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Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Path Top 5 Builds Worth Playing - D2R 2.4 Assassin, Druid, Amazon, Necromancer, Sorceress Builds

12/29/2021 4:51:41 PM

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, in spite of the mentality that every amazon must use lightning Fury or every sorceress must use blizzard, there are actually quite a few fun and interesting builds that are outside the commonly copy-pasted build list. With the changes coming in the version 2.4 update, there's likely going to be even more builds added to this interesting build list, even if some might not make it to the top of the resulting meta. As a result, Alzorath sorted out the five builds worth watching and playing in the upcoming D2R 2.4 Patch. 

Top 5 Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 Builds Worth Reseting

Needless to say, there are going to be far more than 5 builds resulting from the changes, but these are either the ones that seem like they may have interesting and unexpected interactions or that just mesh with something we wish was a reality in the game for a long time with right Diablo 2 Resurrected items and runes:

1. Martial Artist Assassin

First, is one based around those unexpected interactions that are going to be the martial artist assassin, more precisely an elemental martial artist using Dragon talon. This is because the martial arts assassin is getting an overhaul to charges basically where instead of expending the full stack of charges in a single hit as they do now, the martial artist will be expending the single rotating orb per hit. Now the question becomes will these charges expand on every hit and if so does that mean Dragon talon will be able to drop three charges in quick succession. If so, it means she will gain even more burst damage for crowds through the elemental charge skills, thanks to their area of effect functions which should be especially impressed with things like Phoenix strike. 

2. Fire Druid

While there are changes being looked at for every tree of the druid, the fact that fire may finally be able to compete with wind on a druid, is an interesting prospect, though it can only happen if they give the druid a truly spammable fire skill to complement the cooldowns, of well the remaining skills. The reason this intrigues you is because if you've always loved the functionality of the fire skills and been disappointed by how far they drop off whenever it comes to uses in Hell difficulty or even late nightmare, compared to the more reliable win skills, most of this coming down to cooldowns and targeting at least. While the changes to summons especially ravens are also fairly intriguing, the fire skills just hands down seem like a great avenue for more build variety outside of the Fury versus wind druids, though do the summon changes to intrigue you more or less. 

3. Javelin Amazon

While the javelin skills are getting changing, and there were talks about changing out a void evade and dodge function on some levels. The real skills you'll be watching closely are the fire bow skills for the amazon if you've always had a passion for the mage zone builds and if they finally free our fire skills back up for this character, we could see a return of this build from being mostly a gimmick that leans into cold damage, mostly ignoring the fire except for maybe Exploding Arrow. Back to a hybrid build that is able to conquer resist with its varied damage types without nearly the level of frustration or expensive gear, which would potentially also make the mage zone a competitive alternative to javazones for some playstyles outside of boss killing. 

4. Summon Necromancer

Backing off of the fire bit this time, we're going to look at an overlap of two classes but we are going to categorize it as a summon necromancer change. This is the plan changes to two major things the first and probably most obvious being plans to change the skeleton magi to be a bit more punchy and therefore pretty solid fire support for the summoner necromancer, the other being various ideas they were tossing around for potential changes to retaliation skills like thorns iron maiden and spirit of barbs. This change could potentially lead to a few interesting setups for the summoner at least, and could even give a proper reason to use Bramble on a summoner and summoner poison hybrid build, outside of just stacking a lot of auras. This is because they spoke of everything from absolute damage rather than a percent, as well as a potential change to how it delivers this retaliatory damage, maybe making it so it deals damage based on the attack attempt rather than the attack delivery. This also means that this could alt also alter the recommendations for mercenary choice and Hell difficulty, kind of flipping it on its end since if it's not a percent based. Quick popping bosses with thorns would be less effective, but clearing areas with thorns would become more effective, so it could potentially flip the recommendation patterns between the might mercenary and the thorns mercenary as far as what you are doing in the game at that time.

5. Nova Sorceress

Nova sorceress is actually a build that is currently functional but that they've been talking about a few changes that could make it more interesting. Synergies and functionality added to that build could take it from being just a functional alternative build, to possibly a meta competitor against the lightning and chain build that is more popular currently. This combined with changes to Thunderstorm could be interesting as well, especially if the changes in synergy are linked. And if the mercenary changes are done right as well, we could see this potentially go even further. Though only time will tell in that regard we would definitely keep an eye on the nova sorceress through these changes.

Now those are the top 5 builds to watch and try in Diablo 2 Resurrected 2.4 patch because they're either interesting or powerful or even potentially both obviously.

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