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WoW Dragonflight Alt Leveling 60-70 Guide - Best Way To Level Up Alt Army In Dragonflight 2023

1/16/2023 4:30:23 PM

Finally! It's a new expansion where your secondary characters shine. Are you working on your alt army in World of Warcraft Dragonflight? In this WoW Dragonflight alt leveling guide 60-70 2023, we share the best and fastest way to level up the alt army. In order to pass on all that we know about getting alt army leveled up in a decently time-efficient way.


Dragonflight Alt Leveling Guide 60-70 2023 - How To Level Up Your Alt Army Fast In WoW Dragonflight 

Before you do anything, login to each of your alts. If you have not already, you need to log into a character once a new level cap has been implemented, in order for that character to actually start accruing rested XP. So no matter what, do that for all of your alts. With our Dragonflight 60-70 alt leveling guide, you should be able to get a new character from 60 to 70 in under three hours how potentially under two.

WoW Dragonfight Alt Army Leveling Methods

Renown Level

First thing to do in your main that will make your alt army more effective, is hit renown level 10 with a faction to unlock a 100% rap boost for your alts up to renown level 10. Hits renown level 20 in your main and that boost is extended up to renown level 20 and 1 through 10 are boosted by a mighty 200%. This will make your alt renown go extremely quickly, especially as you blast your way through side quests and world quests as your initial renown levels will go quickly. You will gain access to all those additional faction mechanics too. These will make a large difference to your weekly sources.

-The dungeon weeklies will renown you 500 to 750 for a single rep.

-Aiding the accord will net you 1000 to 1500 with every faction. Plus that's aiding the accord quest, it does require you to earn rep which will be super easy to do if your alts are benefiting from the boost.


Dragon Isles Artifact

Dragon Isle artifacts are bound on accounts, an expedition and maruuk ones give 25 rep each. It's slightly different for a scara and the accord, but basically, they all have those artifacts being able to send these over to your alts will be pretty handy, and unlocking new crafting recipes, and maybe some decent starter gear. But that's not all that's bound on the account.


Medal of Honor

There's a nice thing here for PVP players who can earn medals of honor from the PVP strong ball boxes that they get when they win these can be redeemed on any character for 250 honor and that will allow you to gear up and upgrade gear on your new alt super fast.


Draught of Ten Lands

Draught of ten lands gives you a 10 XP boost. It costs service medals which are a BFA patch 8.1 currency. But this XP boost cannot be applied beyond level 50, so it's not humongous useful.



The final thing is the Dragonriding glyphs are account-wide. So once your new alt is on the Aisles, you will actually be able to fill out your talents. This is the best Dragonflight alt leveling method for most people. Basically, this is unlocked if you've completed the campaign on your main character with this, just do a tiny number of quests in the Waking Shores, then eventually you'll be led to sandrax and you can then pick up the quest to go to the scouting map where you can select a zone to start in. World quests and bonus objectives will be active, you just have to go play the game and remember at rare, it actually grants a nice little boost of XP too. So having an addon like Silver Dragon that makes it very obvious when there's a rare nearby would be quite useful here especially since you're able to dragonride pretty quickly.


Side Quest

Side quests are a little more spread out and without dresses. They're super well-paced in Waking Shores, Ohn'ahran Plains, and Azure Span. Just stay clear of the gardening side quest such as the Ruby Life Pools because they are a bit slower XP per hour. But really though basic questing is just so efficient this time around that you can't go massively wrong.


Adventure Mode

Just use adventure mode and then fully utilize your first-time craft bonuses, so you can gain XP from the first 30 times you do crafts. Doing this is simple, you just head to Valdrakken. We would recommend picking up tailoring or leather working as they are usually the cheapest. Basically just leveling them up through their vendor recipes, material prices aren't that cheap right now. You can just buy what you need from the auction house which will be right beside you anyway. While this was nerfed initially, you are able to get 60 first-time crafting bonuses. 30 is like still at least a level in barely any time. So it's a massively fast way to get XP.


Cobalt Assembly

The cobalt assembly has quickly become a popular leveling spot. It offers great XP per hour, you can get a level every 20 to 30 minutes. Chances are this will probably be hot-fixed. To take advantage of it, you just go to the assembly and tag mobs. At level 60, you will not be strong enough to fight them. They will destroy you. You're either going to be left tagging mobs solo when other people are there which is just slow or just joining or forming a group. It will be a group where there is no other character who is below level 60, so you're not below 70 and you're not getting split XP. You can just tag a bunch of these dudes. Try not to get killed and you'll get loads of XP. Once you hit level 68, you can then start the rap farm and so on. On the bright side, you'll probably hit level 70 with enough cobalt assembly reputation to buy that ring which would be pretty nice. There's a decent chance of this being hot-fixed.



Next, the fun idea of mob grinds aided by friendly NPCs. One of these is found in the prime list future instance that is unlocked during the Thaldraszus campaign. Basically, you can pull elites into the friendly resistance fighters, and then once those elites do their AOE, they will activate the resistance fighters, and then between the little dragon pet that you get or that you just have when you're doing that quest and the resistant fighters. These elite mobs will die pretty damn quick and actually, they do give you quite a lot of experience. It can be a bit fiddly getting them to actually cast the AOE on top of the rest as a resistance fighter. If you do this right, it can be quite comparable to the cobalt assembly method. But because you wouldn't be earning useful rap, the best thing you can do is cobalt assembly first.



The great addon called Azeroth Auto Pilot wasn't really updated for this expansion. There's a little bit more work required because this is a guide that has been noted down on Reddit. But it really does just highlight how fast Dragonflight fundamentally is. There is an AES Versatiles 60 through 70 leveling run. He accomplished this in an extremely impressive one hour and 49 minutes. He actually hit Level 61 around 5 to 10 minutes by just killing the elite mobs. You can just mass kill those guys if you've got the gear and it will give you a bunch of rap, so you just get level 61 for free. You'll obviously get another level for free by just doing your first-time crafting bonuses and then just going through his route, his results speak for themselves. You can be level 70 with like under two hours slash played.

Check here:

Aes Versatile Dragonflignht 60-70 in 1h49 Completely Solo 

Aes Versatile Dragonflight Leveling Your Alt Army


Speedrunning is a whole game in itself. So much so that, this may be a way for you to gamify leveling a whole bunch of characters where otherwise it would be a chore uncertain if you're doing it via just a straight mob grind. It really would be a chore. There are some useful addons that are used by speed levelers that just kind of like output the information. So you could look into that. We can learn from the speedrunners. Not only will you be able to level your character pretty quickly but doing it in this way will get a whole bunch of side quests done.

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