleed procs)

  • Spells & Talismans: Blood Flame Blade, Kindred of Rot's Exaltation

  • Gear: Dual Beastman Curved Swords with Blood Affinity

This build is tailored for aggressive playstyles that capitalize on quick, successive hits to stack bleed effects rapidly.

3. Hand-to-Hand

Hand-to-Hand combat introduces a martial arts style that is incredibly versatile and distinct from other melee weapon categories. It combines speed and decent stance break capabilities, making it excellent for players who enjoy nimble, close-quarters combat.

Recommended Build:

  • Key Stats: Strength (30-40), Dexterity (40-50), Intelligence (40-45)

  • Spells & Talismans: Prince of Death's Staff (for synergistic spell casting), Magic Shrouding Tier, Intelligence Knot Tier

  • Spells: Comet, Magic Glintblade, Carian Slicer

This build is great for players who want a mix of physical and magical attacks, allowing flexibility in combat strategies.

4. Throwing Blade

Throwing Blades like the Smithscript Axe and Dagger introduce a ranged combat style that's distinct within the melee-focused arsenal of Elden Ring. These weapons are akin to using bows or crossbows but are designed to complement rather than define a build.

Recommended Build:

  • Primary Stats: Compatible with quality builds (balanced strength and dexterity)

  • Complementary Weapons: Quick axes or hammers to provide melee options

  • Strategy: Use as a supplementary ranged attack tool, not the primary weapon

This build is for players who enjoy versatility, allowing for effective ranged attacks while maintaining strong melee capabilities.

5. Beast Claws

The Beast Claws offer a unique and challenging playstyle with a steep learning curve. Unlike traditional claws in Elden Ring, these feature a dynamic and erratic moveset including aerial and slam attacks that can wreak havoc in PvP scenarios.

Recommended Build:

  • Primary Focus: Strength (utilize Godrick's Great Rune for stat boosts)

  • Key Talismans: Ure's Favor +2, Shard of Alexander

  • Armor: Omen Set (for maximum tankiness)

  • Strategy: Emphasize movement and weapon arts like Storm Kick to exploit enemy weaknesses.

6. Thrusting Shield

The Thrusting Shield combines offensive capability with defensive stability, allowing for attacks while remaining guarded. This weapon is ideal for players who prefer a balanced approach to combat, offering protection while executing thrust attacks.

Recommended Build:

  • Primary Stats: Dexterity (60), Faith (40)

  • Weapons: Vik's Warspear with the Fingerprint Stone Shield

  • Key Talismans: Great Jar's Arsenal, Clarifying Horn Charm +1

  • Spells: Golden Vow, Flame Grant Me Strength, Frenzy Burst

  • Armor: Royal Knight Set with BL's Armor for increased Focus resistance

This build applies the shield's defensive capabilities while enabling powerful counterattacks and maintaining high survivability.

7. Light Greatsword

Anticipated for its unique blend of speed and power, the Light Greatsword fills the niche between greatswords and straight swords. It offers a swift moveset with substantial damage output, making it a versatile choice for various combat scenarios.

Recommended Builds:

Build 1: High Damage and Speed

  • Weapon: Sword of Night and Flame

  • Key Talismans: Graven-Mass Talisman, Shard of Alexander

  • Spells: Golden Vow and Flame Grant Me Strength

  • Armor: Beast Champion Set with Brass Shield

Build 2: Status Effect Specialist

  • Weapon: Antspur Rapier with Sapuku and Poison Affinity

  • Key Talismans: Rotten Winged Sword Insignia, Kindred of Rot's Exaltation

  • Strategy: Utilize multiple status effects (poison, Scarlet rot, and bleed) to chip away at enemies while maintaining distance.

8. Perfume Bottle

Lastly, the Perfume Bottle stands out with its unique mechanism of applying effects through its attacks. Its style can be likened to certain ashes of war that produce big, sweeping effects, making it a strategic choice for altering battlefield conditions.

Recommended Build:

  • Primary Stats: Dexterity (60), Intelligence (60)

  • Weapon: Wing of Asel

  • Key Talismans: Graven-Mass Talisman, Shard of Alexander

  • Spells: Comet, Stars of Ruin, Magic Glintblade, Loretta's Mastery

  • Armor: Twin Sage Glintstone Crown (or Imp Head Cat for fewer drawbacks)

This build focuses on maximizing damage from intelligence-based attacks and weapon arts, providing both offensive and defensive capabilities.

This guide provides a starting point for players looking to maximize their effectiveness with the new weapons in Shadow of the Erdtree. Whether you prefer the heavy strikes of the Great Katana, the agility of the Backhand Blade, the rapid attacks of hand-to-hand combat weapons, or the strategic depth of the Throwing Blade, there's something here to suit every play style. Stay tuned for more weapons and builds updating here, where we will cover the Light Greatsword, Beast Claws, Perfume Bottles, and Thrusting Shields.

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