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FIFA 21 Trading Tips & Best Investment Guide - How to Earn FIFA 21 Coins Quickly

10/10/2020 12:21:40 AM

Here you will find the best FIFA 21 trading tips for the transfer market, and we will tell you how you to quickly earn FUT 21 coins to improve your team with strong players.

What is the FIFA 21 Transfer Market? You can find everything you need for your club on the Ultimate Team transfer market. There you can find the best players, contracts, chemistry styles and club items. This year you can also buy cosmetics for your own stadium on the market - after all, FUT will be a little more of a fantasy mode this year.

FIFA coins are traded, not FIFA Points. This is also important: The real money currency is used for packs and as draft currency, but not on the transfer market. You can also trade with the web app and the companion app before the release of FIFA 21.

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Trading Guide for Fast Coins On Transfer Market

What should be considered when trading in FUT transfer market? 

  • The different trading methods can flush you the necessary coins into the FUT account. However, you should realize that there is basically never a guaranteed profit. The market is volatile and promising trades can lose value in a very short time. In short: Just because a certain process has earned you a lot of FIFA 21 coins doesn't mean that it will do it again the next time you try.

  • Many player values are not only related to their pure values, but also to circumstances such as events or their use in SBCs. There are also meta-players who are better and worth more than their actual values suggest. Even from platform to platform, prices sometimes differ.

  • The Ultimate Team market is always changing. So if you want to trade successfully, you have to keep a close eye on the transfer market. Then the following methods can bring you a decent coin profit.

Important: don't forget the "EA fee". With transfers, you always have to expect 5% less. They are based on the prices of all cards that you sell on the transfer market. So if you sell a card for 10,000 coins, you will only get 9,500. You should also keep this in mind for the following methods.

Tip 1 - Trading with the FIFA 21 TOTW

How To Trade With TOTW Cards: Trading with the Team of the Week has proven to be quite reliable in recent years. These cards are only available in packs for one week, then they disappear from the pack pool.

TOTW cards are usually very valuable shortly after they appear. The TOTW always comes on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. - they are often the most expensive then and prices drop a little in the following days. But as soon as they have been replaced by the next TOTW, they can rise again. Because now they are only available on the transfer market.

So if you've pulled a good TOTW card from the pack when the first rush is over, it can be worth holding back the card a little and only throwing it on the market later.

TOTW trading with gold cards: The gold card method is based on speculation and is therefore somewhat unsafe. But it can bring you a lot of profit if it rises.

It works like this: If a real player gets a strong performance on the weekend, the likelihood of ending up in the TOTW increases. The highlight: If he receives a special card, his normal card disappears from the pack for this period and can no longer be drawn.

That means: If you notice a TOTW-worthy achievement, it can be worthwhile to grab the card. You keep it and watch whether the player lands in the TOTW. If this is the case, his gold card will also increase in value and you can sell it more expensive than you bought it.

If you have real football in mind, you have an advantage here. The footballer Wissam Ben Yedder, for example, scored a double and even announced that he would end up in the TOTW. Anyone who bought the card here during the game should be considered absolute trading professional.

But the TOTW Predictions can also show you who is eligible for a TOTW card. Here we keep you up to date on a weekly basis.

How high is the risk? Overall, the risk is manageable. If you got the card at an affordable price, you won't lose any money if you have to give it back just as cheaply. It looks different if you have already bought a card that is overpriced and can no longer get rid of it at the price. So be careful not to accidentally put too much money into a card.

Tip 2 - Trading with SBCs and Events

How SBC trading works: Just like TOTW trading, SBC trading is based on speculation. However, you don't have to follow real football here, you have to know the game and the community.

SBCs are challenges in which you can exchange teams for rewards. These can be packs, but also coins or strong player cards. This year, for example, the popular Icon SBCs are coming again, in which you can exchange teams for legends.

Some of these SBCs require very specific player cards. A good example is the league SBCs, in which you have to exchange entire teams from certain leagues. These SBCs are what can make you money.

