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WoW Dragonflight 10.1 M+ DPS Tier List - Best DPS Specs Ranking for Mythic+ in Dragonflight Season 2

4/19/2023 11:46:21 AM

WoW Dragonflight Path 10.1 is almost here and the new season will start then we're going to have some proper numbers but until then we have predictions for all of DPS ranking including ranged and melee specs. 

WoW Dragonflight 10.1 Season 2 M+ Ranged & Melee DPS Tier List

These types of predictions obviously are all very speculative, it doesn't mean that this will be reflective 100% of how the meta will actually look in season 2 of Dragonflight, but we did take all of our information from testing it on the PTR, looking at whatever logs they were available talking with like different Theory crafters and high-end players, and so on. 

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1 - Retribution Paladin (S Tier)

A lot of people will say that Retribution Paladin is broken, the rework just busted the class all over the place. Ret Paladin packed up with its damage profile and the rework and the tier set (applying judgment all over the place could be a very good thing). Note to mention that they have an implant on the PTR or the actual Nerf 3% Aura and all of that. Even with that on AOE, Ret Paladins are going to be amazing. We've looked at both raids, Retribution Paladin just seems to do a lot of damage and obviously, the machine plays a little bit more and has a little bit of depth, but at the end of the day some people just care about the damage, and sometimes. Definitely, you're going to want Retribution Paladin with passive healing and this is not biased at all, but judging from everything that we've seen and looked at, Retribution Paladin is probably the best DPS in Mythic+ of Season 2. 

2 - Demonology Warlock (S Tier)

Demonology Warlock will get one of the best tier set designs where you can just reduce the cooldown. Warlocks have an issue with matching their coolers together, they have different durations, but now we can reduce its cooldown by just playing it, and you can actually get them to match and you'll have big turns every one and a half minutes not to mention, you have big AOE burst with implosion that's almost really accessible. It's a very self-reliant spec, you're not shoehorned into like infernal Windows, or having the tank keep things on the same pack, or having to ramp AOE damage. 

3 - Havoc Demon Hunter (A Tier)

Now we are looking at like a top melee DPS spec and it's probably going to be a top melee DPS  on Dragonflight 10.1 Season 2. The damage numbers of Havoc Demon Hunter although are very subject to tuning and they're still pretty high up there overall the spec is super strong and it doesn't seem impactful changes to get us worried about it is going to fall off. Obviously, the tier set is definitely a bonus secret and they keep adjusting it, we have seen Buffs on Eye Beam. And to the amount of fuel you need to consume to activate the bonus, Eye Beam is definitely one of the better single Target abilities that you have obviously - it hits AOE and does a lot of single-target damage. What's more, rate performances will have a clock and you can probably sometimes see that on tyrannical bosses. However with the focus on the Currency you set it that might actually change. So we think it's just a really good design spec for M+ and predict this is going to be an A Tier.

4 - Devastation Evoker (A Tier)

The rework of Devastation Evoker definitely came after the tier set has been announced and it does address a lot of the AOE things that Devastation can do, not too many of the single targets so it still feels like the position will have the issue on tyrannical bosses and the overall soon cycle which is not that big of a problem in dungeons. However, with the changes in the AOE and the improvement of the system, we feel the decision Devastation Evoker will be even better next season which is probably what you want from a new class. For sure, it definitely feels like they will have more AOE options. And at least you know for keys where you are required to like to do less single Target and more AOE, this will definitely be a bumper, so we think Devastation Evoker would be for a tier. 

5 - Beast Master Hunter (A Tier)

Beast Master Hunter was renowned for its single Target, can it do the same thing in 10.1 while adding some AOE on top of that?  The tier set definitely adds a bunch more single Target damage up time on Beast Master Hunter which just means more flat-out damage on everything which is what BM does.  It's kind of like an Outlaw Rogue where you just activate your AOE and you do your single Target rotation and it Cleaves into AOE so that kind of scales with the two. It's probably going to be very consistent and reliable, it doesn't seem like it's going to blow you out of the water. At the beginning of the season, it is just going to be really strong, but will probably fall off later on. But so far we predict this BM spec in A tier because it's not getting squashed or whatever and at the very least it's getting more on top of what it already has.

6 - Marksmanship Hunter (A Tier)

MM Hunter has a similar story not too different from BM Hunter. The tier set of this DPS spec is low impact - we haven't seen any changes yet so far to like the initial information regarding it, single Target also didn't get addressed too much. It doesn't seem like the community has received the Marksmanship that you said too well, it spine you get a few more kill shots out there, but that's not either here or there. That's a niche but they don't seem to be playing into it at the same time they're not really fixing its issues with single Target, so we don't know exactly what that's supposed to do, but it's probably it does have the damage. So it still retains its value and positives from the current season, and all that it will still be like probably around an A Tier.

