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FIFA 22 First Official Player Ratings Revealed! Secret Revealed!

9/11/2021 5:16:00 PM

There is an official FIFA 22 player rating, these ratings have been secretly published on the Internet, these ratings are very exciting, until you get these ratings in more depth, anyway, it is a good story!

FIFA 22 first official player rating REVEALED! -5 Upgrade Rating Players 

Jude Bellingham has indeed released this game rating. There are obvious graphics of his card and rating collective. When you know this is likely to be an accurate player rating, this is the first confirmed biggest upgrade seen so far.

Secondly, it shows the current level of Kylian Mbappe. Mbappe with 97Pace is most likely to have amazing game statistics.

Domenico Berardi 79 Pace 85 Dribbling's hunter-style may be a very good forward in the game!

Goran Pandev is the legend of the club and the former Inter Milan legend and has also been well upgraded.

Nicolò Barella is a great card. His overall score on these data is 84. The brilliance of 86 Dribbling has supported the sky.

# NO.1 Jude Bellingham

Club: Dortmund

Nation: England

Height: 180cm | 5'11"

Weight: 72

Position: CM 

Rating: 79 

Pace: 75

Shooting: 69

Passing: 73

Dribbling: 80

Defending: 75

Physicality: 77

# NO.2 Kylian Mbappé

Club: Paris SG

Nation: France

League: Ligue 1 Conforama

Height: 178cm | 5'10"

Weight: 73

Position: ST

Rating: 91

Pace: 97

Shooting: 83

Passing: 83

Dribbling: 92

Defending: 36

Physicality: 77 

# NO.3 Domenico Berardi

Club: Sassuolo

Nation: Italy

League: Serie A TIM

Height: 183cm | 6'0"

Weight: 72

Position: RM


Pace: 79

Shooting: 80

Passing: 81

Dribbling: 85

Defending: 36

Physicality: 69 

# NO.4 Goran Pandev

Club: Genoa

Nation: FYR Macedonia

League: Serie A TIM

Height: 184cm | 6'0"

Weight: 75

Rating: 74

Position: ST

Pace: 54

Shooting: 78

Passing: 72

Dribbling: 79

Defending: 37

Physicality: 49 

# NO.5 Nicolò Barella

Club: Inter

Nation: Italy

League: Serie A TIM

Height:175cm | 5'9"

Weight: 68

Position: CM

Rating: 84

Pace: 78

Shooting: 71

Passing: 79

Dribbling: 86

Defending: 75 

Physicality: 78 

Above are the 5 upgrade rating players' rating details, if you need cheap FIFA 22 coins, you can get them from AOEAH.COM. 

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