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New World Engineering 0-200 Leveling Guide - How To Level Engineering Fast In New World

11/19/2021 2:10:00 PM

What is the fastest way to level up engineering in New World? In this ultimate engineering guide, we teach you how to get to level 200 engineering starting from level 0. We categorized in 4 different levels: New World Engineering Leveling 1-50, New World Engineering Leveling 50-100, New World Engineering Leveling 100-150, and New World Engineering Leveling 150-200. Last but not the least, you will know where to find materials to farm things.


New World Engineering Guide - How To Level Engineering From 0-200 In New World

New World has a total of 7 trade skills centered on crafting. Engineering is one of the most important non-combat skills that players can invest in and master. Ranged weapons may be crafted with the Engineering skill in the Crafting Trade, such as muskets, bows, bullets, arrows, mining picks, harvesting sickles, and more. Improved Gear Score ranges and more powerful weaponry may be made by players with a higher Engineering skill level. Without Engineering, there would be no collecting tools. Therefore, read our NW engineering leveling guide, we will show you a method for increasing this trade skill's level.

New World Engineering Leveling Guide 0-50

To raise your engineering in New World from Level 0 to Level 100, what you are going to do is to get Gunpowder. Charcoal, Flint, and Saltpeter are very plentiful in the Windsword of the games. You can also make Iron Arrows and Iron Cartridges, mostly the Iron Cartridges depending on if you had gunpowder or not. The Iron Arrows requires 100% Iron Ingots, Timber, and Feathers which are not very hard to get. However, there are other things that you can build like the Treated Wood Bow requires Timber, Leather, and Linen for 204 engineering experience. You can get engineering straight to 100 in the New World with the help of Treated Wood Bow.


New World Engineering Leveling Guide 50-100

As we have mentioned above, Treated Wood Bow is the most efficient way to level up your engineering fast in New World to 100. If you already are here just start making these now! Timber is readily available, you don't even need sandpaper to make timber. If you need a leather spot go to Fort Ramos in Cutlass Keys where dogs spawn a lot, and they have a lot of raw hides. There's plenty of spots and Cutlass Keys that you can get Raw Hides from Linen. Linens are all over Windsward. Some of the best fiber spots are in Windsward.


New World Engineering Leveling Guide 100-150

If you are on the way to New World engineering leveling 100-150, the minute that you can unlock Wyrdwood, anything will do. The best thing you can go with Wyrdwood Fishing Pole. Fishing Poles can sell because fishermen love them. All you need is Weird Wood Planks, Linen and Coarse Leather. What’s more, you still only need the tier 1 spots. Linen, Fibers and Rawhides are going to be very prevalent while you're leveling engineering up in New World. To farm Wyrdwood, you’d better go to Bronzegrove. You'll find dogs that are made out of Weird Wood. If you want to go to a higher-level area, Sapterlith is a great way to go. If you're rich and have a lot of New World gold, Wyrdwood is usually one of the cheapest woods on the market. 


New World Engineering Leveling Guide 100-150

You are about 25% of the way to get your New World engineering level up to 200. This is where it becomes very grindy. The minute you unlock anything Ironwood, just making ironwood. There are other methods if you want to create Steels, Spears, or Bajillion Iron Spears, those resources are plentiful than Iron Wood and the higher tier ones. But on the other hand, you're going to spend more time crafting them. Among various kinds of methods, making Steel Spears is the best way. Because they're cheap and the only big reagent you need for those was Lumber which isn't that bad if you have a lot of access to Sandpaper.

After level 160, you can switch it to Ironwood Fishing Pole which you will only need Wyrdwood or Ironwood Planks to craft. Ironwood Fishing Pole is the best route because you can sell a massive quality of Fishing Poles back to the market. The greatest thing about this is while you're going to farm the Ironwood, you're also going to have a chance at collecting Wildwood and Barb Vine. You will need them later in the game to make Glittering Ebony which is the highest tier of wood that you can make. The reason why you should do Ironwood runs with full logging gear is that you can level up your engineering while also collecting these resources. 


Follow our New World engineering 0-200 leveling guide. Once you get that done, you will be on your way to the 200 level in New World, so that you can craft better items.

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