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Top 8 Best MyPark Players In NBA 2K21 Next Gen & Current Gen | Official NBA 2K21 Rankings

7/14/2021 4:20:47 PM

Today we are going to be ranking the top 8 best NBA 2K21 MyPark players with detailing their ability, skills and characteristics (collected from Youtube). 

Top 8 Best Mypark Players Of NBA 2K21 Ranking

Top 8 - Dboy

He is dominating on cringing, he's beaten a lot of top players, he beat Keith multiple times with some of the top wagers of the year. A lot of people on this team deserve more credit for some of his wins and when you would see him play not with certain people you wouldn't see him do as well. It's like he seemed to be dependent on some of his team members that are a little bit higher than him and then as we saw when he played mionetscene he's not really the best Next Gen player at all, so we should put him on the top 8 list.

Top 7 - Steezo

He's really proved his on currency, he played extremely well, he's really big on nuts and he started a whole wave of where he was dribbling like people didn't even think it was the same game because the way he was dribbling and getting open and creating on people and he really was shown that his versatility. He was good on both games, he could play any game and still dominate. But he couldn't be higher, you couldn't put him one, two or three because he really played in a matchup.

Top 6 - JoeKnows

He's always consistently one of the better if not one of the best 2K players. Every single year he dominates not only where impressed me like current gymnastics not only park, but he's also really good in pro-am. You're seeing a lot in the prem leads and competitions, he really knows what he's doing, he plays with a lot of high IQ, he has versatility. We can play with any single build with the post playmaker even started on Next Gen. He could play the meta build that everybody used and it seems like he's one of those players where he can be a guard, he can be a center, he can be a post scorer, he can be a slasher and it really doesn't matter because he can adapt and he can adjust to whatever the game is in front of him.

Top 5 - YoBoss

He's definitely one of the best sitters, he beat almost everybody. We should rank him high. A lot of people overrate centers when people play and there's so much attention on the guard. Centers are so important, YoBoss proved that, boss would go on D-boys team when a wager he switched to the other team, he'd win again and it shows that he's that type of game changer where people didn't want to play him. When there was a thing we're saying he's banned from wages because he will be willing to go and play Dboy and the lock ball is back, but if Boss was on the team, they didn't want to play him. So he's really mastered the inside center position of where he could just beat anybody he dominates. He really knows what he's doing.

Top 4 - Chad DF

Chad DF is one of the best guards in this game and that he hasn't gotten his credit for a long time. He's good on currency, he's really burst out, he can't really do anything, he's good on current gen. If you saw Chad players with a lot of nesting waiters he went off, he won that he'd go back on currency, he went huge currents in stage three, three tournaments and the D-boy wager, he didn't perform his best right there. So I don't know if you could rank him higher, but he was new adjusting to the game when he really gets into a game. There's no game he can't master and it was time he got his credit as one of the best guards in this game and he's another person where he was legendal nest and he came back and was still going to encourage. He's good at everything like there's always no way to put it. He's good at twos, he's good at threes.

Top 3 - IShowSpeed

He's not as much try hard as some other people on the list but he proved in some of these wagers when he went off that he's comp for real now. He literally went on a stretch of wages, he was being everybody who challenged him and wager after wager on the two's court, and he really proved. When you play him, you kind of take him for granted because he's such a good entertainer, you probably take for granted if he's gonna be just as good skill wise but he does not miss wide open. He's really consistent shooting, he goes off and he really had legit matches when he beat people. He's really really good on the twos, but on the threes he can struggle so you like to see people are well-rounded, they can play both courts and like the other people higher up on this list and they're not only limited to one court and then also a lot of his wages when he was playing on he was in that legend account. So number 3 is pretty high.

Top 2 - Keife

He is really good, he's probably one of the best if not the best guards on Current Gen. This year he beat a lot of people, he took down christy t on those threes wagers, he played, delayed and went out and won. He Compete on the two's court, he would beat people. He beat competitive people not just on threes but on twos, he's done it through delay, he's done it through challenges. He can just do it all so very well-rounded. I don't think he's as elite on that soon as he is on current gen but he's really dominant on current gen so you got to rank a guy like him high on three and he really had a breakout year like he was good last year.

Top 1 - Power DF

He's done it again three straight years and he's really proved himself becoming legend on both Gens like double. That's in current gen he had the highest win streak, he put out an 80, 90 game win speak on current gen, he literally took a build on current gen that nobody used the stretch big and he made it relevant, he made it useful. We saw him winning all these big wagers over and over again and you wonder can he do that on current gen. He came back on current gen, he was still dominating the same way and you watch him play, it's a work of art. It's such a unique beautiful majestic play style, he just hits him with a jab step, then he'll take him off the dribble, then you'll hear him fade from half court with a step back and it's like what type of player, what type of stretch.

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