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Best WoW TBC Classic Addons - Top 6 Must-Have World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Addons

7/5/2021 3:07:59 PM

Addons are modifications made by some players for others, they literally make your in-game life and experience easier, more comfortable, and less irritating in World of Warcraft. There are hundreds and hundreds of different add-ons in WoW TBC Classic and today we're going to go over top 6 best Classic TBC addons that will help you a lot in the game. We also detail where to get and how to install addons in WoW TBC Classic. 

Top 6 Best Addons For World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic

Here is the list of the best WoW TBC Classic addons you must have:

Top 6 - Questie & Pawn

Unless you want to do something as primitive as reading, you will probably get this addon, quest helper was already there when TBC came out, so it doesn't really break the authentic classic experience if you use it,  the map can get a bit clustered but you can toggle it off and on and it shows you available quests  you can pick up, how much XP or gold they give, where to finish them, even shows you the progress  of people from your group if they also have the addon, so if you don't want to spend too much time  questing and figuring them all out for yourself, you should probably get it, so you can get to 70  in a few days then do the raids once and be done with the game already! It also gives you a nice  quest tracker that you can toggle and move around, and since it's closely related, get Pawn as well  so it tells you what items from completed quests you should get that give you the biggest upgrade  or directly see what item is worth the most gold to vendor,  you can also use Pawn to just compare items from your inventory and see what's best for each spec.

Top 5 - Leatrix + & Leatrix Maps & Sexymap

A really good quality of life addon is Leatrix+,  and the Leatrix Maps addon, giving you a lot of good options, you can turn on  that will make your life easier, like better dress up, the big quest log from retail,  bigger frames for professions, increased camera zoom, auto dismount, faster auto loot,  auto sell junk from the bag and auto repair and a lot more you can set up. Then Leatrix Maps  is very useful, making the map not full screen, showing you the unexplored areas, it even turns  transparent if you move with it open, you also get coordinates for your location and cursor,  there's no reason why you shouldn't use it. And since we mentioned the map, a skin for the  minimap is nice to have too, I found SexyMap with the Faded Square skin to fit the best,  not really essential but I think it fits nicer with my overall interface design.

Top 4 - AtlasLoot & Atlas Maps

Next up, since you don't have a dungeon journal because we got store mounts instead of quality of life or graphics updates changes in classic, get  AtlasLoot so you can check what items are dropping from dungeon and raid bosses, hopefully we'll also  get the drop chances updated like we already do in vanilla, and so you don't get lost you should also  install Atlas Maps so you can check the maps for all instances, their entrances and boss locations.

Top 3 - Bagnon & BagBrother

One big one with all the slots combined is better than 5 disorganized bags. So you  should get an addon like Bagnon so it turns your inventory into one big and easier to manage bag,  not only it's simpler to use but also gives you more tools like a search bar  or auto arrange, and if you use a data store addon like BagBrother you can also  check the inventory of your alts or even your bank from anywhere, actual hacks!

Top 2 - Auctionator (Vendor Prices)

Auctionator makes it easier to list  up actions and sell faster or buy things, pretty useful if you are selling a lot of  mats or buying a lot, it's going to be very easy to work with the AH with it,  plus the best part is that it also gives you vendor and auction prices if you already scanned  the item at the AH before, if you don't want to use Auctionator at least get Vendor Prices  so you can see how much worth are items from your bag even if you are not talking to a vendor.

Top 1 - DBM

Deadly Boss Mods is a must have addon for World of Warcraft TBC. So when the boss is doing their one mechanic you can stop your 1 button rotation and move out of the fire! We all know by now that most bosses are  pretty easy but still it's useful to have so you can keep track of what the boss is doing,  keep track of the kills and wipes you have on bosses in dungeons and raids  and the fastest time and see a watch time for how long this damn quest takes.

Where To Get Addons For World of Warcraft

Where to find the add-on in World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic? These are several sites, which provide safe downloading:

- Curseforge

- Github

- Tradeskillmaster

- Tukui

- Warcrafttavern

- Wowace

- Wowinterface

How To Install Addons WoW TBC Classic

- To get them, go to your WoW game files on your computer. You can search your computer for World of Warcraft Classic and it should pull up these files.

- In there, look for the Interface folder. Inside of that folder is the Addons folder.

- Download any you wish to install into your game and move those downloaded files from Downloads to the Addons folder.

- Log in to the game, click the Add-ons tab located in the bottom left corner of the screen.

- Make sure all add-ons are enabled. Otherwise, they won’t function at all.

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