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NBA 2K21 Virtual Currency Farming Guide: How To Fast Get VC For Free?

9/8/2020 2:47:29 PM

In this guide, find the useful tips for getting virtual currency for free in NBA 2K21 or if you absolutely want to buy them, how to get them at the cheapest prices.

What is NBA 2K21 VC?

In NBA 2K21, the virtual currency called VC is the sinews of war. Similar to NBA 2K21 MT, this currency allows you to purchase various things from the in-game store, such as attributes for your player, uniforms and equipment, clothing, and animations that equip your character with new skills. VC can be used to purchase packs in MyTeam, as well as to allow you to upgrade your MyCareer / The Neighborhood character in NBA 2K21. This is extremely important, especially if you plan to dominate at 2K Beach. 

How To Get NBA 2K21 VC for Free?

So how do you quickly earn VC in NBA 2K21? Let's go over some quick tips: 

1. The first method is simply to play, you will get some as you progress in the game no matter what mode you want to play.

2. The second way is to play matches online and progress in MyCareer by playing online as well. Finally, by being online, you can also earn additional VC by playing via the MyNBA2K21 application (available on iOS and Android) which will be credited once you link your mobile services to your machine (PC or consoles). By logging into the app every day, you will receive it for free.

3. The third solution may be to wait for a code that will offer you free VC via the locker codes.

Finally, the last way is semi-free since it will depend on the edition you have chosen in order to enjoy NBA 2K21:

  • - The standard edition will give you 5,000 VC,

  • - And the legend edition will credit you with 100,000 VC.

Buy NBA 2K21 VC At The Cheapest Prices On AOEAH.COM

Finally, we will detail below how much you can get from VC from in-game store depending on the price you plan to pay for it: 

5,000 VC - 1.99 euros

15,000 VC - 4.99 euros

35,000 VC - 9.99 euros

75,000 VC - 19.99 euros

200,000 VC - 49.99 euros

450,000 VC - 99.99 euros

So if you want to spend real money for buying NBA 2K21 VC and MT Coins, AOEAH.COM could be the best place to buy, as we offer a much cheaper price than the in-game stores:


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