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Top 10 POE 3.23 Affliction League Starter Builds | Path of Exile 3.23 Best Builds

12/1/2023 12:20:44 AM

Affliction League is going to kick off in the game with the Path of Exile 3.23 update, here we go over the top 10 strong meta build options that will be good league starters for the new league, as well as powerful endgame builds to transition to later on.

PoE 3.23 Best Builds - Top 10 Budget League Starter Builds for Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction

The upcoming Path of Exile 3.23 Affliction League is generating a lot of excitement among players, especially when it comes to choosing the best league starter builds. While specific details about the mechanics and content of the league are still speculative, there are some interesting theories and builds that have emerged from the community. One theory revolves around the Transcendence Keystone, inspired by the Molten Strike Pathfinder from the HC Trade League at Trial of the Ancestors. This build focuses on maximizing elemental resistance while utilizing various layers of defense. Despite the drawback of a low maximum elemental resistance, the build incorporates items like Lightning Coil, Dawnbreaker, and Eternal Damnation to mitigate damage and provide elemental damage reduction. Another aspect to consider is Elemental Penetration, which can be a dangerous modifier found in Delve mines and nodes. The lower the resistance of the target, the less effective the penetration will be. This means that scaling armor and maximum elemental resistance should be carefully balanced, depending on the build and the content being tackled.

In terms of specific league starter builds for the Affliction League, here are some meta PoE 3.23 league starter choices:

1. Splitting Steel Champion

The benefits of playing a Splitting Steel Champion in Path of Exile 3.23 league include strong single-target damage, good clear speed, and excellent survivability. The Champion ascendancy provides a balance of offense and defense, making it a well-rounded choice for players. Splitting Steel is the primary source of damage for this build, offering both melee strikes and projectiles that can hit multiple targets. The build also benefits from the defensive scaling granted by Perseverance, which rewards investing in defense as much as offense. Additionally, the Champion's defensive layers, such as Determination, Grace, and the Defiance Banner, provide increased evasion and armor, making the character tanky. The build also utilizes Molten Shell and Vaal Molten Shell for burst damage mitigation, Assassin's Mark for extra damage and power charges, and Withering Step for additional defense and movement speed. Overall, the Splitting Steel Champion offers a versatile and powerful playstyle for both clearing maps and taking on tough bosses.

2 - Tornado Shot Deadeye

Tornado Shot Deadeye is a great league starter for PoE 3.23 because it has excellent clear speed and damage thanks to the Deadeye ascendancy providing tailwind and extra projectiles. The guide covers optimized leveling with Galvanic Arrow, Rain of Arrows, and Artillery Ballista for smooth progression. With high movement speed from the tree and flasks, and a strong rare bow, it can comfortably clear through early maps. Endgame options include crit scaling, omniscience, or phys-to-cold conversion for high damage. Overall, Tornado Shot Deadeye is a fast, fun, and powerful league starter that can scale into endgame with investment.

3 - Ethereal Knives Poison Pathfinder

The Ethereal Knives Poison Ascendant build is a great league starter for PoE 3.23 because it combines high damage and survivability. With Abyss jewel stacking, Petrified Blood, and key ascendancy nodes like Overwhelm, Mastermind of Discord, and Master Toxicist, it has strong life scaling, increased effective HP, crit bonuses, penetration, ailment immunity, and flask buffs. The flexible phys spell choices of EK and Storm Burst provide excellent clear and single target DPS. Once geared with the right uniques, rares, and abyss jewels, the build really takes off with its versatile offensive and defensive layers. The mechanics take some learning but overall it is a powerful, well-rounded league starter.

4 - Toxic Rain Raider/Pathfinder

Toxic Rain Raider/Pathfinder is a great league starter for PoE 3.23 because it has strong clear speed and damage thanks to high attack speed and multiple ballista totems. The Raider ascendancy provides onslaught and phasing for speed, while Pathfinder grants strong flask buffs for defense and damage. Both versions are tanky with high evasion and spell suppression. With Mirage Archer support automating the main skill, the playstyle is smooth and relaxed. Starting from a 4-link unique bow like Quill Rain, Toxic Rain scales well on a budget up to endgame. The skill handles all map mods and most bosses comfortably. Overall, Toxic Rain Raider/Pathfinder is a well-rounded, beginner friendly build with excellent league start potential.

