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Trade Skills Guide - Types, Tools, Leveling & How To Unlock Trade Skills

3/2/2022 3:34:53 PM

Trade skills are incredibly useful and they're critical to fully taking advantage of LSOT AK. There are a variety of trade skills available in LSOT AK, enabling you to obtain the different resources needed to progress through the game. In this LSOT AK trade skills guide, let's break down what these trade skills, trade skills how many, trade skills tools, trade skills leveling, and how to unlock them.


LSOT AK Trade Skills Guide - Types, Tools, Leveling & How To Unlock Trade Skills

Trade skills or life skills as they're sometimes called are the different gathering systems in LSOT AK. We have six of these skills in total, foraging, logging, mining, fishing, hunting, and excavating. That's a high overview of all the trade skills you're going to see in LSOT AK. But there is a lot more to this than just the basics. As you level up skills, you're going to unlock new minigames that'll grant even more materials or the ability to gather more rare materials as you level them up. To build on this, you also need to make sure that your tools are taken care of and upgraded when possible.


How Many Trade Skills In LSOT AK


Foraging is used to harvest plants and mushrooms and is incredibly useful to craft potions and bombs. Now foraging is going to be a great source of income early on because people will want potions they'll want bombs. They can use these throughout the game and to end the game, so get to gathering these things up then craft them to take advantage of an early market.



If you like chopping down trees then logging is for you. This trade skill lets you gather timber which can be used to upgrade your stronghold. There are some other uses for it, but stronghold upgrades are the primary consumer of this material. Again, early on people will want to upgrade their strongholds. So selling this might be a good source of income as well.



Mining is the first trade skill that you're going to learn in LSOT AK. It is super straightforward, you can mine various ores that range in rarity, some like iron ore and heavy iron ore can be used to improve your stronghold. While others like strong iron ore can be used for better tools.



Fishing is just like mining. It happens to be pretty simple, and it's actually the only trade skill where you can sit in the same spot and level it up. You're going to look for areas where fishing is available and then cast out your line. These fish you catch can be used for crafting food, but you also have a chance at getting rare materials that can be used for other purposes.



Hunting is a unique trade skill, you're going to hunt down game animals and then slay them with traps or use throwing knives to harvest their hide and meat. These can be used in crafting food and life gear.



Excavating is basically a metal detector skill. You have a radar you're going to search for nearby relics. Once you find them, you dig them up with a shovel and these things can range from junk to uber rare tool kits. These tool kits can be used to make extremely high-tier tools. You can either consume them for yourself or sell them for a big payday.

How To Unlock Trade Skills In LSOT AK

You can't get trade skills right away in LSOT AK; you have to go through the main plot until you reach a particular point. Lakebar, a region in West Luterra, is one of the last stops on your journey. There are now guide quests accessible in the Guide tab of your Quest Journal, which may be accepted (default key J). Upon completion of each quest, you will get a valuable tool and learn a valuable life lesson.

On the other hand, if you'd rather not use many characters for collecting, you'll need to complete the Lakebar main plot missions first. This is because all characters share Work Energy, the resource needed to collect them. As an added benefit, because trade skill experience and the tools you use are pooled, you won't be penalized for using many characters to collect.

LSOT AK Trade Skills Tool

LSOT AK is going to hand you some low-quality tools right out of the gate to get you started. But a goal of yours should be to eventually upgrade these by either crafting some or purchasing better ones. Because as they get rarer, they're going to come with better and better attributes. These are either going to improve the way the tool functions or going to give you a higher yield on your harvest. Which obviously becomes very impactful to improve your runs in the platinum field or out in the world. You don't want to work harder, you want your tools to help you work smarter.


You don't want to use your top-tier tools on low-tier materials because tools will lose durability over time and they will need to be repaired at a repair vendor. Repairing them will restore some durability but over time, your maximum durability will slowly decrease, leaving you with less and less and less. This is why you need to save those top-end tools for when you really need them. You can go to a tool vendor at any point in time and buy green tools. So it's very wise to just focus on greens while you're leveling up your trade skills. Those higher rarity tools will still be there by the time you need them, so don't feel like you have to rush out and grab them early on.


