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FIFA 18 World Cup update has not changed gameplay, fans only imagine that

6/20/2018 2:39:02 PM

Many FIFA 18 players have been wondering about changes to the gameplay that have not been communicated since the free World Cup update. All imagination, says EA now.

FIFA 18 World Cup update


With a free update to FIFA 18, EA Sports has made many football fans happy who want to race in national jerseys for the current World Cup in Russia. However, many a FIFA 18 player did not get very warm with the new World Cup mode. The gameplay feels allegedly slower, passes are said to be less accurate and the dribbling is much harder.


At least that's what the mood seems to be like when talking about the official FIFA forum or Reddit. Although these observations are piling up, all players should have imagined these changes only. At least that's what Andrei Lazarescu says, acting as the producer at EA Sports for FIFA World Cup ™ mode and the Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18.


2 reasons for the changed feel

Compared to Eurogamer Lazarescu stated that the gameplay in World Cup mode was unchanged. But there are also two good reasons why FIFA 18 players could get the idea that something has changed fundamentally here.


1st reason:

The values of the individual World Cup players have been renewed and adapted to their form within their national teams. This means that the strong kickers from the players' FUT teams now tend to have significantly weaker scores. So especially skills like the accuracy of fit and running speed feel much less. But only because fans are used to something different from their stars.


2nd reason:

Lazarescu simply suspects that even the new interface from World Cup mode can lead to some psychological delusions. With the new stadiums, the new menus and the new player faces, it can be suggested to the brain that this is another game. And then it just feels different.


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