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Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tier List (Updated) - Best Tanks Healers Melee & Ranged DPS In Season 2 M+

5/18/2023 5:46:08 PM

Blizzard nerfed more problems and more out-of-tune bosses in World of Warcraft Dragonflight Mythic+. Now almost at the end of the first week of Mythic+, it's time to go and take a look at how exactly Mythic plus has gone in this first week. Check our updated Dragonflight 10.1 M+ tanks healers melee and ranged DPS tier list and rankings!

WOW Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Tier List & Ranking - Best Tanks, Healers, Melee & Ranged DPS In Season 2

We’re going to see which specs have been going into Mythic+ which have been going well which have been popular or what kind of meta might we be seeing starting to take place in this new season. We can make the usual disclaimers, For many of these specs, the majority of the players don't have a two-piece set bonus, and even more. So they don't have a four-piece set bonus. so things are still bound to change a lot based on the power that players will get from the tier. In the first week, these are the results of the Dragonflight season 2 Mythic+ tier list.


Dragonflight 10.1 Tanks Tier List M+

All Levels

1. Paladin (39.5%)

2. Warrior (15.8%)

3. Death Knight (14.8%)

4. Demon Hunter (10.5%)

5. Druid (10.1%)

6. Monk (9.2%)

Starting from the tanks because the tanks are the least impressive in the sense that we knew this was going to happen. We have Protection Paladin taking the attention in Dragonflight season 2 Mythic+ tier list starting from all key levels. Even with players much less interested in pushing very high Keys, even with players much less interested in being very competitive in Mythic plus, we still see right from week one, almost 40% of all tanks in with the class being Protection Paladins. That is already quite the jump quite and the very heavy start leaning towards Prot Paladin. This is the situation at all key levels.


Level 20 & Up

1. Paladin (48.5%)

2. Death Knight (17.9%)

3. Monk (11.7%)

4. Demon Hunter (9%)

5. Warrior (7.5%)

Once you start going into the higher Keys, plus 20 key range, Protection Paladin jumps to almost 50%. So almost half of the tanks, you will find at that level will be Protection Paladin. Blood DK is the second most popular, this was also expected. Perhaps less expected is to see Brewmaster Monk also quite high on this Dragonflight 10.1 M+ tank tier list. Because given the buffs that were given before the patch and the power of the tier sets, we were assuming Vengeance Demon Hunter was quite good. But for now, Mistweaver Monk is the way to go as the third tank, a much bigger fall from Protection Warrior which used to have a very powerful start in season 1. Now it's actually battling not to be last below Guardian Druid.


Dragonflight 10.1 Healers Tier List M+

All Levels

1. Shaman (22.5%)

2. Druid (22.0%)

3. Priest (14.1% 11.2%)

4. Evoker (13.1%)

5. Priest (11.2%)

6. Paladin (10.6%)

7. Monk (6.5%)

The sad end for healers isn't nearly as bad for Preservation Evoker. They did start similarly to Protection Warrior as the dominant pick in season 1. You can see in all key levels, there is a change. Now it is split between Restoration Shaman, and Restoration Druid. They are basically replicating the situation of season 1 except Shaman has taken the place of Evoker. Now Evoker is in the average third Dragonflight season 2 best tank option next to Discipline Priest. This situation gets a bit more lopsided once you get into the high-key level.


Level 20 & Up

1. Shaman (27.4%)

2. Druid (18.6 %)

3. Evoker (14.8%)

4. Paladin (13.0%)

5. Priest (13.7% 9.8%)

6. Priest (9.8%)

7. Monk (3.6%)

We still have Restoration Shaman first and Druid second on this Dragonflight Season 2 M+ Healer tier list, but the Gap is larger. Shaman is more prevalent. The third place stays for Evoker, they are keeping up at the moment above Discipline and above Holy Paladin. Meanwhile, Mistweaver Monk is dead in the water of course as usual. Mistweaver Monk has received approximately 74 buffs. Before the release of the season, they have gotten buffs to the tier set as well and nobody cares because nobody plays Mistweaver Monk right now. It will be interesting to see amongst the more played specs like Shaman, Druid, Evoker, Discipline, and even Holy Paladin how things are going to move around once the specs gain the tier. In particular, the ones who are not very high up right now, but who do have a stronger tier than their opposition.


Dragonflight 10.1 Melee DPS Tier List M+

All Levels

1. Paladin (25.1%)

2. Warrior (12.2%)

3. Demon Hunter (12.0%)

4. Shaman (6.3%)

5. Monk (7.4%)

6. Rogue (7.3%)

7. Death Knight (6.3%)

8. Warrior (5.7%)

9. Druid (4.8%)

10. Hunter (2.4%)

11. Death Knight (2.1%)

12. Rogue (1.4%)

Ret Paladin is far ahead the largest and most played spec overall out of all the key levels. Pet Paladin is the largest popularity of a single spec in the melee DPS category at the start of a season being 25 being one-fourth out of all of the picks. When you have at your disposal 13 different specs and you have 25% of the share as a single spec is huge. All key levels is when the more casual players the more non-habitual Mythic plus player join in and Ret Paladin still is that popular at that level.


