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Top 3 Best POE 3.21 Chaos Builds 2023 - Toxic Rain Raider, Essence Drain, Poison SRS Guardian Crucible League Build

7/22/2023 5:01:18 PM
Tag: POE Builds

Path of Exile offers a plethora of options for chaos-focused builds, each with its own unique playstyle and strengths. In this article, we delve into the realm of chaos and highlight some of the best chaos builds in Path of Exile's 3.21 Crucible League, allowing players to unleash the full potential of this dark and potent force.

#1. POE 3.21 Best Chaos-Themed Build - Essence Drain Build

With a classic chaos build that is great for beginners, we are talking about the Essence Drainer Occultist with the witch class. The Essence Drain build is a popular choice for those seeking chaos damage dominance. This build revolves around the Essence Drain spell, which unleashes a projectile that deals chaos damage over time and spreads to nearby enemies through Contagion. The synergy between these two skills allows for rapid clearing of large groups, making it an excellent choice for clearing maps efficiently.

Pros & Cons

+ Cheap 

Very tanky

Great clear speed with contagion

Safe gameplay

Excellent starter

Easy to build

No mandatory unique

Easy to get max chaos resistance

High evasion

High chance to suppress spell damage

Big health pool

Huge life regeneration

- Needs high investment to scale boss damage

- No life or mana leech


  • Unique Armor: Carcass Jack

  • Unique Weapon: Cane of Unravelling

  • Unique Helmet: The Brine Crown

  • Unique Boots: Atziri Step


  • 1. Void Beacon

  • 2. Withering Presence

  • 3. Malediction

  • 4. Vile Bastion

- As for budget, this build is very cheap, you can get the destroying early in game maps with only around 35 Chaos Orb s. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, you need to invest around 100 Chaos Orb s. And for easily completing your atlas, it's recommended to invest around four Divine Orb s. But you can totally do it with less.

- For clear speed, give this build 10/10. When you get a high area of effect on your Contagion, you kill enemies way beyond your sight with only one cast.

- The boss damage on the other hand is a 7/10. It will take longer than usual to kill Guardians and Pinnacle bosses. But you have no problems whatsoever with the regular ones.

- For the survivability, give it 9/10. This build comes with over a 100,000 effective HP because of high armor, high evasion and spell suppression, max chaos resistance, amazing life regeneration and even a little of block chance.

#2. Path of Exile Crucible League Chaos Build 2023 - Poison SRS Guardian Build

Next, we have one for the minion lovers out there, the Poison Raging Spirits Guardian with the Templar class. This build holds great potential. Embracing the deadly combination of poison and Raging Spirits, it allows players to summon an army of toxic spirits that wreak havoc on enemies.

Pros & Cons

+ Safe gameplay

Amazing boss damage

Great clear speed

Currency farming

Easy leveling

Easy to play

High armour

High block chance

High life regeneration

- Little evasion

- Can’t leech life or mana

- Spirits need to be casted all the time


  • Unique Armor: The Covenant Spidersilk Robe

  • Unique Weapon: United in Dream Cutlass

  • Unique Helmet: Ancient Skull Bone Helmet 

  • Unique Belt: Darkness Enthroned Stygian Vise


  • 1. Radiant Crusade

  • 2. Unwavering Crusade

  • 3. Bastion of Hope

  • 4. Time of Need

- For budget, this build will need at least 10 Divine Orb s. 

- For clear speed, give it 9/10. even though we have many fast minions that destroy everything in seconds, they have a short duration and need to be re-summoned often. 

- The boss damage deserves 10/10, you easily end up with over 30 million DPS that's more than enough to decimate every boss in the game. 

- For the survivability, give it 10/10. As a minion build, you already stay far from danger, but with this one, you also count with the many defensive layers from the guardian ascendancy, this grants over a hundred thousand effective HP.

#3. Best POE 3.21 Toxic Rain Raider Build for Crucible League 2023

Path of Exile's 3.21 brings forth an exciting opportunity for players to embrace chaos and destruction with the Toxic Rain Raider build. This versatile and deadly build revolves around the skill Toxic Rain, combining rapid-fire arrow barrages with debilitating poison damage over time.

Pros & Cons

+ Cheap

Very tanky

High evasion and armour

100% chance to suppress spell damage

Huge boss damage

Fast clear speed

Awesome currency and map farmer

- Has mana issues without mana rings


  • Unique Bow: Quill Rain

  • Unique Armor: Cherrubim’s Maleficence

  • Unique Helmet: Starkonja’s Head

  • Unique Boots: Atziri’s Step


  • 1. Rapid Assault

  • 2. Way of the Poacher

  • 3. Avatar of the Chase

  • 4. Avatar of the Slaughter

- As for budget, you can get the destroying early in game maps with only around 100 Chaos Orb s. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, you need to invest around 150 Chaos Orb s. And for easily completing your atlas, investing around 4 Divine Orb s. But you can totally do it with less.

- For clear speed, this build gets 9/10. As a Raider, you have a lot of movement and attack speed. Also, you only need to deploy the pods once and they will drain surrounding the enemies and granting a smooth gameplay.

- For the boss damage, it also gets 9/10. Combining your strength with Toxic Ring totems, bosses were just drowning in countless spots. Even the biggest ones are going to melt like butter before your eyes. 

- For the survivability, give it 9 /10. This is because this build has high evasion, high armor and spell suppression. Above all of that, you can also use Toxic Rain from a safe distance and its pods heavily slow down enemies.

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