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WotLK Ulduar Class Tier List - Best DPS, Healer, Tank Specs Ranking in WotLK Classic Phase 2 Ulduar

1/15/2023 6:09:56 PM

What are the meta classes in the Wrath of Lich King Classic Phase 2 Ulduar? Check out our WotLK Classic Phase 2 Ulduar Classes Tier List to get the answer!

WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar Best DPS, Healer, Tank Specs Ranking

Our WotLK Phase 2 Ulduar Tier List features the best classes and specializations for the roles of Tank, DPS (damage), and Healer (healing) for the dungeons and raids of Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Of course, this kind of list has its advantages and disadvantages but it at least allows one to locate a spec on the chessboard for PvE and PvP.  

WotLK Ulduar DPS Tier List - Best Ranged & Melee DPS Specs in WotLK Classic Phase 2

Here we rank all the melee and ranged DPS classes in WotLK Classic to show the specs highest damage:

  • S Tier: Affliction Warlock, Unholy Death Knight, Assassination Rogue, Survival Hunter, Fire Mage

  • A Tier: Combat Rogue, Demonology Warlock, Frost Death Knight, Enhancement Shaman

  • B Tier: Shadow Priest, Balance Druid, Destruction Warlock, Elemental Shaman

  • C Tier: Retribution Paladin, Arms Warrior, Marksmanship Hunter

  • D Tier: Fury Warrior, Subtlety Rogue, Beast Mastery Hunter, Arcane Mage, Frost Mage

1 - Affliction Warlock (S Tier)

Affliction Warlock is extremely powerful in both PvE and PvP, its specialization to DoTs with gameplay far from most other specializations. Affliction Warlock has no mana issues, excels in multi-target and single-target, and offers many essential bonuses (Stamina, Intelligence, Spell Critical Strike, Magic Damage, etc.), overall it is very useful to the group (Healing Stone, Summoning Portal, Soul Stone...). The problem is a very atypical specialization quite complex to grasp for a neophyte.

2 - Unholy Death Knight (S Tier)

Unholy DK has overall good DPS, raid-wide disease damage bonus, bonus to Strength and Agility for the raid, spell and power bonus for the raid. But there are some downsides, Unholy DK is very limited mobility, potentially overplayed due to being the expansion's "hero class".

3 - Assassination Rogue (S Tier)

Assassination Rogue was one of the best specs in Phase 1 and is still meta in Phase 2, it has essential bonuses in PvE (Critical damage, Tricks of the trade), able to stand alone in Open World PvP. Assassination Rogue is particularly easy to play, probably the most enjoyable spec for the Rogue to play in PvE, and useful to the group globally. Gameplay is no doubt quite redundant and runs a lot after Energy despite everything.

4 - Survival Hunter (S Tier)

Survival Hunter is excellent in PvP and quite viable in PVE, has a pet that does everything for him. Wearing Mail armor makes it quite a tank, so it is good for farming or solo content, has rather simple and effective gameplay, rather useful to the group. While it is rather expensive to play and substantial skill is required in PvP.

5 - Fire Mage (S Tier)

Though Fire Mage is fairly mediocre in AoE and a large skillcap needed in PvP, it is very meta in both PvE and PvP, especially in Solo PvP. It has impressive single target damage, largely decent mobility, and has a skill that is useful to the group (Transformation, Arcane Intelligence.)

6 - Combat Rogue (A Tier)

Combat Rogue is a very easy-to-play spec, capable of inflicting heavy damage on both single-target and multi-target and even cleave, so it is considered one of the best specs. In addition, it is can be present in multiple copies in a raid without particularly bothering him, and useful to the group globally with very consistent damage. The main problem of combat rouge would be fairly uninteresting overall apart from its DPS in PvE.

7 - Demonology Warlock (A Tier)

Demonology Warlock is very powerful in PvE, with no mana issues, and has a pet that does everything for him. It also offers many essential bonuses and is very useful to the group. But it relies on its Healers to be at its full potential (Connection, Hellfire, etc.)

8 - Frost Death Knight (A Tier)

Frost Death Knight is fairly good at the start of the expansion, it not only has a bonus to group haste almost essential to the raid but also offers a bonus to Strength and Agility for the raid. Though it is limited mobility, still very meta in raids with debuff to the attack speed quite powerful in PvE in particular, and his Grip of Death.