7 - Windwalker Monk (A Tier)

Windwalker Monk is reigning Supreme all over the place in Season 1, we've known there was the so AOE for Windwalker will probably still be very strong. The force makes it more powerful, Pistol Fury doing 35% more damage to its main target and you can call that may be a weakness for Windwalker although it wasn't terrible very bad. One of the better things that they did to address the performance in it is that they've changed as far as the tier set is concerned, they've changed the RNG proc of the two sets where sunken always gives you the Nova - obviously explodes in a way damage. But they also buffed this damage by 12% which is a little extra addition to its single Target damage. Depends on how that Nova will hit him for what numbers it will hit but definitely the tier set is moving a lot more forward towards single Target damage. We're not going to place it into S Tier, however, it has like a million chances to become an S tier, but a respectable A tier for Windwalker is granted.

8 - Outlaw Rogue (A Tier)

We don't get any downgrades too much for Outlaw Roguewill, it still is one of the top-performing meta in Mythic+ for sure. You cannot really argue with its toolkit and the way Outlaw makes it perform like a decent single target, great in AOE, and excellent in cleave as well. Not to the extent you would see numbers-wise from a red Paladino some different casters within this list, but again there's nothing to worry about too much when it comes to Outlaw Rogue. It's under the scope of Berserkers we've seen multiple nerfs across the board for Outlaw Rogue, especially related to the tier set. One of the good things about Outlaw Rogue is that the tier set actually works for its spec and how it does obviously, it activates with your AOE, it spreads with your AOE, on top of giving you good single targets, so we think it's one of the more balanced designs out there and let's place it into A tier.

9 - Subtlety Rogue (A Tier)

Subtlety Rogue is a very exterior current spec for Mythic plus, don't see it being changed too much in season 2 of Dragonflight. It's still the best design Rogue spec, especially for M+, the spec obviously is very great in a lot of dungeons where you have a lot of mobs because the AOE cap is a huge thing. The tier set bonuses are good but nothing quite amazing at the very least, it will retain its strong position in terms of its damage profile. We can talk about different items being dropped from the Mythic+ or whatever crafted items bumping up these specs to some extent, but just judging by the kit and how it's performing so far on the PTR, it's still very strong. 

10 - Elemental Shaman (A Tier)

Elemental Shaman has received a couple of Buffs in the last couple of weeks, we've seen it rise in rankings and it is doing good period now. With the tier set, you just get random procs off of storm keeper which is obviously really good for Elemental Shaman, but the great part about it is with the four sets that you can actually buff either single Target or AOE which gives you the flexibility of not being like shoehorn into like one particular thing, which is probably what Elemental Shaman would appreciate. Elementals also got small increments of buffs here and there during the course of the expansion, we think in Season 2 of Dragonflight, this will at least be A Tier DPS. 

11 - Enhancement Shaman (A Tier)

Enhancement Shaman was super performing anyways, there weren't too many negatives to address, but with this new tier set that they've implemented, we think it just addressed the concerns initially posted for 10.1. So it depends a lot on how the overall damage will end up being since you definitely need to see Enhancement Shaman in practice - it has a lot of RNG procs to it. It is still one of the better design specs periods in the whole game and we want to put it into A tier. 

12 - Affliction Warlock (A Tier)

Affliction Warlock has gotten over the years ever, since the detrimental BFA iteration where Affliction Warlock was not a spec you could play, it has received a bunch of genes and we're constantly seeing this being addressed as well. The tier set basically revolves around violating and Phantom Singularity, but you're likely going to use it on wild things from what we know so far in terms of the Sims. On top of everything that, it will just also give you 10% extra damage which is good to have access to at the beginning of the pool since that's where Affliction also really shines. Not sure about single Target because in dungeons when you do go Affliction and you've seen it in the MDI as well, it's really good at exploding AOE - maybe it's one of the best Warlock specs at doing that demo has some bursary as well, but this definitely has the ramp, Affliction might be the more reliable one so far.

13 - Fury Warrior (A Tier)

Fury Warrior has been a consistent spickle throughout Dragonflight and always has strong output and design. Its tier set is one of the best designs so far,  buffing Rampage. The spec isn't like most Giga complicated to play and that's a good thing because you want some of your specs at least to be a lot smoother and faster. It's one of the tier set that seems to push Fury Warrior a little bit ahead of the curve right now because obviously getting just about a 10% crit chance on a rampage. Although it's boring, it's probably better than what other specs get like crit damage and Rampage buffing bloodthirst to do a lot more damage is also good. 