An example: In FIFA 20, for example, there was the Paderborn SBC as part of the Bundesliga challenges. SC Paderborn consisted of many rare silver players - cards that are rarely drawn. Who opens silver packs? Since you had to force the Paderborn players for the SBC, they were damn expensive on the transfer market, even though they weren't that good.

So if you had a Paderborn player in the club, you could sell him really dearly. If you don't know something like that, you run the risk of simply selling it for the minimum price. So the rule is: keep an eye on the SBCs in FIFA 21!

What use are events to me? Many SBCs only show up at certain events. The Premier League POTM, for example, appears monthly and usually requires Premier League players. With that in mind, you can stock up on well-rated players in this league as long as they are cheap. If the POTM-SBC is there, the chances are good that you will get rid of your cards at a high price.

If a Bayern player becomes the Bundesliga POTM, it can be worthwhile to get Bayern players, as these will probably be needed in the SBC. Special event SBCs can also require very specific leagues and nationalities. Events usually start on Fridays at 7:00 p.m. So it is worthwhile to keep an eye on it and to get cheap players who will increase in price shortly afterwards.

Tip 3 - Snip and Flip In Transfer Market

How to get cheap players: At FIFA, “sniping” refers to the targeted purchase of players whose price is unusually low. The good thing: You basically don't need any prior knowledge from real football or the community.

An example of a successful snipe: Let's assume that a player you want currently costs 50,000 coins. You set your search filters on the market so that you can find the player below this price - for example for 45,000 coins. The deeper you go, the less likely it is that you will find the player at this price.

The crux of the matter is that you may not be the only one looking for this player for a cheap price. If an offer appears, it can be gone within seconds. So that you are the first to grab the player at the lowest price, the following procedure has proven itself:

  • - Set your filter, press search.

  • - Click away the message that appears if no card appears.

  • - If you don't get a card: Increase the maximum (bid) price with the shoulder buttons. The market offer is updated in this way and the method does not work without this step. You leave the buy-it-now price the same. Then keep looking.

  • - You repeat these steps until a card appears. If it doesn't work at all, try again at a different time or with a different card. Alternatively, you can raise the immediate price a little - but be careful not to exceed the worthwhile value.

What is flipping? The sale of well-snipped cards is called "flipping". For example, if you bought a Robert Lewandowski well below its value, you can sell it again at least at "normal value" - and make a lot of profit. Of course, it is even better if you can give it a little more than the normal price.

How high is the risk? Since you are explicitly looking for low-priced tickets, there is basically no risk. The more difficult thing is that you have a lot of competition. In the worst case, you simply won't get the card or it will be snatched right in front of your nose.

Tip 4 - Bulk Bidding Instead of Sniping

This is bulk bidding: Sniping aims for low instant prices that lead to success with a single bid. Bulk bidding is basically the opposite.

Here you first choose a suitable time when your player is cheap. If you want to bid massively on TOTW cards, this is by no means the Wednesday evening of the publication, for example, but rather one of the following days when the price drops slightly.

Now you are starting to bid on cheap copies of the player - and on as many of them as possible. Only a few of these bids are likely to go through, but it can happen that a player slips through - and ends up in your club at a particularly low price.

When is bulk bidding most lucrative? Bulk bidding is best when few other players are bidding. That means: Unpopular players can be more promising, but they also leave for a lower price.

One trick is to take advantage of maintenance work. It happens more often in the course of a season that the servers at FIFA go offline. If this is planned work, you can use this time period to submit mass bids shortly beforehand - the market continues. In the best case, you can grab a lot of bargains - provided that other traders do not use the same period of time.

Of course, there are plenty of other trading techniques that can give you a lot of coins in the club. But don't forget: Trading isn't everything in FIFA 21. First and foremost, the game should be fun on the pitch. Here we have put together a good team for you that can keep up in FUT right from the start. And you can get this team together without lots of coins.

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