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Diablo 2 Resurrected Spirit Runeword - How To Find And Farm Spirit In D2R

11/24/2021 2:21:17 PM

Spirit is an amazing Diablo 2 Resurrected Runeword that everyone highly desired. How do you get Diablo 2 Spirit? This guide will detail how to find and farm Spirit Runeword in Diablo 2 Resurrected.        

Diablo 2 Resurrected Spirit Runeword - How To Find Spirit In Diablo 2

Spirit is a fantastic end-game caster of Rune Word that may even be utilized by low-to-middle level characters. The four Runes(Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn Rune) that makeup Spirit may be found on both shields and swords, then place into a piece of equipment that has 4 sockets when their character is Level 25 or higher. As long as you have all of the runes, insert them into your Horadric Cube and change them into the Runewords Diablo 2 Spirit. So that players can make their way towards Nightmare Difficulty much more successful.


+2 To All Skills
+25-35% Faster Cast Rate
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
Adds 3-14 Cold Damage 3 Second Duration (Normal)
+75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
7% Life Stolen Per Hit
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+22 To Vitality
+89-112 To Mana
+3-8 Magic Absorb


+2 To All Skills
+25-35% Faster Cast Rate
+55% Faster Hit Recovery
+250 Defense Vs. Missile
+22 To Vitality
+89-112 To Mana
Cold Resist +35%
Lightning Resist +35%
Poison Resist +35%
+3-8 Magic Absorb
Attacker Takes Damage of 14


How To Get 4 Open Sockets

The first thing to note is that there is an ilvl for every D2R item. This is not the required level 15, but ilvl is invisible. It is simply the monster level of the monster that dropped it. For example, hell bale is level 99 if he drops you Chain Boots, they will be ilvl 99. It doesn't have any effect on a lot of things, but what it does affect is the number of sockets. As a matter of fact that, there is anything up to ilvl 26, 25, and below, would get a certain number of Sockets 26 to 41 gets a certain number of sockets and then 42 and up gets a certain number.


That's a really important factor to know because we're looking for a 4 open socket sword or shield. For instance, if you find Crystal Sword in Act 3 normal, that is going to get 3 open sockets, this is assuming that's the maximum sockets it can get. That sword could never get 4 open sockets, if you take it to Larzuk, it'll only get 3 open sockets because the ilvl is too low on it. If you find this Crystal Sword in Hell Act 2 that is going to get 6 open sockets because it is the ilvl 42 plus and so it is always going to get 6 open sockets at Larzuk. Your chance of getting 4 open sockets is really rough on it because you would only be able to do that with the cube recipe. The important thing to note is we're looking for something from ilvl 26 to 41 or 42. 


How To Get Sword 

Crystal Sword

For getting the 4 open sockets and you can guarantee you will get that in the normal cows which is the best place to go and farm yourself a crystal sword. If you want a Crystal Sword because you will always get a 4 open socket Crystal Sword. if you get a White Crystal Sword in there or Ethereal and take it to large they can use the socket quest.  That's the easiest way to make sure you get yourself a 4 open socket Crystal Sword. 


Broad Sword

If you want a 4 open socket Broad Sword or Long Sword you can actually take Superior Broad Sword at anywhere normal cows and beyond, Act 2 of Nightmare or Act 5 of Hell. Broad Swords cap out at 4 open sockets. This way, you will get four open sockets for the 26 ilvl and beyond completely. You can farm Superior Broad Sword in Hell, Nightmare, and anywhere in those later stages. Find yourself a Broadsword or a Long Sword take it to Larzuk, it will get 4 open sockets.

How To Get Tal, Ort, Amn and Thul Runes

You can get the Tal Rune from Normal Countess, you can also get it from completing the Act 5 quest, 2 quests where you will also get an Ort Rune. You can already get two of the runes gifted to you. In addition, you can also go to Nightmare Countess where you can get a Thul Rune and you can get an Amn Rune. Additionally, you can find these in normal cows. If you want to target farm them, Nightmare Countess is going to be your best place to target farm Amn Runes and Thul runes, because during the same time you may get Ort Rune and Tal Rune.


How To Get Shield

Monarch Shield

Monarch Shield, Ward Shield, and Aegis can get four open sockets. The Monarch is 156 strength required, the Ward Shield is 185 strength required and the Aegis is 200 strength required. That is the reason why everybody wants Monarch Shields because you're just trying to be a caster and don't want to invest a bunch of points into strength. You can only get these shields in Hell and kill as many monsters as you can, and they will drop eventually. 


Paladin Shield

Speaking of Paladin Shields, any Paladin Shield that has that ilvl 26 and up, normal cows and beyond, you are going to Nightmare and Hell if you find a Paladin Shield that will get 4 open sockets at Larzuk which means paladins can get their shields way earlier. Additionally, they can also be much lower requirements they're not going to be 156 strength. Therefore, Paladins get a big boost and they can get a Spirit super early and start wearing at level 20. At level 25, they can already start wearing Spirit Shields and Spirit Swords.

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