9 - Enhancement Shaman (A Tier)

Many totems adapted to each situation, fairly good mobility thanks to the Ghost Wolf, very satisfying to play when you have Windfury "procs", and has the Purge, one of its greatest assets, especially in PvP, all these make Enhancement Shaman a very good raid support spec in Ulduar, unstoppable versatile PvP fury. While the auto-attack-based gameplay can feel boring and rather very weak in terms of pure DPS.

10 - Shadow Priest (B Tier)

Shadow Priest is almost essential in all types of content thanks to Vampiric Touch, but the average DPS and severely lacking of mobility make it no longer essential in raids since WotLK Phase 2. Anyway, it is still playable in some situations with the essential bonuses for the group.

11 - Balance Druid (B Tier)

Balance Druid is much more enjoyable gameplay than in previous expansions, an almost essential must-have in all raids as it can remove effects of roots and snare affecting it, has particularly powerful AoE burst (Meteors), and is immune to disarm and polymorph effects. But it is very dependent on equipment and randomness, and can sometimes be very weak despite a good level of play by the player.

12 - Destruction Warlock (B Tier)

Destruction Warlock is particularly meta in PvP but poor in PvE. It has easy-to-learn gameplay but is very technical to play in PvP. It has visually impressive and satisfying spells but relies on its Healers to be at its full potential.

13 - Elemental Shaman (B Tier)

It is simple gameplay to pick up and master, with many totems adapted to each situation, and fairly good mobility thanks to the Ghost Wolf. It has the Purge, one of its greatest assets, especially in PvP, but requires good PvP proficiency to play properly. In additional, Elemental Shaman has no personal defensive CD and is very weak in terms of pure DPS.

14 - Retribution Paladin (C Tier)

Though Retribution Paladin has a bonus to attack and cast speed for the whole raid and wide mana regen, extremely high AoE ability, and is very useful to the group, it only reaches its full potential at the very end of the expansion and is complex to master perfectly, so lagging behind the other two Paladin specs in raid utility.

15 - Arms Warrior (C Tier)

Arms Warrior is fairly average in PvE over the expansion, to be replaced by its Fury counterpart. It is dependent on healers and very vulnerable to CCs in PVP, and it's rather slow gameplay not to the liking of very many players.  Anyway, Arms has an average DPS at the start of the extension in PvE, the only viable DPS specialization of the Warrior at the first level.

16 - Marksmanship Hunter (C Tier)

Marksmanship Hunter's lack of defensive CDs makes it quite fragile despite everything, weak in leveling and farming. It is very dependent on Armor Penetration making it pretty average in Phase 1, while with better equipment in Ulduar, it will be effective in both PvE and PvP. 

17 - Fury Warrior (D Tier)

Fury Warrior was fairly mediocre at the start of the expansion, weak in Phase 1, though became overpowered over the patches, it will still not be meta in Phase 2. Fury Warrior is very vulnerable to CCs in PVP, but good gear will be effective in most PvE situations imaginable.

18 - Subtlety Rogue (D Tier)

Subtlety Rogue is very vulnerable to CCs if he doesn't have a trinket, so though it is particularly easy to play in PvE, absolutely unplayable in PvE. It excels in PvP, a quintessential isolated prey killer, but may require some mastery to play to its full potential in PvP.

19 - Beast Mastery Hunter (D Tier)

Beast Mastery Hunter is probably the best leveling spec in the game, as it has high survivability and the ability to self-manage. But it is still poor in PvE and his pet is very dubious artificial intelligence.

20 - Arcane Mage (D Tier)

Arcane Mage is a real mana pit, and impeccable management of it is necessary. Equipped with cloth armor, it is so very fragile if hit in melee, with rather weak survival potential. The big problem is if he has to move, he no longer knows DPS (or almost).

30 - Frost Mage (D Tier)

Frost Mage has some good performance in PvP, but is very poor in PvE. Similar to Arcane Mage, its cloth armor makes it very fragile if hit in melee. And there are immunities of bosses and some elites to its slowing effects, so it is still not good for most of the content.