Level 20 & Up

1. Paladin (20.2%)

2. Rogue (16.1%)

3. Demon Hunter (14.4%)

4. Warrior (12.9%)

5. Shaman (10.0%)

6. Monk (8.2%)

7. Death Knight (5.5%)

8. Rogue (5.2%)

9. Druid (3.3%)

10. Warrior (2.4%)

11. Hunter (1.1%)

12. Rogue (0.5%)

13. Death Knight (0.3%)

The situation gets a bit more balanced once we jump into the actual competitive side of meeting 20 plus keys. You do see Retribution Paladin still being the most popular but there are plenty of other melee specs now being more valuable. You have Fury, Subtlety, Enhancement, and Havoc Demon Hunter as options in Mythic+. You need a bloodlust in your Paladin and at the moment, Survival is super dead so you're not getting bloodlust from Survival. Enhancement Shaman at the moment is behind four other specs to be part of a group. So right now you're a source of bloodlust is still residing on your healer.


Dragonflight 10.1 Ranged DPS Tier List M+

All Levels

1. Hunter (14.3%)

2. Priest (14.2%)

3. Warlock (11.4%)

4. Hunter (11.2%)

5. Warlock (9.8%)

6. Evoker (9.5%)

7. Mage (8.2%)

8. Druid (8.0%)

9. Shaman (5.1%)

10. Mage (4.8%)

11. Mage (2.2%)

12. Warlock (1.2%)

Dragonflight 10.1 M+ Range DPS ranking is the most similar to season 1 because we have very popular Hunters as usual we also have a very popular buffed Shadow Priest. Even after the rework which has pissed off a few Shadow Priest players because the spec hasn't really gotten any more powerful or any better or smoother to play but is still just doing fine. Also we have Warlocks, Destruction, and Demo doing very well as well as a decent presence of balance as well as Devastation Evoker and Frost Mage. There are a variety of options available for the range DPS at all key levels.


Level 20 & Up

1. Priest (18.7%)

2. Warlock (15.9%)

3. Druid (12.2%)

4. Hunter (12.0%)

5. Evoker (8.8%)

6. Warlock (8.1%)

7. Mage (7.8%)

8. Mage (5.4%)

9. Mage (4.3%)

10. Hunter (3.6%)

11. Shaman (3.0%)

12. Warlock (0.1%)

As you move things up to be more competitive, the popularity of Beast Mastery drops in favor of Marksmanship. Shadow Priest becomes even more relevant in high keys. All of the Mages drop over the the all key levels whereas Destruction Warlock gains even more. Now Destruction tries to gap the difference with Shadow Priest as well as Balanced Druid gaining a little bit more and Devastation is more or less the same as before. Back to the original problem of bloodlust in your party, Survival won't give you bloodlust. Enhancement Shaman is also not going to be part of too many groups giving a bloodlust. Elemental shaman is of course dead in the water. Mages are not nearly as popular as well as Devastation Evoker is behind at least three other specs. So the only possible spec is in here to give you bloodlust at a pretty annoying cost which is Marksmanship Hunter having to pull out their pet to do it.


Tier Set Bonuses For Dragonflight Season 2

All of the specs are going to be gaining their four-piece set bonus from season 2. When it to tanks, nothing really should change the power value of the tanks. Protection Paladin should still be easy first. 

When it comes to healers, it's a bit harder to gauge. As we mentioned there are plenty of more powerful tier sets than the tier set that Restoration Shaman will gain. Restoration Shaman overall has amongst the weakest of the tier sets, so the other healers might be more likely to gain power. If they remain gated by not having bloodlust that's really not going to change too much.


As for the melee DPS. The first one in line is Ret Paladin and the tier set gain of Ret Paladin from swapping your season 1 tier set into your season 2 tier set is negligible. It's basically a couple of percentage of damage increase, so it's not really going to get any stronger than this. However, it's not that the other specs are gaining that much more power. The only one that is somewhat possibly growing is Fury because Fury has the best four-piece set bonus out of all of the currently powerful DPS specs in M+. Unholy Death Knight is good but there is a problem, Unholy is at the moment far below the rest of the picks and also it's a better choice for raid for coordinated big burst cooldowns once in a while and not nearly as valuable in Mythic plus. So the melee DPS should not change too much either.


When it comes to the range DPS, the number one at the moment is Shadow Priest, and the Shadow Priest four piece tier bonus is average. It's decent by itself but compared to the season one tier set that they are replacing, it's barely even a damage gain. Meanwhile, there are other specs that actually do gain a significant amount of damage from their four piece set bonus, even while replacing their own older set bonus. Number one Demonology Warlock is getting quite stronger once they get their hands on the four-piece. Balanced Druid also gets stronger than Shadow Priest once they get their tier set bonus. You have Arcane Mage getting stronger and lastly one of the larger gains is going to be for Devastation Evoker. All of these specs are going to be gaining 3-6% more damage over Shadow Priest in the next few weeks whenever they get their tier set bonuses. So that is what might change in the near future.

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