5 - Cold DoT Elementalist

The Cold DoT Elementalist is a strong choice for a 3.23 league starter build because it has very good clear speed and damage over time for all league content starting from the beginning. As an Elementalist, it has good survivability from ascendancy bonuses like elemental reflect immunity and a damage absorbing shield. It has smooth leveling and can reach red maps easily on a four link. The playstyle of placing chilling ground with skills like Vortex and Creeping Frost allows killing enemies easily while moving. It also transitions well into the endgame with options like Skin of the Lords and Coward's Legacy for big damage increases. Overall it is a great all-around build that can do all content on a budget, making it an excellent league starter choice for 3.23.

6 - Corrupting Fever Champion

Corrupting Fever Champion is a great PoE 3.23 league starter because it has excellent clear speed and movement speed, very good survivability through high chaos resistance, life regeneration, and defenses like armor, evasion, and spell block. It has a smooth gear progression, uses affordable uniques like Haemophilia and The Poet's Pen, and relies on damage over time which is strong for league start. The playstyle is smooth, requiring mostly just Kinetic Blast for clearing, and the build transitions well into endgame. With high speed, tankiness, and easy scaling, Corrupting Fever Champion excels as a league starter.

7 - Boneshatter Jugg/Slayer

Boneshatter Jugg/Slayer have very low skill and gear requirements to get started, allowing players to clear content on a budget right from the beginning of the new league. Both builds utilize the Boneshatter skill which provides excellent clearing ability through explosions and increased damage via its Trauma mechanic. Juggernaut further enhances this through immense armor and resistance to disables, while Slayer gains significant leech and culling to counteract Trauma damage. Either ascendancy option provides strong defense, speedy mapping, and decent bossing capabilities making them well-rounded choices for players to effective engage with Path of Exile's new content right from the start of the league.

8 - Righteous Fire Inquisitor/Jugg/Chieftain

All three Righteous Fire builds leverage the Righteous Fire skill to provide excellent clearing ability, dissolving large packs of enemies with sustained fire damage over time. Juggernaut excels through immense inherent armor and defense, Chieftain grants strong fire immunity and regeneration, while Inquisitor offers powerful offensive options. Whichever class is chosen, Righteous Fire allows farming endgame content effectively with modest investment. The builds prove flexible in both life-based and hybrid variants, survive difficult scenarios through defense-layering, and offer smooth progression questing through red maps - making any of these fire-themed starters a reliable option for players to efficiently engage new leagues.

9 - Seismic Trap Saboteur

The Seismic Trap Saboteur build is considered a top choice for a PoE 3.23 league starter due to its powerful boss-killing capability, courtesy of the Seismic Trap's multiple poison applications and wave attacks that quickly ramp up damage. Despite nerfs, the build remains highly competitive in terms of damage output and survivability. It is easy to gear up for new and veteran players alike, needing only modest gear for even the toughest non-uber content, which makes it accessible and efficient for league progression. Additionally, the build uses Exsanguinate traps for efficient clearing of packs, contributing to its overall effectiveness and versatility in various game scenarios.

10 - Lightning Arrow Deadeye

The Lightning Arrow Deadeye is an excellent choice for a PoE 3.23 league starter due to its powerful combination of speed and damage, which allows for swift progression through maps and the campaign. The build excels at mapping, offering great clear speed due to its ability to fire multiple projectiles that Chain between enemies, and is efficient even on a moderate budget. It incorporates a mix of damage-boosting and defensive auras, utilizes Far Shot for increased damage at range, and benefits from the Deadeye Ascendancy's bonuses to projectiles and Marks, enhancing both mobility and attack capabilities. While it has high DPS for clearing, it also addresses single-target needs with skills like Artillery Ballista and Sniper's Mark, making it a versatile and effective build for new league content.

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