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Top 6 Best NBA 2K22 Flash 2 Cards – Which Flash 2 Cards Are Worth Buying

10/12/2021 11:42:02 AM

The new NBA 2K22 Flash 2 Packs contain 7 new limited Flash 2 and Glitch Cards. Which Flash 2 player cards are the most worthwhile to purchase for your lineup? Check out this guide and we talk about bout some of the best Flash 2 player cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam, some of the worst cards as well as some of the best value cards in NBA 2K22 MyTeam!

6 Best NBA 2K22 Flash 2 Cards – Which Flash 2 Cards Are Worth Buying

1. Sapphire Robert Horry – PF/SF - 86

He would be usable, some weeks unlimited. He does work out well, but most weeks there are better Sapphire power forwards in this card like you were. He’s just a normal sapphire power forward, he doesn’t do anything great. He’s got 74 speed, 74 acceleration, 70 lateral quickness, 70 driving dunk, no defensive badges at all. But he’s got mellow base, he’s at least got decent height, so he will not be a bad player. If you don’t have a power forward that has won an NBA championship, he’s pretty good. 

2. Ruby Jae Crowder - PF/SF - 89

He’s 6’6’’ height and 6’8’’ wingspan, he’s got 86 lateral quickness, 80 driving dunk, 85 shot 3pt, 78 speed, 78 acceleration, 79 ball handle. He comes with silver clamps, gold hustler, gold off ball pest, gold pick dodger, gold tireless defender and gold pickpocket. He’s got a special delivery, needle threat, a bullet pass, a break starter and a lot of other badges. He’s like a smaller version of darius miles, playing at that small forward position, but he will work reader you offer a bunch of players.

3. James Harden – SG/SF – 90

He’s an unlimited reward, 6’5’’ height, 6’10’’ wingspan, 86 speed, 86 acceleration, 87 shot 3pt, 80 driving dunk, 89 lateral quickness. He’s got a gold clamps, silver intimidator, silver quick first step. He’s got his own behind the back. His release is not good, his dribbling is pretty good. This is one of the best players in the game, this card is absolutely insane. Limitless spot up on silver, green machine on silver, catch and shoot on silver, he’s ridiculous, he does everything, he’s like a slightly worse time for Mitchell but 4 inches taller.

4. Dennis Rodman – PF/C – 90

6'7'' height, 6'10'' wingspan, hot zones, everywhere outside of three point nine, 89 shot 3pt, 78 speed, 78 acceleration, 85 lateral quickness, 80 driving dunk. He’s got gold catches, he’s got no clamps but he can get every single badge in the game. He can get sniper, his release is not great, but he can green wide open, he’s not going to dribble. He does a job, only a 57 steal, that changes things. 

5. Amethyst Scottie Pippen – SF – 91

He’s got 88 speed, 88 acceleration, 78 three ball, he can get every shooting badge which is huge, jump shot 30, good upper release, 93 lateral quickness, 82 almost deal tendency. He’s got gold clamps, gold defensive leader, gold interceptor, gold chase down artist, gold pick dodger. This card is worth 25K 2K22 MT, he’s actually really good and you go and chuck scotty into your lineup and he becomes one of the best.

6. Diamond Anthony Davis – PF/C - 95

He’s going to be a really nice interior defender, only an 82 block which is not great, 63 steal, 70 at operations is not bad, 88 driving dunk, decent post game, 82 three pointer and his releases on release of norm. He’s not going to dribble much, he’s got 75 ball handle, you are basically looking at a backup plus 20 speed. He’s good, with 75 and 80 rebounding though he’s gonna struggle to play center and power forward. He’s also get some good badges, he’ll be one of the best power forwards in the game. If you are running him as a power forward, he’s better. If you are running him as a center, he’s gonna get it babied and he’s not enough of a shooter.

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