WotLK Ulduar Healer Tier List - Best Healing Specs in WotLK Classic Phase 2

Here we rank all the healing classes to show the most powerful healer spec in WotLK Classic Phase 2 Ulduar Season:

  • S Tier: Holy Paladin

  • A Tier: Discipline Priest

  • B Tier: Guardian Druid

  • C Tier: Restoration Shaman

  • D Tier: Holy Priest

1 - Holy Paladin (S Tier)

The Paladin is the best supporter among the healing classes. As a Paladin healer, you have a single goal in mind rather than to heal several allies. Although he lacks group healing, his abilities are very mana efficient. So he can quickly work many useful buffs, such as blessings of kings on himself and allies. The Paladin's cooldown phases are also fast: The times until he can work Heals again are particularly short with him.

2 - Discipline Priest (A Tier)

If you want to shine in raids with extraordinarily high heal numbers, you should probably choose the Discipline priest, it is excellent in both PvP and PvE. Discipline Priest offers bonuses essential to the group (Prayer of robustness, Prayer of spirit...), significant DPS potential as a healer, wonderfully anticipates the damage suffered, effective on Tanks in particular, so it is essential in at least one copy per raid. 

3 - Guardian Druid (B Tier)

With its many small tools, Guardian Druid never makes it to the top of the damage or heal ladder. However, he does not have to, because he is like the Paladin also a true supporter class. For example, with his ability Excite, he can greatly improve the mana regeneration of his allies. Unfortunately, the druid does not have a commercially available resuscitation ability. Only outside of battle can he revive allies with a maple seed and then has to wait half an hour for the next time.

4 - Restoration Shaman (C Tier)

Restoration Shaman is the best Raid Healer in PvE, fairly good in PvP, has many totems adapted to each situation, fairly good mobility thanks to the Ghost Wolf, and Has Purge, one of its greatest assets, especially in PvP. While it requires a good mastery in PvP to be played correctly and has no dispelling of magic, a real problem in PvP especially.

5 - Holy Priest (D Tier)

Holy Priest is effective in both single-target and multi-target, has few mana issues and essential bonuses for the group (Prayer of robustness, Prayer of spirit, etc.), and can be present in several copies per raid, unlike the Discipline Priest. While it is severely lacking in mobility and has low DPS potential, so fairly mediocre in both PvE and PvP.

WotLK Ulduar Tank Tier List - Best Tank Specs in WotLK Classic Phase 2

Here we rank all the tank classes to show the best tank spec in WotLK Classic Phase 2 Ulduar Season:

  • S Tier: Protection Paladin

  • B Tier: Blood Death Knight

  • C Tier: Feral Druid

  • D Tier: Protection Warrior

1 - Protection Paladin (S Tier)

Protection Paladin is an excellent Tank in PvE throughout the WotLK expansion. Many sigils make it very versatile, what's more, it has excellent threat generation, especially in multi-target. It is extremely good at AoE, able to silence opponents, very effective against Undead in particular, and very useful to the group. Overall, Protection Paladin is outperformed by other Tanks.

2 - Blood Death Knight (B Tier)

Blood DK is one of the most powerful tanks throughout the WOTLK. The Grip of Death and Unholy Frenzy, have an ally bonus comparable to Priests' Power Infusion. It benefits the Strength and Agility of the raid,  and the group's haste is almost essential to the raid. So it is satisfying to play due to its great power. 

3 - Feral Druid (C Tier)

Feral Druid is a real killer in PvP, fairly viable and useful overall in PvE. It has battle rez, can remove roots and snare effects affecting it, can be immune to disarm and polymorph effects, able to assist his allies with powerful healing if necessary (with a precise build). While Feral Druid is highly reliance on his DoTs, making him monotonous to play in raids, so it has a very bad reputation among the community, especially in PvE.

4 - Protection Warrior (D Tier)

Protection Warrior is very dependent on his equipment overall, making him very weak at the start of the set (and not necessarily even excellent at the end) and needs Rage to Tank effectively. Overall, it is in the average of Tanks, even if far from the best specs.

So this is all of our WoTLK Classic Phase 2 Ulduar Class Ranking Lists, hopefully, helping you pick up your ideal specs to start the new season in the new season of Wrath of the Lich King Classic!

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