14 - Frost Death Knight (B Tier)

Frost Death Knight's tier set design is better than on Holy, the damage profile is looking at least for the tier set perspective to be really good. However, for those who like dreamed about the obliteration taking over, the two set does change the place a little bit and it doesn't actually favor either of the two builds, considering that it's mostly around Frostwyrm's Fury and Frostwhelp's Aid we're debuffing a lot of the enemies. Obviously, you're probably going to be playing some version of Pillar of Frost and ice cap and things like that which are obviously great. Historically they have been playing with Obliteration more than with Breath, and they have addressed the Breath a little bit to offset this, however, the Breath issues will probably remain. Obliteration is also still better in Mythic+ than it is in raid, so it's still up for grabs, however. We're kind of hesitant on ranking it a little bit too high since nobody actually really has proper sims out for all of the specs and we're still testing things out with DK, so we think maybe a B Tier for M+ raids in Season 2.

15 - Shadow Priest (B Tier)

Shadow Priest is super powerful even in 10.1. It definitely adds a less convoluted part of your addition that does make it as annoying, and it is still very strong. It's hard to see how high it can go because we haven't tested super high keys yet but it does feel like it's going to be strong, how strong will probably see how it all scales in the end? But the problem remains that its single attack is just boo where now, we can probably see Shadow Priest being an S Tier spec literally. It still has all the good pre-stuff but the fact that the single Target isn't addressed, it's maybe even a downgrade from the current season. It's probably going to be S Tier just because of power infusion, but for now, we're going to place it into A Tier.

16 - Feral Druid (B Tier)

You see Feral Druid a lot in MDI live now doing really well. But we think we have a little bit of an issue with the tier set, we are talking a lot about the juices because they will impact how the specs will perform and how the synergies will work or whatever. On the one hand, you do get some Buffs to the agility, you have passive couple points of their generating and stuff. It's hard to judge these specs, it's just raw flat damage and the fact that the combo points generate passively, it's something that they address with how they've changed Frenzy where you can retain some of the excess common points if you end up capping them but that's only during Frenzy or Berserk. So it's hard to see exactly how this will translate because Feral Druid didn't actually get a lot of changes ever since, and it's still a pharaoh still has a good damage profile and it's a really good design for AOE, but it just doesn't seem to have like a spark, so this will in the B tier.

17 - Balance Druid (B Tier)

The tier set that Boomkin gets is definitely weaker than what we're getting right now unless they're going to buff. But right now Balance Druid is probably going to have an even worse single Target or at least at the same level as a single Target. The four set for Balance Druid currently in Season 1 was the strongest Wars set in the game far as we know, so you're losing that and you're not gaining that much AOE and the single Target doesn't seem to be that much addressed, so we are not too sure where it's going to be, it's probably still going to be good but we see it only being good halfway through the season so at the very least that release. So it is probably a B Tier run, as it will still be strong, especially in high keys that will definitely bump it up, but it's not S Tier judging from like the data we've had so far.

18 - Fire Mage (B Tier)

Fire Mage, on the other hand, could potentially be upper D tier, it will definitely be higher than Arcane that's for sure, you've seen a lot of Fire Mages rising up in the current season 1. In 10.1, it seems they want to push this play style with the Phoenix Flames, that's weird since Phoenix Flame is not something that fire does a lot but it doesn't really flow well into your combustion window because obviously, it's on the GCD while fireblast is not. What's more, you're not going to get the guaranteed crit for Phoenix Flames which might help it, but the thing is it's a similar story with Survival where they're buffing or pushing a place elsewhere the spell that you don't really use or you're trying not to use as much as you can. So it's kind of hard to judge its performance of it although Fire usually scales high yeah but at the beginning of the season we feel like it's probably going to struggle a bit, this is why we are thinking about placing Fire Mage at B tier so far. 

19 - Frost Mage (B Tier)

Frost Magecan definitely sees some bumps to its damage - the tier set definitely will bump up its damage,  you can now AOE with flury. Flurry now can also Splash into AOE and Iceland gets buffed so it picks some of the issues with the pleasures. Its damage is still very sensitive to how much the tier set will impact it. It's not obvious that the tier set will push it for more than what it's doing now yeah. That being said, there's going to be a lot of tuning here, we're going to place it alongside Fire at least for the first couple of weeks towards the first one of the Season, probably to rezone predictions once again. 

