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Guide to WOW TBC Classic Warrior Talents & Specs: Best Warrior Build in TBC

7/16/2021 11:56:30 AM

If you decide Warrior is the right class for you, is the primary thing you want to do. Warriors can be slow and difficult to level due to the high gear dependency, lack of effective self-heals and few escape cards. But warriors can learn almost every weapon in the game. When you up with Warrior, you can check out the guide to WOW TBC Classic Warrior talents and specs, to find out the best build for warrior . 

WOW TBC Classic Warrior Talents & Specs Guide - Best Warrior Build in TBC

Warriors come in three specs, Arms, Fury and Protection. Arms and Fury are mainly used to deliver damage from close range. And Protection is used to keep threat and damage focused on themselves. Thanks to MetaGoblin, here is the detailed introduction to Warrior talents. 

Fury Warrior

Starting from Fury, jump into Cruelty for five points, it is really nice and you want to get that. You can go five out of five Booming Voice then your battle shout will last twice as long and the range will be nice if you are in a group with anybody. You can also jump for a couple of points into damage out just to have the mobs hit a little bit less, it depends on how many mobs you want to kill at the same time, and if you're going for a cleaning build or not, let's go for a pure damage build. Moving on to the third tier, you want to go five out of five Commanding Presence, to get as much attack power on your battle shout, then Enrage, which gives you 25% more damage, this is really nice if you are used to just being damage in your raid and not tanking anything. 

Keep going down, Weapon Mastery reduces the chance for your attacks to be dodged by 2% and reduces the duration of all Disarm effects used against you by 50%. If there are any other Warriors or rogues that are going to disarm you in the world this is kind of nice to get. We also have Sweeping Strikes, your next 10 melee weapon swings strike an additional nearby opponent. What you want to do is that you start and kill one pack of mobs, and you’ve got a bit of rage spare, you don’t need to execute and kill the target and lose all your rage, you can keep a little bit of rage to use Sweeping Strikes, and you can go to your second groups of mobs. 

Next, we're going to have Dual Wield Specialization two out of five, and we’ve unlocked the next tier of abilities, we can get Flurry, it increases your damage, attack speed for 3 swings after dealing a melee critical strike. Next, we have Bloodthirst, so we’ve got a great ability that does a lot of damage. 

Arms Warrior

Let’s start building up the others, we are at the stage where it only requires level 40, so we’ve got more talent points left, we are going to do all the way to level 60, use the Improved Heroic Strike, reduces the cost of your Heroic Strike ability by 3 rage points. We can also go Iron Will just in case we encounter any kind of PvP, if you just want to kill the targets quicker, the Improved Thunder Clap is not recommended. Now we are at level 50, Deep Wounds does damage when you quit. Improved Overpower and Anger Management are good choices. Anger Management is quite cheap and Improved Overpower reduces the chance to dodge with Weapon Mastery. But when we do eventually get a dodge, if you are low rage, you can just swap into battle stance and get another power. That’s unlocked us to get Impale, 20% more damage, so we’ve three more talent points, if you don’t have good gear, you can go three into Precision to your hit rating, so if you are running with good gear, you do not need Precision. With this build, you can reach level 60. 

If you want to go dungeon level, you could go for Tactical Mastery, what it does is not only retains rage when you change stance but also greatly increases the threat of your Bloodthirst, but if you are not going to be any tanking, get rid of that. Then as we level up, we're gonna go one point into Improved Whirlwind, so we can whirlwind really well as part of the rotation, get some blood thirsts and squeeze in whirlwind before the blood first is coming off cool down. Then go five out of five Improved Berserker Stance, then you can get Rampage as well, make sure you have Rampage up. We’ve got three more talent points left because our hit percentage gear has been converted to hit rating gear in TBC Classic, as we level up that mount of the hit from our gear gets less and less, so at some point, we are going to get more hit. Then this is the level 70, you can use it as your level 70 raiding build. 

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