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NBA 2K21 MyCareer Best Team To Choose - Best Archetypes and Positions According To Teams

9/21/2020 3:31:28 PM

Which team to choose on NBA 2K21 MyCareer? In NBA 2K21, it will often be difficult to choose your team well in the early hours. We will therefore advise you on the teams that could help you break through according to the position you would have chosen in MyCareer. 

Best Team To Choose For Each Position In NBA 2K21 MyCareer

One of the most popular modes for NBA 2K21 players is MyCareer, which allows you to develop your own player and decide your fate. In order to better understand the start of your career, we offer you a guide that will give you advice on the team to choose according to your position and the direction of your build. It should be noted that when a team is put in bold, it will be strongly recommended because you will manage to blend in perfectly with its composition. If your favorite play mode is MyTeam, surely cheap NBA 2K21 MT and NBA 2K21 VC from AOEAH.COM will impress you.

Which Team To Choose If You Play Point Guard in NBA 2K21?

  • Phoenix Suns - The Suns team is relatively weak in NBA 2K21 and you can often lose games. If you still want to pick the Suns, however, a shooting-oriented point guard will be a good option.

  • Miami Heat - The Heat are a great team and don't really need a point guard. You can still make this choice and take a build oriented on the organization of the game because your teammates are excellent shooters and finishers.

Which Team To Choose If You Play Shooting Guard in NBA 2K21?

  • Atlanta Hawks - Two positions are viable for the Hawks. Among them, we find the back position which will be an excellent choice in this team. So if you want to play backward, you have to focus on the volume of fire and the spot-up shots.

  • Brooklyn Nets - The Nets have a very good team. However, if you still want to play within this formation, a rear oriented on defense and organization in order to take full advantage of your teammates.

  • Dallas Mavericks - Again arguably one of the best destinations as a back. In this training, we advise you to orient yourself towards a hybrid rear/winger build that will allow you to be as good on scoring as on defense.

  • Denver Nuggets - This team has no real weaknesses and is relatively balanced. However, a very good back would do wonders in this formation to get you noticed by scoring as many points as possible.

  • Detroit Pistons - In this franchise, it is possible to take your place in three positions. We also advise you as a rear to orient yourself on a scorer build in order to best help your team.

  • Los Angeles Lakers - This team is dreamy and if you want to make a place for yourself, we advise you to play a rear oriented on the organization of the game in order to take full advantage of the enormous scorers of this team.

  • Milwaukee Bucks - Giannis is a beast and you should receive a ton of assistance from him. In order to get the full potential of this team, we recommend a very good back scorer.

  • Philadelphia 76ers - The 76ers need a scorer who can play defense. If you're going for a Steph Curry build, you should easily make your way into the workforce.

Which Team To Choose If You Play Small Forward in NBA 2K21?

  • Atlanta Hawks - The Hawks this year need a three-point shooter who can be very good defensively. So choose a winger build focused on these two points.

  • Chicago Bulls - Without doubt one of the formations which will be the most pleasant to play. If you want to integrate into this franchise, take a winger oriented on the organization of the game and who will play his teammates because this team has very good scorers.

  • Detroit Pistons - As with the rear, a winger who plays on organization and can score is a very good choice in the Pistons.

  • Indiana Pacers - This team is really well organized and handles rebounds and defense well, so a versatile winger who can score both in the racket and in three points is a good choice.

  • Oklahoma City - Thunder A defensive end can work wonders on this team and allows the team's transition to be balanced defensively on both wings.

  • Orlando Magic - In the Magic, a winger focused on organization and scoring can be a good choice to bet on the strengths of this team.

  • Toronto Raptors - The reigning NBA champions have a great team but can still be improved with a winger specializing in three-pointers and defense.

Which Team To Choose If You Play Power Forward in NBA 2K21?

  • Houston Rockets - In the Rockets if you play a strong defensive end who manages the defensive rebounds perfectly, you will quickly start in the squad.

  • Miami Heat - If you play a strong Stretch Four winger who enjoys long distance shoots and fadeaways, you should be the perfect addition to the roster.

  • Utah Jazz - Like the Heat, the Jazz need a strong Stretch Four winger who is also good on rebounds and blocking.

Which Team To Choose If You Play Center in NBA 2K21?

  • Boston Celtics - The Celtics have very good scorers but are perhaps a little weak defensively. A hyper defensive pivot can therefore do a great job in this franchise.

  • Detroit Pistons - Another viable position within the Pistons is the Pivot. If you choose a rebound-oriented build, you will quickly find yourself a starting place in the workforce.

  • Golden State Warriors - Golden State, runner-up last year, has an excellent roster which can be improved with a pivot having a defensive spirit.

  • Houston Rockets - Besides the strong defensive rebound oriented winger, such a good pivot on both offensive and defensive rebounds could also be a very good option.

  • Los Angeles Clippers - If you want a ton of wins with this great team, adding a defensive hub is a great choice.

  • San Antonio Spurs - Within the Spurs, an all-around pivot would work wonders in training and could also secure you a starting place.

Finally, we remind you that NBA 2K21 has been available since September 4 on PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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