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FIFA 21 FUT Champions Winning Tips - How To Get More Wins In FUT 21 Weekend League

10/22/2020 3:28:13 AM

Weekend League is the toughest competition in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. Here are a few tips and tricks to start and win in FUT Champions.

FIFA 21 FUT Champions Weekend League Winning Tips

The Weekend League always takes place on the weekend and is the mode that can bring you the best rewards in Ultimate Team. In addition to FIFA 21 coins and packs, it also gives you player picks from a certain rank, in which you can get TOTW players for your team. However, the Weekend League is also pretty tough. You have a weekend to play 30 games. It usually starts at 8 am BST on Fridays and ends at the same time on Monday. The more wins you collect, the better your rewards will be in the end. 

Here are some tips on how to get through the Weekend League:

1. Always Play Concentrated in the Weekend League

In career mode or in Squad Battles you have already completely disassembled the AI, lead 3-0 and it is basically impossible to give up the game. Even in modes where every single victory may not count, you can sometimes let your concentration drag a little if it looks good. Then you look at your cell phone, listen to a message - whatever.

In FUT Champions, this can go very wrong. The opponents here are strong and even a 3-0 lead at the break does not mean that you will win. If you lose focus, the risk of still losing is high. And that only annoys you more for the next game. In the Weekend League, every single win counts for a lot. It is accordingly bitter to give up points that were believed to be safe.

Some players like to listen to music in the Weekend League to concentrate even better. Switching off the commentators also helps some to focus. However, this is ultimately a matter of taste.

2. Learn Some Useful Skill Moves

In the new FIFA, dribbling has great value. On the one hand, you can play your opponents with strong dribbles and at the same time hold the ball until your teammates are in good positions for a pass. Skill moves can be the surprising element that gives you just that little bit of space that you need. You don't even have to learn the super-blatant moves that require key combinations. It can also be done with little tricks.

  • - The ball roll is very effective for barely passing opponents and goalkeepers just before a duel. For the ball roll, you just have to push the stick sideways to your current direction of travel. 

  • - The "bridge" can also help. You just double-press R1 / RB and get a small speed boost that can get you past your opponent. 

  • - In addition, the new agile dribbling is also worthwhile to guide the ball close to the player and let opponents run into space. To do this, you just have to hold R1 and then move the left stick.

3. Pay Close Attention To Your Defense

In addition to dribbling, the first few days in FIFA 21 showed that passes in the run are currently very strong. The defense is quickly overwhelmed if you play good passes into the barrel of faster attackers. In addition, crosses are effective again - you shouldn't forget that after a year in FIFA 20 in which virtually no header goals were scored.

That is why: The defense must stand. Both dribblers and in-the-run sprinters can be intercepted if the defense is well-positioned. That is why it is worth trying to catch balls early, especially with midfielders. Pulling the central defender out of the back four opens up a lot of space that the opponent can use coldly.

Attacking the attacker aggressively with the central defender should only be attempted if you are absolutely certain that you can capture the ball. Because if the striker wins the duel, he is usually through and only has the keeper in front of him.

4. Get Used To a Formation and Team

This doesn't necessarily mean that you should play little rivals on the Saturday morning before the Weekend League - even if it can of course be worthwhile. Rather, it means that you should try to find a formation and team that suits you before the Weekend League.

Experimenting during the Weekend League can be more difficult than playing with a team where you know each player inside out and know a few routes by heart. However, if nothing works at all - then a little break can also be worthwhile during the weekend.

5. Take Breaks

The Weekend League is pretty full of 30 games, and when you have the time, the temptation is to tear down as many games as possible. But that can be a wrong approach.

If you are on a positive run, you can of course try to keep it going as long as possible. But with a negative run, you are tempted to “at least stop with a win”. That can go really wrong: You keep playing, lose your interest in playing and your concentration - and give up game after game. It is more advisable to draw a line and continue playing later.

It can even be worthwhile to just start again a day later. Some strong players pull through as many matches from front to back as possible. If you're lucky, you avoid them when you start later on the weekend. Then you just have to make sure that there is still enough time for the matches.

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