20 - Destruction Warlock (B Tier)

The Channel Demonfire is not a fun ability to press right now for Destruction Warlock, it definitely requires spreading immolate which is not something that you normally do right now, when AOE is spreading him late you used to do it with Cataclysm. You probably won't want to play with Destruction Warlock for high keys because Inferno is so much better, however, Channel Demonfire has been addressed about two or three times and now it just flat-out increases your overall damage. The two-set has been recently addressed as well where it deals a little bit more single-target damage because it was the two-set for this was probably one of the worst seeming two sets in the game in the next season.

21 - Arms Warrior (B Tier)

There is some major burst damage onto Arms Warrior, this is maybe one of the issues because it is super bursty, it doesn't have the biggest AOE. It does have access to Symbol - probably one of the biggest bursts in AOE where you can combine. We don't think the play shot will change much in the 10.1 patch with the tier set as well which actually has been addressed. It's a good spec likely not to be on top like competing with the other melees but definitely worth the shot at least in terms of B Tier specs that are probably going to be a lot better later on in Season 2. 

22 - Unholy Death Knight (C Tier)

Unholy Death Knight is getting Buffs for 10.1. However one of the main problems that we keep hearing about from all of the Unholy DK mains out there is that you're losing Puzzle Box which some players will have an issue with. Whenever a spec is so reliant on a specific piece of gear to actually function, this is probably why we're seeing all of the buffs because obviously you're not going to have it anymore, and you shouldn't be that reliant on a specific trinket even though the tier set does give you a bunch of Mastery. Although Unholy Death Knight's damage profile is always really good, it's very hard to rank this because it's one of the better specs out there, but it just feels like the thing is the perception, so our prediction for now for Unholy will be into a C Tier here and mainly because the impact of losing the Puzzle Box will be huge and tier sets that doesn't really compensate more or less. 

23 - Arcane Mage (C Tier)

From what it performs currently, you haven't seen Arcane Mage do too well. It was one of the stronger specs at the beginning of Dragonflight. But moving into 10.1, we can talk about the tier set addressing the manic consumption. The four set works are that the pen if whenever you consume a big chunk of man, as it's been addressed a couple of times, you gained the buff. But during in Mythic Plus, Arcane Mage doesn't really spend as much money as it would in the raid. So already Arcane is now really incentivized to explode in an AOE in Mythic plus obviously, you probably play Fire or Frost over Arcane. And it doesn't feel like the cheerset addresses those issues, we haven't really seen any Buffs or Nerfs or any changes to Arcane in terms of talent. So we can assume that outside of the tier set it's the same spec and the tier set doesn't really seem to address the issues with Arcane, so it's currently maybe a C Tier here.

24 - Assassination Rogue (C Tier)

For those who enjoyed the playstyle, we guess Assassination Rogue can be fun; for those who just want to like to push higher and higher and feel like keep playing the spec in Mythic Plus, it is not that fun]. The state of Assassination Rogue is quite poor. The buff makes Rapture and Crimson Tempest do nature damage as well and they've changed -  they were both initially doing 30%+ now, we imagine that maybe we won't end up using Crimson Tempest in a single Target. From what we know Assassination Rogue is just needed a lot more attention and to be fair to Survival Hunter that did receive a lot more changes. Assassination Rogue isn't the worst out of the bunch out there, you can talk about maybe being the worst Rogue spec for Mythic Plus, but it just feels too much work to get such average results every time you try to play it at Mythic+. With all due respect, we're going to place it into a C Tier here, hopefully, it will get some further iteration.

25 - Survival Hunter (D Tier)

Survival Hunter has been the bane of Flames existence in the game.  Assassination Rogues were crying that their spec just doesn't function properly and Rets were also on the same boat, but they kind of got out of the boat and they're very much happier now, and it feels like survival is still in the boat down at the boat that's sinking to the Bottom of the Sea. Survival Hunter is getting buffed in 10.1. But it's not getting that many Buffs - the single Target is getting nerfed and that's made the main appeal of single of survival, not to mention that the tier set address is the AOE that's already weak, it revolves around the play cell around Wildfire bombs which are one of the weaker abilities you definitely ignore them half of the time now. It's going to be very difficult unless you're going to see some like 50% more damage which is probably what it would need, but even so, it might not be enough, we're probably looking at maybe reworking safe travel at this point. So far, it's going to be D Tier. Hopefully, this will maybe get the retribution, maybe treatment somewhere along the line of 10.1. 

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