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TBC Classic Phase 5 Investments Guide: Best Items To Buy & Sell Now

4/15/2022 3:54:42 PM

TBC phase 5 is just around the corner, how to prepare for phase 5 coming to TBC Classic? In this guide, we’re going to be talking about the market updating for phase 5, also going over how can you make WoW Classic gold, what investments can you make, and which are best items to buy & sell before sunwell is being released in TBC Classic phase 5. In the end, we'll discuss the WoW TBC Classic phase 5 badge of gear.

TBC Classic Phase 5 Investments: Which Are Best Items Should You Buy & Sell Now

In phase 5, there will be a lot of new items that you will be able to craft with the different professions. A lot of these items will be your best in slot and therefore also expensive to craft. Right now, a lot of the materials to craft these items is not that expensive, but as we get closer to phase 5 when there's a higher demand for these materials, then the price will for sure increase. Now let’s get straight into the TBC Classic phase 5 preparation investments covering the best items to buy & sell before phase 5 and sunwell. These investments should bring a decent profit and help you prepare before Wrath of the Lich King.

Best Items You Should Buy For TBC Classic Phase 5

Shadowcloth, Spellcloth, Primal Mooncloth

All the cloth gear that you can get from the recipes from Sunwell Plateau will require to get either shadowcloth, spellcloth or primal mooncloth. The price for these materials are not that expensive right now, simply because in phase 4, people don't really need this. In phase 5, all these materials will once again become useful and therefore the price should increase. 


In order to craft a different cloth, you will also need primals and primals will also be needed to craft the different epic items. So because of this, the primal price should go up and therefore also the clove price. 


In phase 5, engineers will also be able to upgrade their goggles. You'll need to obtain the Schematic to do this, you can either get it in sunwell or you might be able to buy this on the auction house. 

Primal Nether

There's one specific material that you'll need in order to upgrade all the different Goggles. It's going to be Primal Nether and you'll need 4 of these. Therefore, we also expect the price to increase for this material, you can buy this from the winter in shedwood city, but at the same time there will also be a new winter that might make people buy those items instead of the Primal Nether from the winter.

Badge of Justice 

The render that will be at in phase 5 will be a gem render, you will be able to buy epic uncut gems for 15 batch of justice. This is the prize for each of them. In phase 4, the epic gems is so expensive. But what you can do as preparation in phase 4 before phase 5 is to farm Badge of Justice. So by the time that phase 5 goes live, then you can go to the winter and buy a lot of the epic gems and sell these on the auction house.

Khorium Bars & Khorium Ores

In Sunwell, you will be able to loot the study of advanced smelting. This will teach you how to make Hardened Khorium. The Hardened Khorium is a new material that you'll need for some of the epic items that you can craft from sunwell. Therefore, you can prepare to buy Khorium bars and Khorium ores, they are so cheap right now because people don't need them. But in phase 5, this will change and therefore try to stack up on ores and bars. 

Primal Might

Another material you need is the primal might. For the last couple of phases, people haven't really been buying this, also because people haven't really needed them. In phase 5 this will change, the primal might will once again be needed because you need this material in order to craft a lot of the new epic items from sun wool. 

Haste Potion

One consumer pool that we should also pay attention to is the Haste Potion, the price for this consumable is so expensive right now. The price chart for this consumable before the release of phase 4 and after phase 4 is: "rise-decline-stable-rise-decline". Maybe the same thing to happen in phase 5. The price might go down for this consumable in a few weeks or maybe a month, but as we get closer to the release, the price will for sure also increase, also because the content will be a bit more difficult compared to mount Hyjal and black temple. 

The two materials that is needed for the haste potion is the Terracon and the Netherbloom. So if you're an alchemist, it might even be a good investment to buy these and convert them into the haste potion if you have the recipe for the haste potion.

Destruction Potion

When the content get more difficult, then more people will also be needing consumables. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the destruction potion as well in case you're also interested in Wrath of the Lich King investments. 