How To Locate Materials In LSOT AK

Where can you find all of these materials to harvest and gather well that depends on the zone that you're in. Because certain areas will have different materials to harvest. When you're out in the world, you can find all sorts of cool stuff. But if you want to target something you can open your overview map you can hover over each area and you can see what resources are going to be available there. This is going to help you avoid kind of that wandering aimlessly through zones, looking for something that might not actually be there.


LSOT AK Trade Skills Energy 

While you're out in the world, you're going to be slowly using up energy. This is sort of like your limit for the day, you have an energy gauge as you go through and you're gathering resources, you're mining rocks, you're cutting down trees, you're going to be using up that energy. Eventually, you'll run out. You will regain some over time, it is on a certain time interval and there are potions that you can consume to restore some of that energy. But you can't just sit in the same spot if you're fishing or wander around and just farm endlessly without some extra help for your character.


LSOT AK Trade Skills Spot - Platinum Field

By far the most effective way to gather resources is by doing platinum fields. This is a special zone that can be accessed from a capital hub and it requires one ticket to enter. This is a multiplayer area, so you want to bring other people that we can really capitalize on the opportunity and make the most out of every single ticket you have. These entry tickets are found out in the world while doing trade skills, they're a random drop. So you can't really go buy them anywhere, so don't feel discouraged. You just need to go out and trade skills a little bit and eventually one will fall into your lap. Platinum fields do not reward any trade skill experience but they also don't consume any energy. The main focus here is just the materials. So don't go into this thinking it's a way to supercharge your level instead think of it as a way to supercharge your inventory.


How To Craft In Platinum Field

The platinum field does have different tile sets and each one is going to give you different resources. So you need to choose the one whose resources you need most. For instance don't choose kizara gardens, if you need foraging. Because obviously, it doesn't have foraging. Once you're inside platinum fields, a 15-minute timer will start and you're going to see a ton of crafting resources to harvest. These are going to range in different tiers and if you aren't a higher enough level or haven't unlocked something, you won't be able to harvest those materials. Make sure to spend time out in the actual world leveling up your skills, that way once you get in here, you can actually get everything that's available rather than having to leave stuff behind.


As you're out gathering resources, you're going to see random item drops. So you're cutting a tree, the tree falls down you have a big thing lumber and you need to take this back to where you started. And you earn a buff. Once you return enough, you'll eventually open up secret passageways that are full of rare resources and usually, they're really light on enemies. Because outside of these passageways the platinum field does have enemies that are more annoying than anything. You want to make sure you take care of these because if you don't and you're by yourself when you pick up those items to run back to the start and you get hit multiple times. You'll drop that item, it'll disappear and you'll lose potentially a buff.


This is something you want to take care of. Don't just push them off to the side and be okay with the damage you take. Because clearing these out is going to pay dividends later on, this is just another reason why you need to bring friends. That way you can share the map to gather all of the resources but also be able to stack up these buffs quickly which will give you things like increased movement speed and spawn new resources on the map. If you don't have anybody else to go in, it's not like you're going to be at a significant disadvantage by going in solo. But it just makes everything a little bit more efficient and you're going to get a higher yield if you go in at a party.


Once the timer runs out in the platinum fields, your run will end and you will be rewarded with some packs of crafting materials. So you don't leave empty-handed. Overall platinum fields are insane for quickly building up your resource inventory. Remember these do not replace the fact that you do need to run through the zones and level up your trade skills. Because again, they don't provide experience and they don't consume any energy.


LSOT AK Trade Skills Leveling

As you perform trade skills out in the world, you're going to slowly earn experience. Once you reach a certain amount, you're going to gain a level. At certain levels, you're going to unlock new effects, such as being able to pick mushrooms at level 10 foraging. We're activating the perfect zone buff for mining which gives you kind of a little mini-game to play while you're mining. If you press the action key in time you'll get a perfect hit on the mining node and a chance to get rare crafting materials. So it makes the whole tradeskill system more interactive, the more you engage with it and the higher you level these up. They're going to become more effective and more complex ultimately resulting in more resources and honestly a better time. 

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