Mark of lllidari

This might increase as we get closer to phase 5 because you use the Mark of lllidari in shatward city in order to purchase different flask. 1 mark is equal to 1 flask and these flasks will still be usable in sunwell. Therefore you should keep your eyes out for the Mark of lllidari on the auction house. Another reason to buy the marks is because the price for the normal flask has been increasing a lot lately. If this continues to happen, then the price for Mark of lllidari will also increase, also because sunwell content will be more difficult so you will definitely need a flask. 

Scroll of Strength/Scroll of Agility

Two of the most profitable items has been scroll of strength, but also scroll of agility. The price for these are simply just keep going up and in phase 5, these will also be needed especially for people who would like to glue a bit more dps to make sure they can kill the encounter.

Nether Vortex

In phase 5, Alchemist will be able to craft 4 new different trinkets, you will however need to be exalted with the shattered sun, but all these trinkets require little vortex. So if you have these, you might just hold on to them for phase 5. The new trinkets also require different primals and that's the same case with a lot of the new craftable items from sunwell. So we can expect primals to also see a bit of a price increase, therefore also hold on to them.

TBC Classic Items To Sell Now For Phase 5

Here are some items that you should not invest into because they will be so much easier to obtain in TBC Classic phase 5. So make sure to sell these right away.

Large Prismatic Shards

Get rid of all your large prismatic shards. By the time that people start to read this guide but also realize this, then the price will go down and probably by 50% or more by the time that we hit phase 5. So in phase 5, the enchantress will be able to learn a new formula, this formula will teach the enchanter to destroy one white crystal into two large prismatic shads. The price by Void Crystal is around 6 to 7 gold each. The price for two large prismatic shards around 60 to 70 gold, so profit of 10 times. This is just to give you an example of why the price will go down for the large prismatic shards. 

Epic Gems

6 materials that will definitely not see a price increase is going to be the epic gems. In phase 5, a new render will be implemented where you'll be able to buy epic gems. The price for each gem is 15 batch of justice, so if you have any gems in your inventory, then sell them right away. And if you have a lot of batch of justice that you don't need on your main or all characters, then keep them for phase 5, convert them into gems, sell them on the auction house and keep the gold for Wrath of the Lich King. 

WoW TBC Classic Phase 5 Badge Of Gear

Farm badge of justice before TBC Classic phase 5 sunwell patch. The reason is that in phase 5, there will be adding a new vendor, this vendor sells a lot of new epic items that you can purchase for around 60-150 badge of justice and these items will also be better compared to what you could purchase from badge of justice in phase 4. You will be able to buy rings, weapons, cloth, leather, mail and plate items and we will show you all of these items. So by farming these now in phase 4, then you will save a lot of time and have the option to buy the epics instantly in WoW TBC Classic phase 5.

How to farm batch of justice currently in phase 4

Farm these by doing tier 4 and 5 raid content, also do Sulaiman, the new raid in phase 4, but also heroics. Another way to get 10 batch of justice is to kill the final bus insular man. When you do this, it will drop a quest item and one person in the group will be able to loot this. You hand in this quest outside Sulaiman and when you do this, you will also get a follow follow-up that you complete instantly. Hand it in to get the 10 badge of justice.

The remaining items that you can purchase:

There will be a lot of different nether items, legs, chest piece, but also gloves and this will be for both Feral, balance, but also Restoration Druid. In case you would like to play enhancement shaman or hunters, then you also have the option for male gear. And as a Boomkin or Restoration Druid, if you don't like the leather gear, then you could always purchase the glove gear. There will also be some decent holy palette items with a lot of healing and spell crit. They'll be pretty much everything for any role, so no matter if you like to tank heal the dps, then you have an option for some decent gear.

Have a lot of these batch farm before phase 5 or at least find them in phase 5, so you can get some fairly decent gear before Wrath of the Lich King. Nonetheless, what to be aiming for first will most likely be one of the weapons, these will help a lot and so many different guilds use these weapons even when they're progressing in sunwell plateau until they get the best and slot weapons. 

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